Married Again 2 June 2022: Gayatri calls out to Radha, much to everyone’s surprise, in her feeble voice. radha comes up to her. Gayatri says that she’s thankful to her, that she gave her a priceless gem in her lap. She says that God might have done injustice to her, but she justified everything. Radha says that this is her nobility that she is terming her mistake as justice. she says that she doesn’t even deserve an apology from her, as she has given an excellent upbringing to yash, which she couldn’t to akash. Gayatri says that a mother never gives a bad upbringing to her child and its just that all children are not equally good. she asks yash if he is her son. When he nods, Gayatri says that her mother is very immature. she again gasps out for breath, scaring them. She says that she spoiled everything by her mistake. She asks yash if he would rectify her mistake. when he says yes again, she says that she wants something from him for the last time. Yash says that just like everytime, this time too, things would work out.

Gayatri calls out to arti, who hurries up to her. she tells arti that she did much wrong with her too, but she always respected Gayatri. Arti is crying incoherently. she says that a daughter-in-law like arti, only comes in the destiny of fortunate people. arti says that it is she who is fortunate, and asks her to be quiet, and get well soon, as all her daughters-in-law, need her desperately and want her blessings.

Gayatri blesses her to be happy and asks her to take care of Yash always, and be with him forever. saying so, she starts sinking. All are horrified. Yash holds Gayatri’s hand, while suraj asks her not to talk again, and take care of herself. Gayatri keeps asking Yash not to go leaving her alone. While she keeps ranting this, she takes her last breath in Yash’s arms. The whole family breaks down seeing her demise. they start crying incoherently. Yash is beyond any consolation.

Scene 2:
Location: Yash’s residence.
Before taking gayatri’s body for the final rites, she is kept in the hall for final visits, while the people are busy preparing for the rituals that are to follow. akash stands in a corner, grumpy faced. People console suraj, as fate cant be undone, and that after gayatri, now its his responsibility to hold the family together. All her sons are crying, while suraj sits as if turned into stone. Yash rememebers gayatri’s words of affection to him. Her sons dress her up as a bride, as she is being prepared to be taken for her final journey to the cremation ground. arti remembers gayatri’s last words to her.

The pandit says that gayatri was very fortunate that she died, while being married. He asks suraj, to drape her in a red dupatta. When suraj is unable to take it, his sons help him in doing so. All the ladies are apalled to see his condition. suraj sits beside gayatri, stone faced, unable to soak in the reality of her having gone. After much difficulty of bringing himself to terms with it, he is unable to drape the dupatta on her, given to him by yash. He is helped by arti and vidhi in doing so. His sons help suraj, to take in the earthen pot, while the pandit asks for her sons to help carry her on their shoulders. As yash, prateik and pankaj get ready to do so, akash asks the pandit if the only responsibility of a son, is to give shoulder to his mother’s last journey, or he doesnt have the right to their property. Pankaj tries to tell him that this isnt the righ time for discussing this. Akash arrogantly tells him not to lecture. akash says that they need 4 people for carrying gayatri. As suraj is in capable already, he asks them if they would ask for a stranger to give support to gayatri. He says that he wont give his shoulder to gayatri’s journey, till he gets his right over the family’s properties. He says that gayatri didnt do anything while she was alive, let her do something by dying. Yash comes back with papers giving akash his share, saying that it already exceeds his expectations. as akash happily bends to lend support to gayatri, yash stops him saying that he may got the share, but he has lost out on the right to give support top gayatri’s carriage. He says that they dont need him to give support, and asks him to leave, saying that he should try and find gayatri’s love in theses papers, if he ever really realises her loss. Yash carries both the front arms on his shoulders and walks out for gayatri’s final procession.

arti comes and retorts akash saying that he might have got crores of property, but he has never seen a poorer son, and that for thses papers, he lost out on the right to give support. She says that he has always placed money over relations, and that she wopuld see how much happiness this wealth brings. she says that when he realises the truth, it would be too late, and he would be all alone. She wipes her tears and goes from there. all the ladies leave.

The ladies are working in the kitchen, and vidhi accidentally spills out gayatri’s name as if she’s still alive. They lament that they still havent been able to forget her, and she still is an integral part of their lives. Vidhi comments that much has changed since she’s gone. Pari too agrees saying that with akash, in the house, everyone has to tread cautiously and that with akash, they can expect any kind of drama anytime.

Vidhi and pari amuse themselves, as arti expresses her discomfort at her increased size, with her pregnancy being at a advanced stage now, and begin to tease arti about her pregnancy, and that yash, as a typical husband will start ignoring her now. Arti vehemently denies that yash isnt like that. They tease her at that too. they ask her to go to the room, and arti says that she gets bored there. They tease her again saying that they can send yash if she wants. Finally they send off yash to rest. Vidhi asks pari to give breakfast to vidhi. When pari hesitates, she tells vidhi to take it herself, and that she would handle the kicthen. She reminds vidhi of suraj’s mood swings, and that she doesnt want to take a risk.

Yash is sitting quietly in his room, when arti walks in, and sees that he’s working on the laptop. She starts fidgeting around, and tries to engage him in conversation, but he keep giving a curt, one syllable response to her talks. She gets increasingly fidgety, and again tries to talk asking is she should open the window, that is already open. when yash again says, Hmmmm, she gets irritated. arti keeps making faces, but in vain, and thinks that vidhi and pari were right is saying that yash wont pay attention to her now, as she’s grown fatso. Arti keeps pretending to have cramps, to get yash’s attention. finally yash comes in and teases her, with her being irritated as it is. She begins to leave, but he holds her hand and stops her. He comes uptp her and says that she is very beautiful and takes her carefully to the mirror, but then forgetting about her, he starts looking at himself. when she sees her angry, he mends hi ways, and refocusses his attention on her. She says that he’s lying as she has been trying to talk, and he keeps saying Hmm, and now he’s trying to please her by calling her beautiful, when he wasnt even paying attention. He says that he noticed every detail of hers, ad starts reiterating everything that she did. Arti asks if he was watching her stealthily, h says yes adding that he loves to catch her in her moods unawares, and he finds her very beautiful, and she isnt like other husbands who dont pay attention to their wives. He says that she still looks very lovely, even with the baby bump.

while suraj, sits nonchalantly, staring into vacant space, vidhi comes to give him breakfast, and asks if she should give him food here only, or will he take with everyone else. He doesnt say anything. Vidhi also gives him his medicines. finding the room hot, she tries to switch on the AC, but due to some problem with it, the remote doesnt work. A frustrated suraj, throws off the remote at the walls, scolding vidhi as to why doesnt she know that the cells of the remote have gone weak. While all are busy in their own work, a sudden crashing voice from gayatri’s room, startles everyone. Pari comments that this is why she didnt want to go. Suraj scolds vidhi terribly saying that nothing is at its proper place, and if now he has to spill everything out for everything. He gets into a modd swing, saying that he still earns and is not helpless, and that aftre 30 years, he still has to tell what he needs. When aysh tries to talk to him, suraj reminds him that he’s his son, and that he shouldnt try to be his father. He asks everyone to get out of his room. As vidhi and arti stay back to pick up the broken pieces, and food thats scattered around, he rudely summons them out of the room too.

Pari comments that he used to get angry earlier too, but now hios temp0er is beyond control. Buaji laments that when gayatri was alive, suraj’s needs were always taken care of, and he never had to spell it out. She asks buaji if she’s trying to accuse them of being careless in taking care of suraj. She says that pari misunderstood her adding that they are trying their level; best, but now that vidhi’s daughter is back, and arti is pregnant, only pari cant handle everything.She says that one might try anyhow, but none can replace a wife, pointing at yash. arti says that suraj was never like this, and that they would definitely have to do somthing to get suraj out of his teemper tantrums.

Ishita sits on the other side, listening to them. Akash comes in and rudely tells her that he’s feeling angry and that the yash’s family’s time is over in the kitchen and their starts. He summons her to go and make food for him. when ishita walks in from yash’s side of the house, Akash scolds ishita, for trying to get into the other part of the house, that he doesnt have a share in, and reminds that her entire world is where he lives, and that she should never try and cross that boundary. Yash and his family too see this. The screen freezes on yash’s tensed face.

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