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Married again update Tuesday 24 December 2019 Zee world

Married again update Tuesday 24 December 2019 Zee world, Raj and sarita come to shop for engagement rings. He asks sarita to selecet while he goes to tend to something. She is shown various rings by the shopkeeper. She is howevere tensed. Raj comes back and asks her to select one. Sarita says that it would look beautiful on div ya. Raj says that this isnt for divya but for her. she is tensed. raj takes her hand and puts the ring on her finger. seeing her tensed, raj asks why is she so tensed, and that she shoulod smile more often. He selects a bracelet for her. Sarita asks him to take care of the price. she is shocked at the price list, but raj counters by saying that its her punar vivah and he would get his wishful gift. Sarita sees a ring and says that this ring is like the one her father chose for her marriage with raj. raj comes back and asks if he has selected. Raj sees one and says that this would suit vikrant. The shopkeer asks for sarita’s fiancee’s hand size. sarita tries to see by placing it on raj’s finger, but he stops her saying that this is for vikrant and not him. she gets tensed and leaves. raj too goes after her, asking the shopkeeper to pack both.

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Sarita is distraught and in tears, when she remembered the shop incident. raj sneaks from behind, and composes her. She turns around, and he wipes her tears, and asks why is she crying. He says that he knows that she’s in tension and is trying to hide. He asks her to bare out her heart, or else it would be too late, and he doesnt want her to be sad for what he doesnt know. She says that she truly cant hide this anymore, and has to say it. But then changes her mind and says that she’s just nervous about her marriage. He assures her that her life would be filled with happiness. she says what if this relation only has ego and pride. He asks her not to doubt the big happiness thats coming along her way. He says that he understands her fear and pain, and why is she unable to trust him, and thats due to himself, as what happened to her ten years back, when her dreams and her aspirations were crushed, in this house and she got nothing but pain. He says that she’s scared that hsitory might repeat itself. He assures her that she would get all the happiness and respect that he couldnt give her, and confirms that she would be very happy with him. She says that he’s happy with him and this house too, and doesnt want to leave. She says that she will miss every member of this family for its uniqueness. She says that she finds happiness in being with him, and that he can get divya in this house, and she would be in one corner of the house and not say anything. Raj hugs her and says that he would be by her side every step of this new relation and monitor vikrant if he’s fulfilling his promise. He again assures her that she would be happy with vikrant. He asks her to smile, and be hapy. He takes her along to finish their work in the market.

Raj and sarita continue their shopping and shop for clothes, complimenting her on her looks. Vikrant comes and decides the dress for sarita’s engagement. She gets tensed, while vikrant tells the abhimaan wanted him to shop for his new mother. vikrant is taken aside by raj to talk for some time. Sarita is given the phone to talk to abhimaan in the meantime. raj tells vikrant that sarita is very nervous, as she’s leaving the house and her too. sarita sees them from far behind. Raj tells vikrant that since Sarita is living in his house for 10 years, she has developed some attachment to it and gone habituated to it. Raj again asks if he would keep sarita exteremely happy. Vikrant says that the husband who’s giving up his wife, is caring a little too much. raj says that he has given her so much pain and torture, that he wants her to be happy now, and that much she deserves and he Vikrant asks point blank whether its attachment or love. raj is speechless and stunned at this. vikrant says that he is a businessman and wants a profitable deal. Raj tels that he shouldnt com pare relation and business, and the reason that he is saying is because they are very good friends and not in love and that they both want to start afresh. Vikrant says that he would keep her happy as long as she keeps abhimaan happy. Sarita comes and asks if they were talking about her. Both say yes. Raj goes to clear the shopping and pay off the bills. Sarita gives the phone to vikrant.

Married again update Tuesday 24 December 2019 Zee world

Raj tells the shopkeeper to pack the dress that she has selected but vikrant comes and says that he has selected something else for sarita, and thats what she is going to be wearing tomorrow. They grow tensed. Vikrant says that this is much better that what raj selected for her. Raj is upset but doesnt say anything.

Scene 2:
location: In the market
Shiela says that she doesnt want to shop, but the other sisters insist her to. They surf through clothes and start commenting. shiela says that she isnt interested in the engagement or the clothes. But the other sisters insist her to. They decide to send her off the change, and go and surf the other clothes. They also inform shiela about the same. As shiela comes out, she is face to face with guru. He silences her by muffling her sounds with his hand. Rohan’s lookalike comes to shiela and says that this is his workplace and asks her not to create a drama here as its his first day. But shiela doesnt listen anything and createa hue and cry. Guru tries to explain that this is his job profile, and he was just doing his job. But the ladies ask him to shut up, and the shopkeeper throws him out of the job. He leaves resignedly. The other shopkeepers too think that this was his first day and he needed money. unable to find what to believe, shiela decides to tell this to raj and the family.

Scene 3:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
Shiela and the sisters hurriedly tell sohan and granny what they encountered inj the market. She tells every thing. soham is worried as to how come rohan is out of his captivity. Soham decides to go to the police. Granny asks them to wait and let raj come and then decide whats to be done, as they shouldnt do anything hasty.

When raj and sarita return home, they are shocked to hear about rohan. He asks to clear elaborately. They tell everything. sarita remembers his mother’s threats to her. sarita says that now she understands that when she met his mother, why did she seem so carefree. raj asks why didnt she tell him. Soham and raj agree that money must have gotten rohan out of jail. raj offers to go to the jail. shjiela and sarita too tag along. The screen freezes on soham’s tensed face.

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