Married again update Sunday 8 December 2019 on Zee World, Divya fumbles through her words, not guessing raj’s state of mind.

<<Married again 2 Saturday 7 December 2019 on Zee World

Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
Raj comes to her and says that she’s very fine actress, and hence she did so beautiful in real life too. He sys that she acted so well that Raj also got beffoled, and that even he didnt know the truth, one who knew her well. He asks if he should place the heart out for her, and what did she get by bhetraying him, and why did he suffer for these ten years, that sdarita’s life got spoiled due to her, and reprimands her for the death lie. He asks her why did she return back, as he had learnt to live without her. divya says that he wasnt living, and also spoiling along with his, another life that was attached to him. Raj asks her who is she to tell him to dictate his life. He says that whatever maybe their relation, sarita never lied, and once she got influenced, she has learnt to act well. But divya vehemently says that sarita isnt to be blamed, and that its all her fault. Raj says that she is indeed. He cups her face, and assk if she thought that raj was a fool and emotional, that he would fall in love with sarita so easily, when he loved her for ten years, and reminds that he hd told hr that this isnt possible. He says that he is a fool to be loving her today too. divya says that this isnt possible. He asks why not, and if its a sin to be loving someone for ten years. Divya says that it is, since he’s married now, and the truth is his marriage, and not the promises that they made. She says that the honeymoon night is the truth, and not the sleepless nights that they spent. She says that he should have burnt their relationship in the fire that he saw and took seven circles around it, with sarita. She says that their relation ended when he put vermillion in sarita’s mind. He says that it was all a lie.

Divya says that even when he didnt want to run his family business, he made it reach great heights, then why cant he work on his relations. He says that he was honest in loving her, and thats the only thing that he didnt change. He asks her if she ever loved him any second or time. Divya says, with lowered eyes, that she did and doesnt love anymore. He asks her to face him, and say that she doesnt love him anymore. She breaks out saying that She doesnt love him anymore. This shocks raj, while divya is distraught. Divya says that she loves gaurav and was going to marry him, but then explains how her life changed when she saw sarita. He asks her if she is still living in reel life. Divya asks him to let go of her, as its paining. Raj asks if she even knows what pain means, its when the mind hates someone, and the heart loves him dearly. He says that till now there was love, but from now, only hatred for the betrayal that she did. Divya says that he might hate her all she wants, but that he should only love sarita. Raj tunrs around and asks her to leave, and never return, or else he might go so far, that noone canm bring him back. divya is upset. Sarita is very tensed to hear this from a distance.

When kamla presents her next plan, soham asks why does her ideas come when he has to go to sundari’s room. Kamla says that they can get raj to remarry when sarita dies. Soham is pretending to be happy at this idea. He asks her to dream in daylight. Kamla asks what if she can make it happen. Kamla says that divya never refuses her, and not will this time too, and if she manages to get her to say yes, what would she get. when soham asks what she wants, she says that she wants him to spend an entire day with her. Soham agrees after much negotiation but in vain. kamla happily asks him to prepare for the marriage now. Soham asks him to be cautious in whatever she is doing. Kamla thinks sadly that now atleast one day, her husband would be with her.

Sarita comes to divya, and wipes her tears. She says that divya had to hear much from raj, for her, and she didnt even say anything. She says that divya isnt at fault, as she brought her here to attain Raj’s love, and she is to blamed for that. Divya says that anyone can take the blame, but she truly wants that raj’s anger and hatred be for herself, and his love be for Sarita. Sarita is in admiration. Divya says that she decide that she wont stay here anymore, as she doesnt want to be here anymore, between them, and that she would leave right away, very far from their lives, and that she shouldnt try and stop her. Before sarita can stop her, divya leaves in haste. Divya comes to her room, and asks gaurav on the phone, to come and pick her up rioghtaway, saying that she cant explain anything right now, and wants to leave before anyone can stop her on any other pretext.

Married again update Sunday 8 December 2019 on Zee World

Kamla comes with a shagun’s Thali. When divya asks whats it for, kamla says that this is for the good luck, and that she had come heer as a guest, but now she would be a family member forever. She says that their happiness has returned, and raj is happy too after a long time, and that she participated in all the rituals too. she asks Divya to accept this, as the foundation for her and Raj’s remarriage that she wants. Divya is shocked to hear this. She asks what is she talking, and asks if she wants her to make Raj’s wife, and what about sarita then. Divya says that its all a lie, and that they shouldnt believe this. She says that she isnt here with the intention of sarita’s replacement. Kamla says that even if sarita doesnt die, then they have a servant quarters spare, and that she would spend her life there, and extends the thali for divya to accept. Divya throws it away in disgust, and asks her what is she even insinuating, after she herself is a troubled wife, with another woman in her husband’s life. she says that she’s ashamed that she even thinks like this, and that she let another woman into her life, and get control over her husband. She asks kamla what she wants, that raj too has a Kamla and sundari also. Divya says that she doesnt want to be a sundari in this house, and wont ler sarita too to be a kamla. she starts packing in disgust. kamla is shocked and tensed and leaves. Divya breaks down into tears.

Soham is shocked to see kamla turned to stone, since she returned from divya’s house. Granny asks what happened and asks kamla to respond. She says that Divya is leaving the house. All the family members are tensed and wonder why. Soham reprimands her for talking like that with her, and that why is she going. Kamla tells what she heard. Granny and shiela are happy, that divya said that she wont let herself be sundari, nor let them turn sarita into kamla. They are all shocked.

Scene 2:
Location: Raj’s shop
Raj remembers divya’s lies, as he paces in the shop. he gets very angry, and expresses it on the stuff in the shop. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

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