Married Again 7 June 2022: Arti tells Radha that she has come here to hear her version of the story. Radha tells her everything. She says that one thing, she remembers clearly, is that she fell onto the ground, when she got dizzy, not on the bed. just then, Akash comes to taunt and reprimand Radha for her character, and he feels ashamed to call him his mother. Yash stops him from saying anything to Radha, and asks him to analyze his behavior, as he couldn’t be anyone’s son, neither Radha’s nor Gayatri’s. Yash is about to hit him but stops saying that he has lost his mother due to him, but he doesn’t want to compensate for that by taking another life. He says that he won’t tolerate it anymore and that he shouldn’t bother his family anymore. Akash says that he doesn’t have any interest in his family, he just came to talk to Radha.

vidhi too advocates about radha in front of pari, citing that she must be tired. Prateik too says that suraj cant do things like that. pankaj says that it was radha’s fault, to enter into the room, where it wasnt required.

Pari tells pankaj that they are just blaming radha for what happened. she tells why isnt anyone questioning suraj, as its always the woman’s fault, and men can do anything they want. Suraj stops her, asking her to control herself, and reprimands pankaj for listening to her ranting on. He says that he was, is and will be the head of this family, and will set rules in his house. He says that the first rule is that young dont talk in front of elders, and those who dont follow this would have to leave. He asks if they find him faulty at his age. Vidhi says that they were just talking. Suraj asks why did they feel the need to talk, which means they doubt him somewhere. Vedika comes in and asks them to forget this topic, telling suraj that she understands if anything’s happening between suraj and radha, as thats normal today. Suraj is about to slap vedika for her outburst, but stops himself saying that even the young dont realise what they are talking in front of the elders. He reprimands them for making a madhouse for this place, since gayatri went. All are doing what they feel like, and come to his room whenever they feel like, with some excuse. he asks them not to do a favour on them, or bother themselves for him, as noone can replace gayatri. saying so, he leaves. all are stunned to see this.

yash and arti are tensed about the recent happenings. She thinks and discusses about what radha told them, and what could have possible led them to see what they saw. They go into the kitchen and find the sleep inducing tablets,a nd its cover lying. They are about to call up the chemist, when ishita thinks that her jig would be up, if they call up and find out. Ishita stops yash saying that some woman had called for sleep medicines, which she was told by the chemist, and it would have been for some woman in the house only, as suraj doesnt take such strong doses . Yash says that it might be that radha asked for it. ishita says that thats possible, as she was very tired, and also complaining of a headache. But arti says that it isnt like that, as she would ahve fallen on the floor, how then did she reach the bed. Ishita says that under the influence of such meds, she wouldnt have remembered going on the bed. She says that atleast she knows that radha is innocent and she didnt do so intentionally, and thats sufficient for them. Yash too agrees with ishita and arti and yash go to clear everyone’s confusion, regarding radha instantly. after they are gone, ishita curses arti for spoiling her game, but says that it isnt her defeat, as she would still plot against them. she says that she wont let what arti wants, i.e. suraj and radha’s remarriage, as she wont let happiness come in this house, even if she has to make a scapegoat of radha for that.

radha thinks about what buaji and akash told her. Radha is told by her own conscisnce that what has she done, without even considering her age. She says that she understands a woman has desires and expectations, but that didnt mean she would have to stoop so low. she says that she has betrayed her family, and they have nothing other than hate for her. She is told by her conscience, that before her family’s taunts kill her while she’s alive, she should herself, take her life, as she doesnt even deserve to live, after what she did. And whats the use of living like, a disease, stooping low in the eyes of the people she knows. She again tells radha to kill herself, so that she may get salvation, and others too would be free from her. Radha breaks down thinking all this.

Buaji again says that vedika bore the brunt of suraj’s anger, which had to be directed on someone else. Vidhi says that it was her fault. pankja sends the kids inside to play. Buaji says that god knows what would happen in this hosue, when the elders are only behaving promiscuously. arti comes in and says that they would always follow gayatri’s rules and keep the name of this hous,e as preserved as she did, and as she would have liked them to do. Buaji still asks her if what happened today lived upto that. Arti says that what they saw was wrong. This surprises everyone. Arti tells them everything. Vidhi says that this means they have misunderstood the situation. Everyone thinks that they should ask for forgiveness from radha, as she has been crying her heart out. Ishita says that especially buaji has to do that, as she had spoken very rudely to radha, without behaving maturely and thinking twice before she says. Buaji is shocked to hear this, and says that she wont, as she would believe what she saw and that radha was at fault.

Yash comes in suraj’s room and tells suraj that what they saw, wasnt radha’s fault at all, as it was an accident. He asks suraj not to misunderstand radha, as she’s very good, and always takes care of the family, and hence she wouldnt do anything that would bring shame on the family. He says that whatever happened, did happen unintentionally. He says that radha did make a mistake, and that was she seperated the son of this family, away from them, and that toop 30 years back. He says that she cant forgive herself for that, and still keeps her pain buried in her heart. Suraj says that he agrees what happened was unintentional, but he had to bear the brunt of its shame and whatever be the case, he lost his reputation forever, as his family wont ever be able to see and resect him like what they used to. He says that this moment would continue to haunt him forever, as he has placed his reputation important than anything else. And now he has lost that forever. The screen freezes on yash’s speechless face at suraj’s questioning look at him.

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