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Married Again 9 June 2022: Suraj asks Yash what is he trying to say. Yash hesitatingly, is about to talk, when there’s the noise of Akash playing holi outside, with dhol and bhaang. The family comes out to see his vulgar display of fun frustratedly. arti remembers the same people, who had mistreated her, on a previous occasion. she hides behind Yash. Finally, Yash asks them to stop and asks Akash how dare his hooligan friends to come here, and asks him to get them to leave. Akash says that he too has half share on the property, and hence can get his friends here.

Buaji says that they are celebrating for the children’s sake, then who gave akash permission for this display. Yash tells her that akash is drunk, and hence its best to avoid him. Akash, arrogantly says that yash just got scared and hence is amking an excuse. Prateik tries to argue with akash, but yash calms him down and gets them inside. Vedika asks if they wont celebrate. Vidhi asks how can they play like this.

yash assures them that they would definitely play holi for the sake of the kids. Vedika apologizes to suraj, who forgives her and asks her to take care next time. he asks her to enjoy herself and take care of the kids. Vedika gets the family to play, and vidhi also involves prateik, who’s feeling lonely because of pari, having gone to her maternal home.Buaji is very disgusted that the family has started playing holi. ishita sees yash and arti playing holi. arti is about to put colour on yash, when ishita pretends to fall on in his lap. He composes her and asks if she’s alright. She says that she is, and is about to smear colour on his face, to get arti jealous, when the kids distract yash, and she fails. She thinks that holi has just started, and she would put colour on yash. Radha gets them snacks and breakfast. all the kids get involved in eating, while radha lovingly feeds. They thank her referring to her as DAADI. Suraj sees this. The kids distribute sweets among the family.

Akash’s friends ogle at vedika. Akash asks what are they staring at. They tell him that vedika is an item worth looking at. Akash and his friends start dancing, like mad people. pankaj and prateik are instigated by akash’s behaviour, but yash stops them, saying that this is exactly what they want, i.e. to spoil their holi.Vedika asks how would they enjoy in such vulgar music. Yash has an idea and he leaves. He comes back playing the dhol himself. The family starts enjoying, and akash and ishita too, are in a rage to see that. akash’s friends tell akash that his party seems dull compared to the other one. Finally the faamily ask yash to stop, as they are tired and had huge fun. Prateik asks for permission from suraj,. to go to pari’s home and wish her and her family holi. arti takes the kids inside, but gets dizzy and is about to fall off, when yash catches her. All are tensed. Akash finds his chance to speak, and tells him to take his drama queen, arti inside, as she’s used to doing drama. His friends too comment on how much drama she had done, that night at the pub, and insulted them.

yash is about to go and fight, but suraj asks him to take arti inside. He takes arti inside. Palak, payal and ansh are discussing how to stop akash, frm drinking and behaving like he is. They come up with an idea. they fill up the bottles with coloured waters. when akash finds out, he reprimands the kids for doing this. the kids run with akash behind them. They run upto suraj, and tell him everything. Akash too catches up with them. Suraj reprimands him for behaving like this even in front of the kids.

Akash tells what the kdis had done. Suraj reprimands him for drinking, when there are kids in the house, and that he has become absolutely shameless. Akash says that suraj shouldnt be talking about shame, when he has an illegitimate son, and after what he did 3 days back.Akash says that its been just one month, with gayatri having gone, and he has already started showing his colors, and then he didnt bother if there were kids in the house. Suraj gets into a rage hearing this and hits akask. By the third hit, akash stops suraj’s hand with his own.

The kids run inside and tell radha that suraj and akash are having a fight. She thinks of telling yash, but then thinking that he’s worried with arti, she decides to see herself.

With his friends having gotten hold of suraj, akash is about to hit him with a rod, when radha stops him, asking if he has gone mad. he says that suraj hit him first. Radha asks would he have revenge and hit his own father. She asks him to apologize to suraj with folded hands. He says that he wont, and asks her to get out of his way. He throws her aside. He hits suraj, which sends him into the pool. Radha slaps akash for having hit akash, and gets into a beating spree, without giving him a chance to recover. Radha sees suraj and extends her hand to help him, get out. But she too slips and falls into the pool. To worsen the situation, the speaker also topples into the pool, sending electric current through the water, which could be fatal. The screen freezes on that.

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