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Married again update Thursday 26 December 2019 Zee World

Married again update Thursday 26 December 2019 Zee World, Raj passionately dresses up and does saritas makeup, while keeping her eyes closed. When hes done, he asks her to open them and see for herself. she is overwhelmed when raj stops her asking her not to cry and spoil her makeup. She says that she looks like Rajs sarita today. She says that she would always remember this compliment. Kamla comes in and is marvelled as to how beautiful shes looking. She leave asking them to get ready soon. Raj teases her saying that vikrant too would be like this, and he wont be able to take his eyes off her. He leaves to get ready.

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Shiela is very guilty hearing guru being taunted by his bhabhi. As he walks out of the house, she hides herself so as not to be seen. While crossing the road, shiela accidentally collides into Guru, who starts taunting her for spoiling his life. She apologises profusely, and makes her undersatnd the reason of her confusion, and says that she has talked to the shopkeeper, and he can have his job back if he so likes. She leaves while he is still tensed and confused as to what happened.

While vikrant is attending to the guests, abhimaan comes to him and compliments that hes looking very beautiful. Abhimaan leaves to welcome guests. Rajs family arrives, where soham and kamla think about what a rich person sarita has landed. Seeing sarita, abhimaan comes and hugs her tightly. She gets conscious, while he goes to tell vikrant that she has arrived. He sees her, while raj tells her that he cant take his eyes off her. Vikrant remembers that sarita isnt wearing the dress that he had chosen for sarita, and thinks thjat she rejected his choice and accpted what raj chose, on a day when shes engaging with him. He compliments her, and she asks if he isnt taunting actually. Sarita says that this is due to raj, as he helped her in dressing up. vikrant compliments that he didnt know raj had these talents too.
Shiela tells munni about her confusion of guru not being rohan. Kamla asks shiela about a guy, who looks like a nerd, but is very rich. shiela asks her to behave, but kamla says that she came here for a prospective groom. Shiela is reminded of guru
Vikrant says that he hopes that theres no fault in the party. sarita says tht there can be none, as he has invited the distinguished people of bhopal, and they have come out of fear of him. He says that theres one person who doesnt listen to him and can do the mistake of not doing what hew says. When she asks who, he names her. Vikrant tells her about her dress, and says that neither does he have the temperament nor the habit of listening to no. He asks her why she did this. But before she can answer, he is distracted by other guests, who get busy drinking with him. She feels awkward standing there, and raj comes to talk to her. As vikrant turns around, he find her chatting with raj. before he can react, abhimaan takes him aside. She asks raj if he found vikrants behaviour strange. He says that its nothing of that sort and its just initial awkwardness.

Married again update Thursday 26 December 2019 Zee World

Vikrant assures abhimaan that his granny is coming, and he has already sent his car for her. Kamla asks him why the delay in marriage. vikrant says that nothing can stop him, when he has decided once, and tells that hes just waiting for his late-wifes mother, and that only she is the elder in the family, and henbce they would start after shes here. Raj comes and appreciates the gesture. vikrant says that hes coming for abhimaan only. Just then, he gets grannys call, and leaves to attend it. Kamla expresses her tension about sarita having a mother in law, but raj dismisses it aside. When he leaves, kamla is still unsure as to why the attachment with late-wifes mother so much, for vikrant, and thinks that definitely shes going to have a tough time with this step mother in law.
Abhimaan says that till granny doesnt come, he would sing for his mother. all apreciate while he performs. He then says that sarita would dance for everyone. She grows conscious. But Raj comes for her relieving, and assists her dancing. sarita and raj enter a romantic dance number. Vikrant is angry seeing this. Later, Abhimaan announces the arrival of his granny, and sarita and her family are shocked when it turns out to be rohans mother. She too is shocked to see sarita. Vikrant gives a formal introduction while the ladies look at each other with hatred and shock and confusion too. Vandana remembers saritas harsh words. He asks for her blessings. He asks sarita also to bow down to touch her feet. He complies. vandana says that before the engagement happens, she wants to talk to her alone and testify that she is deserving to replace her late daughter.
Sarita and her family is tensed to hear that vandana wants to talk to her first. vikrant agrees. she takes sarita aside. raj i tensed. kamla says that her worst fears have come true, and that she is the unlucky one, and creates a problem wherever she goes. Raj tells kamla that he wont let sarita marry and have any sort of connection with anyone from rohans family. Kamla tells that due to her, shiela is still unmarried. kamla says that she wants that vandana forgives sarita. Kamla makes him swear on her that he wont do anything of that sort to create a trouble, before the engagement happens. Raj is tensed. He tells shiela that this relation shouldnt happen, as she would never be happy with rohans mother. But kamla again warns her.

Inside, vandana starts taunting sarita. Sarita says that shes mistaken and tries to tell, but vandana stops her, saying that she wants to have her revenge. Sarita tries to protest, but vandana keeps accusing her of taking her revenge for shiela. sarita says that she isnt interested in this, as raj came for her proposal and the next reason is abhimaan who considers her as his mother, and if she still wants to call the relation off then she agrees. Abhi comes and asks greanny how she feels about his mother. he forcibly takes her out, as she is silenced by the love of abhimaan. She goes out with him. Vandana asks vikrant to promise something before going ahead. Kamla is tensed that the engagement maynt happen. Vikrant assk, and she says that he may progress in this relation but his first priority would be his son rather than his wife, and that he shouldnt feel alone at all, and that his father has lost interest in him. vikrant asks her not to worry as nonbe can replace abhi. She says that she knows hence the promise. He complies. He cites his reasons for m,arrying to be abhi. She goes inside to get sarita. She tells sarita that she may stop this if she wants to, just like she did to her, by insulting and throwing her out of the house, but when she looks at abhi, she has agreed to this, by placing a stone on her heart. She says that she maybe abhis mother but never her bahu, and also as Vikrants wife, she would nevere accept. Sarita is tensed.

Sarita and vandana come down. Abhi asks vikrant to hasten the ceremony. Vikrant gets the ring, while he sees that sarita is fidgeting around with her fingers, looking at raj. He takes her hand and places the ring, amidst huge claps and cheers. Sarita is then asked to do the same. As the engagement progresses, sarita is highly nervous, with her hand shaking and trembling with consciousness. raj stands infront of her along with vikrant, as she is about to place a ring on vikrants finger, giving her the support and encouragement that she needs but just then the lights go off. When they return, they are shocked to find that she has actually placed it in rajs finger. The people start gossiping about the strange event, and vikrants anger at this. Raj hurriedly takes it off and gives it back to sarita. Kamla and sohan say that sarita would bring the house down today. Vandana comes and says that they are right as saritas hopes are now dashed. She says that they have seen the riches but not his anger. She congratulates the re engagement.
Vikrant says that even in darkness, she has made the mistake of touching him. And he cant imagine the thought
He shows that noone is able to say anything as noone can insult him. they are all tensed and angered. Abhi comes and apologises for sarita, and reminds that he too has made some silly mistakes in the dark and hence should forgive her. He asks sarita place the ring now as he has brought a candle too in case of emergency. Sarita complies. All clap. They get pictures taken.
Raj comes out to wipe his tears. shiela comes and says that why is he here, as he seemed the most happy. Raj asks her not to taunt him, as vikrant is far better than him. Shiela advises him that both are sad, in lieu of this vow that they both have taken. raj says that shes mistaken. Shiela says that shes correct and asks why is he sad. raj says that he doesnt understand why is he feeling like this. shiela asks him to follow his heart, as it would be too late. She says that these questions are about him and sarita, and that she still trusts him even in darkness, and asks him to get an answer to these questions.
Vandana tells and taunts shiela that she never thought that she would cope so well and be back on the streets. She tells shiela that she would have been the bahu of her house, if she hadnt listened to sarita. She asks who would marry her now. Kamla tells vandana that she should stop harassing her daughter, as soon shes going to ask her as to where is her able son these days, spending life in jail. Shiela is tensed. Vandana asks her to stay away. But kamla says that shjes crossing the line, and she should never try this cheap stunt again. vandana says that she would answer everything but when the time comes, as right now her sons life, sarita is going to be his bahu. Abhi asks vikrant and sarita to take grannys and kamlas blessings. They comply. Both vandana and kamla give taunting and directional blessings.

Vikrant asks sarita to smile, also taunting her that she doesn’t want disturbing headlines. the reporter asks her what did she like the best in him. She says that he’s very different, elegant and sophisticated, but she is different from him, as she has never been royalty. Vikrant asks the reporters to leave them alone. his friends ask him to have a dance with her. He extends his hand and asks for the pleasure of a first dance. She hesitantly places her hand in his, and is taken to the dance floor. He takes her strongly. Vikrant and sarita have their first dance. sarita is at discomfort but he forcibly dances with her. raj too is tensed to see this. Raj is uncomfortable with their proximity.
Later, after the function is over, vikrant goes over sarita’s mistakes during the ceremony and her hesitation and discomfort with him, and raj’s tensions too. He wonders whether it was just a coincidence, or whether it was sarita’s curt reply.
The family returns home, while kamla and soham are still gaga over vikrant’s grandeur. kamla says that they couldnt find a suitable groom for shiela though. kamla taunts sarita for making the mistake of the ring. The girls are excited for the marriage. They ask Raj about the date. raj curtly says that when he knows he would tell them too. He leaves, while kamla laments as to why is he so restless these days, and how divya shall change all that.
Sarita, in their room asks why is he upset. raj says that he isnt. He begins looking for a change of clothes. Sarita comes to him and starts searching for his nightdress as he wont find it himself. He stares at her, while she asks why is he doing that. He says that he would sleep wearing this only. She wonders whats wrong with him. Outside, raj is in tension and upset too at the ceremony, and wonders why is he upset as this is what he always wanted, and what is he feeling all of a sudden. He decides to talk to sarita about this, as she understands him better than he himself, and will tell whats wrong. He goes inside to find sarita asleep, clutching the nightdress, and thinks how much she cares for him, as she didnjt agree without findinbg his nightdress. He takes it from her, and puts her to sleep, thinking that tomorrow he would talk to her. He lies down on the floor, while he doesn’t get much sleep.
The next morning, raj is tensed to talk to sarita and asks hre to hurry up. Sarita says that she would take some more time. She comes out, with her hair drier but raj says that he needs something. she offers to go and get tea and coffee. Raj turns off the drier and says that he wants her. Sarita asks what happened today. raj says that he’s feeling something, that only she can tell him. But before he can, munni comes and says that abhi has come, and sarita is happy. Munni says that vikrant too has come. She asks her to come down soon. Sarita is tensed and raj speechless.
As they come down, abhimaan says that he missed her. But sarita teases him saying when did he find the time to miss her. she also asks why he didnt go to school today. He points out to vikrant. She makes abhi pormise that he would finish his studies when he gets home. He complies. abhi says that now mother has his ring, and they can take her home. vikrant explains that she has to get married before she can come with them. raj too agrees. Vikrant says that abhimaan wants his mother to come home soon, and hence he wants the marriage to happen soon. kamla says that they can have the marriage asap, and teases him saying that they can have the marriage tomorrow if he so wants. raj and sarita are tensed to hear this. Abhi says not tomorrow, as its Dahi Handi, and invites them for this. He says that tomorrow he would tell the date for marriage. He asks abhi to come along. abhi says that he has to prepare for the function, hence would leave. Vikrant is about to leave, when his servants get a gift in the house. He says that its an Ac for sarita, as her mind is always hot, and it needs to be cooled down.
Sarita says that raj can get the entire house AC if he wants. Vikrant says that raj may provide this comfort, but not the luxury that he can. He says that he has never seen a person, not being addicted to luxury. kamla says that if she doesnt like, she would take it. He praises her to be an intelligent person, and kamla is hapy. he leaves, also saying that his people would get it fitted. raj too leaves. Sarita wonders why is virkant so hasty in marriage
Raj is very upset and wants to go home soon, so that he can talk to sarita. soham comes while attending to the call. He asks him to pay more attention, while making accounts as discrepancies are surfacing. Soham says that he takes the responsibility of bringing divya to the house, but he should focus. Raj wonders why isn’t he happy, and angry hearing that divya is to come.
While washing clothes, kamla sees that the new clothes that shiela had got, are getting worn after a few wears, and instructs her to return only after confirming that the rohan lookalike isnt working there. shiela tkes the clothes and is in tension.

Married again update Thursday 26 December 2019 Zee World

Raj calls out for sarita, but isn’t able to find her. She finally comes and asks whats the matter. She asks why is he so tensed. But just then lights go off. Sarita hugs him and says that she’s very scared of dark. Raj says that she shouldn’t be, as he’s with her. She asks him not to leave her alone. He says that he would never leave her alone. The lights switch back on. They both grow conscious and break the embrace.

Shiela sees guru, and is surprised to know that he has his job back. he shows her the new stuff, while she agrees to try on. He helps her drape it over herself, while she watches mesmerised. They both like her dressed in the mirror.
Sarita asks kamla, who’s making laddoos that she should be as open to giving as she is to taking. Sarita sees shiela happy and asks the reason. But shiela says that its nothing of the sort. kamla calls her for helping her in her work. Sarita thinks that sheila seems changed.
Shiela and Guru meet again, while he takes prasad from her. then he asks about rohan, and his connection with him, and demnds to know on the basis of their friendship. she shares everything, while rohan says that now he understands everything, but shiela says that she wont be able to be close to him, as he reminds her of rohan. Then thinking that she said too much, she rushes from there, with rohan in tow. Kamla mistakes soham when she sees him in suit. The girls too compliment. Sarita asks about raj, and isd told that he would directly reach there. Shiela reaches her home, walking. kamla reprimands her for not saying before going. Shiela says that she would just get along with them. Seeing shiela panting, sarita wonders whats wrong. Seeing them tensed, kamla asks them angrily as they are getting late. They comply.
Abhi enjoys kamla’s laddoos. As raj comes, sarita says that she needs to talk to him, as to where he was last night, and why does it look as if he’s hiding something. vikrant doesnt like it. Vikrant takes sarita by the hand, and upstairs to his room. he shows it to her saying that its them, and asks how would she like to decorate it. Sarita says that its decorated enough. Vikrant again asks for suggestions and alterations, but she says that she doesnt want any change. vikrant asks if she’s changing her mind and refraining from marriage. She says that its nothing like that, and why is he asking such questions. He says that he feels that she’s neither interested in him, nor the room. she says that she has made up her mind and nothing can change it. he says that he likes such people, and hates those who are fickle minded. Sarita asks to go outside, as all are waiting and abhi too. Vikrant and sarita come down. Abhi says that his dad is very strong and everytime he wins this competition of dahi handi. Sarita says that this time, it wont be very easy for him to win, as her friend, raj too would be competing. vikrant says that he accepts the challenge, when its of the same level and says that they shall see who wins, her friend or her future husband. sarita is tensed. Raj declines to participate, but vikrant says that it would be fun, and asks him to be onboard.The dahi handi starts amidst much cheer. Both raj and virkant gear up for the competition. it finally begins. Abhi comes and asks sarita why isnt he cheering his father instead of her friend. sarita is in a dilemma as his heart wants Raj to win and she has to listen to this child too. She starts cheering for vikrant and he continues with renewed vigour, while raj is distracted and falls down. Abhi is very happy while the jagotia family is tensed. Raj congratulates vikrant, while he hugs abhimaan in glee. Sarita asks why did he lose. He says that it was due to her. She goes and congratulates vikrant, who says that he had told that he would win. Later, vikrant says that today’s win was very special, as his son would have felt bad and his wife also maybe, had he lost. he asks raj for a drink and he says that he doesnt. But vikrant says that his wife has also won with him, and therefore he should drink for her. raj complies. Raj starts to cough, but vikrant again goes to give him another drink. Sarita thinks what a low level man he is, as he’s only thinking of his win, and not the fact that raj lost for his son’s happiness. He gives the next drink to raj, for sarita’s punar vivah, and his freedom. Raj gulps it down. Vikrant goes on to subtlely insult him, and asks if he would finish it. Raj accepts the challenge just like vikrant wanted, and shocks his family. sarita is tensed for him.
Sarita gets backl a drunk and completely insane raj to their room, and lays him on the bed, while he’s chattering nonstop. He says that he’s proud of being a raddiwala. She tries to give him water, but he throws it away saying that that vikrant wants to drink neat and so he shall. Sarita asks if he wants to talk, and whats it, and why did he gulp down the entire bottle. Raj says that he’s feeling very jealous, and that he isnt liking one bit, and asks if she knows whats he’s going through. She asks if he misses divya and goes to call her. But raj says that divya may go to hell, for all he cares. Sarita again composes him. He says if she doesnt undersatnd whats he feeling. He says that he wants to talk to sarita instead of divya. Sarita asks what does he want to say, as she’s listening. Raj says I LOVE YOU. The screen freezes on her overwhelmed and disbelieving face.

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