Married Again update Tuesday 7 January 2020 on Zee World


Married Again update Tuesday 7 January 2020 on Zee World

Married Again update Tuesday 7 January 2020 on Zee World; As abhi asks about the games, vikrant lashes out his anger at him saying that he doesnt know how to play games, as its his mother’s forte. She sends abhi off to freshen up. She asks him whats he talking about. Vikrant accuses her that she has called raj, to this hotel. She is blamed of being in messages, and they lost the games. He says that if she hadnt been here, then she would have been doing the same in Bhopal that she’s doing now. He moves out, while she is shocked.

Kamla taunts vandana for congratulating her for the marriage of Raj and divya being finalised. Vanadan ignores it and asks about raj, as he wants to talk to him, and is told that he is in Mumbai with divya. She cancels the phone. Vandana is very happy that raj has gone to mumbai, and thinks that now vikrant and sarita’s love story wouldnt start. She wishes that she would be able to see the instigative effect that she has caused.

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As vikrant smokes in the lobby, raj tells that the smoking room is somewhere else. Vikrant throws it away. raj asks him if he can get a drink for his first wife’s second husband. Vikrant asks why does he interfere everywhere, and asks him to find a second class place to have a drink. Raj orders high end liqour just to prove his point. raj comments about the coincidence tht they are together in the same city. Vikrant asks if this is actually a coincidence, or a well planned coincidence. Raj says that destiny also favours the rich, as his plans were never successful but this one was. Vikrant says that in two drinks he gave up, and that this was his plan all along. raj accepts that this was his plan. He says that sarita looked very happy with him, and complimenst him for her makeover. vikrant says that he doesnt know if she’s hapopy, but its clear that raj isnt. Raj says that he wont understand. Raj, in his drunken state, tells vikrant that he doesnt take what doesnt belong to him, but when what belongs to him is taken, away, he isnt and wont be able to bear it. Vikrant says that its his now, and whats his, that he wont let it go far from himself. Raj says that he would try to attain whats rightfully his. vikrant says that his efforts would be in vain. Vikranta asks him to go to divya, while he has to go to sarita who’s waiting for him. Raj says that this is the problem that she would be waiting for him.

Married Again update Tuesday 7 January 2020

Sarita tries to explain to abhi that he shouldnt be angry at vikrant and that she would play with him tomorrow. As he dozes off, she is tensed. She thinks what does raj want, and why’s he eher. she also thinks about vikrant and the misunderstanding that might have been created. As he comes back, she says that she wants to talk to him. Vikrant quietnes her, but she says that she has to talk to him. She tells him the entire story about her fake calls, while he collapses on the sofa. she says that she didnt intend to meet raj and that she’s abhi’s mom and his wife now, and therefore she wants to…. but before she can complete, she finds that he’s asleep.

In raj’s room, divya asks where was he as she’s waiting for him. Divya is shocked that he has started drinking and when did he start. raj says that its just two drinks. She asks why did he. He remembers sarita with vikrant. He says that he wanted
Raj thinks about sarita that after 15 days, she(SARITA) would be in her arms.

The next morning, vikrant is tensed to look at her, as he wakes up, all dressed up. She says that she knows that whatever she said last night, he didnt hear, but she would like to repeat again. She says that she doesnt want any misunderstanding. but just then, abhi wakes up. Sarita has to stop. He wishes his parents a good morning. Abhi asks him to say sorry for last night, and apologise also for playing games, and demands a day off for today. He agrres and sarita too assures him. They both ask him to let them freshen up, but abhi insists that he wants to play hide and seek right now. Vikrant asks how they would manage to play in such a small room. But abhi insists and starts making them play, while abhi finds a hiding place. Sarita finds abhi, and also motions it to vikrant. They both together, search him out. Then abhi asks them to hide. As sarita and vikrant are hiding behind the curtain, in a romantic moment, though awkward, abhi is unable to find them. But when he does, he says that he knew that they would be hiding together. vikrant then leaves for freshening up. sarita asks abhi why’s he smiling. abhi is happy that they arent fighting anymore and are friends now, and would stay like that forever.

At the dining table, sarita says that she has ordered soup for vikrant, after he comes back from attending a business call. She says that she got to know from abhi, that its his favourite. Vikrant is happy. They sit down to eat. Abhi says that he knows that he would be able to befriend his parents together, and finally thinks that he would accomplish his mission. Abhi says that he’s very hungry, and asks to be fed. as she’s feeding him, her eyes fix on raj and divya sitting at the next table. She tries hard not to look, but is unable to remove her eyes. Raj too orders the same thing that she’s eating, Pasta. vikrant follows sarita’s eyegaze and sees raj, and gets tensed. The screen freezes on his angry face.



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