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Married again update thursday 12 December 2019 Zee World

Married again update thursday 12 December 2019 Zee World, While raj and rohan’s father are talking, sarita comes along with rohan’s mother.

However, when asked what took so long, sarita says that she got lost in this big house, indrectly hinting at rohan’s mother. Sarita asks rohan’s mother directly that wehn she comes the next time, would she be shown the house entirely.

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She too retorts back saying that she should inform the next time she comes, so that she can keep the house ready. Rohan’s parents go along wtih raj and sarita to see them off. after they are gone, Kajri comes, and is jerked towards rohan’s mother, by her. Rohan’s mother slaps Kajri Jii, surprising her.

While raj and sarita are going home, sarita thinks that she cant ignore
Raj asks if she’s still scared of the bike. He says that he’s going to give her a surprise, and gets sarita excited. but he asks her to wait for some time, when she would know herself. He stumbles once, and apologising, drives off again.

When rohan comes back, he is tensed to find that sarita is doubting kajri. he also reprimands his mother for letting her loose in the house, when kajri is there. She too reprimands him for giving kajri unnecessary importance, and the necklace that had come for her. She again asks rohan to send kajri somewhere else. She tells him that when shiela comes here, they would all be better. She asks him to send kajri out of the house. Rohan asks her never to talk again about this. He says that shiela maybe beautiful and good, but kajri is his life.

kajri, who has come there listens to all this. he goes to kajri and says that its impossible for him to stay without her. He thinks that he would have to do something about sarita and her doubts. Rohan calls and requests shiela, not to tell about today’s incident to sarita or anyone else. She say that she wont say anything, but what if she asks, and she doesnt know how to lie. Rohan asks if she’s more important than him, and then composes himself saying that they shouldnt unnecessarily bother her, when she’s so busy with her own remarriage. He reminds her that tomorrow is their haldi, and after some rituals she would forever be his, and hence she shouldnt bother too much. Sensing that she’s happy, rohan breathes a sigh of relief.

Married again update thursday 12 December 2019 Zee World

As sarita is dressed and wanting to know the surprise, raj tells her that today she is going to meet her future propective husband, and exclaims that he has the faith that she would find the love that she has been searching for ten years, as he’s the one that he has selected amongst many people. sarita is sad while raj is happy for her, oblivious of her pain. he takes her inside with her hand. Raj then leaves her there, saying that he would jsut come. Sarita finds a person, the one Raj was talking about coming towards her, and she grows nervous, and starts retracting her steps, and is very happy when raj comes back. she says that he has been staring at her. He tells her that this is the same person that he has selected for her. he introduces the person to her as rajeev, and he says Hi, but she folds her hand and says Namaste. he likes the indian style, and raj’s emphasis on the modern thinking combined with conventional rituals. Rajeev exclaims that raj is praising her as if he’s her mother and not the husband, as he never stops. As sarita eyes raj, he asks her not to look at him, as he’s the past and rajeev, the future, and he has all the qualities that an ideal person should have. He tries to leave, asking them to talk, but is stopped as sarita holds his hand, and rajeev is tensed seeing this.

He takes sarita aside, and asks her not to create a misunderstanding with rajeev. she says that she’s very scared. raj asks her not to be and talk with rajeev. Sarita asks him to tag along too. But raj says that he wont be a stranger after this, and he’s the ideal person for her, and urges him to talk to her once. He takes her to rajeev, and she hesitatingly follows.

He seats Sarita, and is about to go, when he remembers about the embarassing Virginity test Drama, and looks at Sarita, who too looks at her with pleading eyes. rajeev tries to initiate a conversation, by saying how she chats a lot, but she isnt saying anything right now. He asks about her attire and if she’s always draped in sarees.

as the waiter serves chicken, she flinches at its sight, and rajeev presumes that she’s a vegetarian, and orders two veg noodles for her. they get to talk where rajeev tries to get to know her better. Raj chaperones their meet from a distance. He and rajeev, both find that she’s struggling with chopsticks to eat the noodles. Rajeev shows her how to eat with them, and she has difficulty learning. Raj is tensed at this. Sarita gives up saying that she wont be able to manage. rajeev says that she would learn soon.

Tea follows, and she doesnt know hopw to make english tea. Rajeev helps her in that too. she is very nervous and scared, at this first date, and says that she wont be able to manage this, or learn new things. She asks him to search a new girl for himself. She runs off. Raj is tensed.

Sarita comes home frustratedly, and starts to work. raj sees this and tries to calm her down, saying that she would have to listen to him. he wipes her tears. He says that she’s not at fault, and he’s to blame, as he kept her captive inside the house, and never bothered for her, and has always snatched from her, and she doesnt therefore exude any confidence when she steps out of the house. He says that her parents’ place is far more progressive, and now he wants to rectify his mistake.

He says that he would bring this change, and teach her new things. He decides to give her a new makeover. Raj says that he would make her so beautiful that anyone would fall in love with her. when sarita confirms from him, that he actually means anyone, she asks if he too would? The screen freezes on her face.

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