Married Again 1 June 2022: Suraj says that Yash was the one who tried to get Akash into the family when everyone else wasn’t so sure of it. He says that the only mistake was that he considered Yash just like himself, but he couldn’t appreciate the effort and drowned in ego, and if this continues, and Akash neither understands the value of relations nor money, he would ruin this family. He cites an example from the Ramayana, saying that if his ram, YASH, goes, then there’s no Bharat, for him, to leave his business to. He says that he’s asking for a favor when he asks them to stay back, as he doesn’t believe in anyone other than Yash, not even Gayatri, as he has seen her carelessness and immaturity and can’t be sure of her decisions. He extends the property papers and asks him to take them. When he doesn’t, Suraj gets into a rage. Suraj, angry that Yash isn’t taking up on his proposition, says that he might go along with arti and the kids, but he would do that over his dead body. Saying so, he loads and puts a pistol on his forehead, and threatens that he would shoot himself. This shocks Yash and arti out of their wits. Yash stops him saying that they won’t go, as nothing is dearer than his life, and hugs Suraj. Arti too breaks down seeing this.

Gayatri is pleading to the Lord, in the temple, saying that this isn’t right whats happening, as the right that Akash was craving for so many years, is being denied to him, and even her husband doesn’t stand by her in her decisions, that she has taken as a mother to give his rights to his son. Akash ridicules her saying that the Lord won’t do anything, as he never has, and gets into a rage saying that he won’t let anyone take his rights from himself.

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As yash and arti come out of suraj’s room, Akash angrily says that suraj has gone mad. yash shouts out saying that he wont tolerate talking about his father like that. akash asks him not to shout just because he has the entire property on his name now. Akash hits him with a belt, yash takes the first blow, but stops the second one. arti is shocked, and akash reminds yash of the swearing that he had taken in front of gayatri. He lest go of yash’s hand. Akash says that he would take revenge for all that he has encroached that was rightfully akash’s. He lashes out at yash incoherently, saying that he would show what comes of being suraj’s ideal son. Arti tries to stop him, but when she couldnt, she goes to get help from his brothers. Finding noone, she stops akash herself, holding on to the belt, saying that yash might be under swearing, but not her, as someone has to start to teach him a lesson. She slaps, and in turn is thrown by akash, with a push towards yash. Yash doesnt bear this, and they get into a fistfight, with yash forgetting his swear, unable to tolerate that he raised his hand on arti. Yash gets into a rage. All other family members try to stop them. Suraj is surprised too to see this. gayatri continues interfereing, latching on to yash, to let go of akash, and gives each of them swears, but akash ridicules her saying that he isnt yash, who would melt down hearing her words. She is shoked to hear this from akash. He pushes gayatri away, due to which her leg slips, and she falls into the pool, and hits her head on the pot, kept nearby. Her head starts bleeding and she goes unconscious. Suraj and the entire family are shell shocked to see this, and scream out in horror. Yash and others rush her to the hospital.

Scene 2:
Location: In the hospital
After the doctor examines, and the family asks about gayatri, he tells them, that she is in a critical condition, and they would have to operate on her immediately. He asks them not to interfere in their procedure, and to silently wait outside and cooperate with them. Suraj sits outside in introspection, the other family members too dumbstruck. Arti comes out and finds them like this, and is apalled. The operation begins.

Bua says that brothers fighting got gayatri into the hospital. She laments gayatri’s fate, having had four sons, and still having to see this. Akash accuses buaji, of being pleasing to the ears, but actually very vicious in thoughts. He says that its true that gayatri’s condition is to be blamed on her illegitimate son, yash. Yash asks him to keep care that they are in the hospital. Akash says that he would shout to everyone, that yash, step son and illegitimate is responsible for this. Yash threatens him to stop, but when he doesnt in his ego, and defiance asks what would yash do if he doesnt shut up, yash gives a tight slap to akash. Yash says that one who doesnt understand the relation between mnother and son, or anyother relation, he doesnt get the right to accuse someone else. He leaves having silenced akash, for the moment, who too leaves from there.

while the operation continues, yash and arti pray in the temple for her safety, as they wont be able to live without her, and that they are asking for just this one thing. Arti too prays that they cant replace gayatri with anyone else, hence the Lord Ganesha should get gayatri better asap.

Akash, along with ishita fumes thinking about yash’s slap. Ishita instigates him saying that he has a poorer fate than her in this case too, as he had been craving for father’s name all these years, and now that he got it, suraj gave away evereything to yash, and not him. She tells him that the property is in yash’s name, and his brothers too support him, and suraj didnt even consider him as his son. She says that only gayatri was the one who stood by him, and with her condition worsening, his is too. Akash asks her to leave instead of irritating him all the more. She tells him that gayatri might be able to give him what she couldnt earlier. akash asks her to talk straight. she tells him her plan, and akash hearing intently leaves, while ishita sits victorious.

Arti, who comes and tells yash that her operation has been done, while yash is distributing things to the poor, so that their blessings can cure gayatri, is apalled when yash assumes that gayatri must be alright and would ask him soon to be taken back to the house. Yash is however sileneced when he sees arti’s sad face. Arti tells him that gayarti is critical and under observation for the next 24 hours. Arti asks yash to compose himself, who says that he would break if anything happens to her. Arti assures that the lord’s blessings and their prayers are with her, and gayatri would be fine in no time.

Akash forcibly enters the ward, despite the nurse telling him that he shouldnt disturb her right now. He goes to her and tries to wake her out of her sleep, so that he can talk his business with her, but when she doesnt listen, he takes off her oxygen mask, and when she gasps fr breath, he starts talking to her and trying to get her attention. He goes on a rant about how injustice has been meted out to her, and gayatri looks on disbelievingly that akash, her son, is concerned about the property at the time, when she might even die. He keeps ranting her to help him in his evil motives. He says that he has filed a report against yash for pushing gayatri into the pool, and asks her to verify this statement when the police comes so that yash can go behind bars, and he can get his rightful property back, all the time saying that he is her true son, and not yash, who is illegitimate. Gayatri’s critical condition doesnt deter him from talking about his self interest. Even when she starts sinking, he is selfishly talking about just himself. Yash comes in and asks him to let go of her hand, as she’s not well. Yash tells akash, that he would give him anything that he wants, he just wants his mother back, as he looks at gayatri, lying unconscious on the bed. He asks how to believe yash, and asks him to go get the papers, that suraj signed on to his name. Akash, accuses him of being a bad businessman, for trading off the entire property to take his mother, which is for a loss. Yash doesnt reply this question, which for him doesnt even deserve one. He says that this business is beyond akash to understand. Arti says that in relations, numbers dont matter, only feelings do, and hopes that he too understands it some day. yash says that he just wants their mother to get better. Akash tells gayatri not to fall trap to yash and arti’s goody act, saying that he would be with her, as he’s the real son, and yash cant guarantee that.

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Outside the ward, as the police demands for gayatri’s statement, Pankaj and prateik are very curious as to who filed the report for the murder attempt on gayatri. They doubt bua, but she vehemently denies anything to do with it. the inspector says that they dont know who filed the report, as he didnt tell his name.

Inside the ward, Akash tells gayatri that the police have arrived. Ishita is viciously taking amusement at the entire drama.

When the inspector comes in and tells yash what he has come for, yash tries to clarify that it was an accident and not intentional. But the police maintain that they would hear of the truth from gayatri herself. The inspector asks gayatri what had happened, and if anyone had intentionally tried to throw him into the pool. she finally manages to say that nobody threw her and that she slipped into the pool. akash goes berserk at that, and asks her to say what he told her to do. But gayatri says that she’s given her statement. After the police goes, yash holds gayatri’s hand and she manages to say that she has done a huge injustice to yash already, by depriving him of love and affection, and has hurt him a lot. She says that she has sinned and that she was wrong, and that now she knows that yash is her son in the real sense, calling her KALYUG KA SHRAVAN, as he has always done his duty as a son, whereas he faltered as a mother. all get emotional to hear this.

She turns to Suraj saying that he was right in saying that she was blinded by her motherly love and apologizes that she didn’t listen to him for the first time in her life. She says that she doesn’t want to humiliate Yash and arti by apologizing to them and that she has to thank someone before that. She starts gasping for breath, sending the entire family into shock at her condition. Pankaj rushes to get the doctor. Suraj asks her to be quiet. But she says that she won’t listen to him one last time, and asks him to let her speak. She calls out Radha. The screen freezes on Gayatri’s face.

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