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Married again update Tuesday 31 December 2019 Zee world

Married again update Tuesday 31 December 2019 Zee world; Sarita is shocked when she hears from vikrant, that raj had come ther drunk. But before she can talk further, she sees raj, drunken in his room. She cancels the call, and tries to compose him. But he says that she is Mrs. vikrant Suryavanshi. He gives her the god news, that their divorce hearing is tomorrow, and that she would be free from him. He asks her to throw the mangalsutra in the gutter, so that noone else can wear it, and waste ten years of her life. He falls unconscious. sarita is distraught seeing him like this. She is in tears. She goes and places raj on the bed properly, crying all the while. She wishes that she could trake away his pain, and be with him and spend life together, but it isnt destined.

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Vikrant reprimands his event managing team to prepare nicely and finish all the preps in the next two hours. Vandana comes and asks why’s he so tensed and if everything’s all right. He says that he never leaves the scope for mistake. He asks her to get abhi ready for marriage. he begins to leave. She asks where is he going, as he cant leave before haldi, for ill luck. He says that nothing can hamper him. He says that he has to go for a very improtant deal and see if its materialising. He leaves.

Sarita and raj progress towards the court, each reminisceing the bitter memories. Sarita tells raj that she wanted to say something. She is about to say something, but vikrant asks them to hurry up, as they have got a date with much problems, and this divorce is essential for remarriage. He leaves asking them to come along. She says to raj that he shouldn t create a scene, and should let things happen peacefully so as her self respect and dignity is intact. she goes inside, while raj too goes curtly.

Married again update Tuesday 31 December 2019 Zee world

in the court, sarita wishes that time would stop, and she be forever be with him. Raj looks at her and she looks away. the lawyer tells that due to vikrant they could gte this date. The same judge comes again to take her seat, and overview their case. She talks about the 3 months probation period, and wonders if they dont want to stay together. She says that there’s no point in stretching a relation that there isnt. She asks finally if they agree to the divorce. Raj instantly says yes, and sarita too complies. She asks them to put forth their signatures then. She takes the file, while vikrant gives her a pen, when she looks around for one. she takes it hesitatingly. Vikrant says that he wont torture her for ten years, to give her love and respect and asks her to sign and not delay this, as she should know how precious each moment is right now. Sarita places her signatures, on the divorce papers. Raj too hurriedly signs and congratulates her. The court gives the verdict that they are divorced. Raj leaves. Vikrant says nothing is mopre dead than a dead relationship, and congratulates sarita for this.

Outside, vikrant gets in the car and is about to drive off, when faced with sarita. He asks whats the problem. she asks for shiela, as they are divorced, and a/c to deal, she has to be told about shiela. vikrant reminds the deal, that shiela would come after they marry. she doesnt agree to it. Vikrant says that he had promised and he never betrays and assures that shiela would reach safe after marriage. He asks if he can drop her. But she says that she would go with raj, but is shocked when raj leave without asking him even once. He asks how can she love this man, who has been torturing her like this. He says that he would never leave her midway. When she refuses, he asks her not to him angry and forces her to sit inside. She complies, and they drive off. They reach the jagotia’s mansion. Sarita gets down. Vikrant asks her to have trust on her would be husband, that shiela is safe. he asks her to be smiling during the marriage, as abhi is very sensitive and would sense something if she’s unhappy. He drives off, while sarita enters dully. She is confronted by kamla, giving her the marriage dress, to wear it and leave. She behaves very formal with sarita and says that she has kept her jewellery and if there’s anything else that they can do for her. Sarita asks kamla to talk like she normally does, and askls her to scold her once. kamla says that she only taunted and swore to her bahu, but she cant do that with strangers, and especially the most influential man’s wife, Sarita. Sarita is in tears.

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