Married Again 23 June 2022: Ishita sends the servant out on some pretext, of getting unripe mangoes for arti, and sends her out from the back door, so that noone sees her going, adding that she would reach fastre that way. After she’s gone, Ishita opens the pipe of the LPG cylinder. she thinks that by the time arti comes, the gas would have spread in the entire kitchen, and the lit matchlight would cause an explosion. She is happy thinking about it. She pours milk into the glass, and takes it out, but turns around smelling gas, as she thinks that would prewarn arti also. she decides to douse the smell. She does so using air freshener, and sprays the entire room. She thinks, looking at the lighter, that once arti is out of her way, yash would forever be hers. She places the lighter by the stove, and goes out with the milk.

Arti finsihes the entire milk. radha is happy and asks her to go now, and make halwa for the kids in the kitchen. Arti says that she would give ice first to palak, and then go in the kitchen. But ishita insists her to go, saying that she would attend to palak. Pari compliments ishita on her cooperation, and tells arti that ishita would take

Ishita thinks that not only her children, but she would take very good care of her husband too. she goes after palak.

While ishita is busy with the kids, she keeps looking at the kitchen, expecting an explosion. she wonders why hasnt Arti shouted out yet.

Later arti comes in, and finding noone she gets to work herself, but she is unable to turn on the lighter. She comes out to take matchsticks, boggling ishita as to why she came out. She finally takes it from the temple, and turns around, but her pallu gets stuck in the corner of the temple, as if the gods are prewarning her. Arti tells the gods that szhe wont wait today, even if he wants her to, as she has to attend to her kids’ desire. Meanwhile ishita wonders what is taking arti so long, but then finding her going to the kitchen, she is happy that arti had such a less life left for her. while playing ansh hits the ball too hard, and it hits arti on her stomach. The kids apologize profusely,

ishita wonders that her plan failed, but still arti is in trouble, but wonders whether it would be as fatal as she wants it to be.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
The entire family is pacing anxiously outside arti’s ward. as yash comes, all ask what did the doctor say. Yash tgells them that the exact situation

yash says that its because of the kids. Radha tries to defend them, but yash tells them, that they could have played outside

Ishita thinks that the amount of pain, that

yash goes over to find the kids praying, and is very angry at them. But it gives way to concern when he finds them praying so hard for arti, as else yash would cry very badly. He turns the kids around, who assure him that nothing would happen to arti. he hugs them tight. He asks the kids to come along with him. As the doctor comes out, she informs them about arti having a baby boy. All are very happy and relieved. The doctor says that generally premature babies are very weak, but not this one luckily. All tell yash to go inside and meet arti. All congratulate each other. The sons and daughter in laws’ demand for a party,

Radha says that this would give yash and arti’s relationa new identity

Yash thanks arti for giving him the supreme happiness, which is the identity of their love, while looking at the baby. arti looks at yash lovingly. he pats her head lovingly. ishita watches from the peeping window of the ward, in disgust. she leaves.

Arti asks him not to say anything, as she can read the happiness in his eyes. Yash says thats its a memoir of their love, and names him Ayu. He cries out. yash asks boggled what happened. arti teases him saying that the baby wants him to stay away from his mother. Yash takes the baby, and tells arti that the baby wants him to keep his hand on her always. yash says that the baby looks like him, and arti says that he infact resembles her, and he isn’t imperfect like him. Yash accuses her teasingly that she has already distanced him once the baby arrives. Arti says that however imperfect yash is, he’s her yash after all. They look at each other lovingly. Arti says that its Yash’s and arti’s AYU. the screen freezes on her face.

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