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Married again update Wednesday 11 December 2019 Zee World

Married again update Wednesday 11 December 2019 Zee World, Raj asks sarita what did she just blurt out. Raj says that she knows very well that he loves divya and not her.

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sarita is tensed and sad. He leaves from facing her, while she too regrets what she just said. She wipes her face and pretending to be happy, she starts laughing, which boggles Raj and he turns around to find her guffawing.

He faces her, and asks why is she laughing. She says that she’s joking and wanted to see her reaction, and this was just a test to see if he still loves Divya. raj is still confused and asks what kind of a joke ikt was. Raj says that he felt that she’s saying the truth, and she has falen in love, and he began to feel so guilty, that he invoked love in her, and is then leaving her. Sarita is shocked to hear this. She catches her ears, and apologises saying that he should forgive her as she isnt well too. Raj finally smiles and says that he has forgiven and chacking her temp, goes to get the medicine.

After he leaves, she looks at the diary, and thinks that she had fallen weak for a moment, and came this close to confessing her love, but he reminded her that he loves divya, and that she cant change her descision, and wishes that she too had the destiny like divya, whose love stood the test of time for ten years. she gets sad.

kamla goes to raj and asks why is he working in the kitchen, and sarita is in the bedroom. She is confused as to why is raj caring for sarita so much, and wonders if after all these years, they have fallen in love.

Married again update Wednesday 11 December 2019 Zee World

Location: On the road
Shiela and Rohan are discussing about shopping, when she talks about going to the tailor to get her lehenga stitched. Rohan says that whats the need for measurements as he’s there for that and starts feeling her up. Shiela jerks him away, saying that she shouldnt do this. rohan too is hurt. She comes to him and asks if he’s angry.

when he denies, she says then why is he angry. He says that he loves her, and hence wants to come close to her, and the way she reacts, she feels that she doesnt love her. Shiela says that it isnt like that, and actually she too has fallen in love with him, but she feels the, rohan asks if she doesnt trust him. When she denies

Rohan says that if she trusts him, then he would take her somewhere, and without any questions, she would go too. As shiela agrees, Rohan’s parents are tensed when they find raj and sarita unannounced with the card samples. Rohan’s father says that they have also selected. sarita says that she would go in the kitchen to keep the sweets Sarita asks if she cant even do this work.

She tells reaj that he had to make a guest list with rohan’s mother, and seating her there, sarita goes from there. She is very tensed as to where sarita has gone. She finishes the list in haste, looking for sarita. As her husband returns, she tells him that sarita is inside, and is instructed to go isndie before sarita finds out the secret. when raj asks about the gifts to be given, she gets irritated and asks him to take descisions alone

Sarita goes in the kitchen, but finds all servants except for Kajriji. she sees Rohan’s room, and finds a lady inside. She knocks and asks for the dor to be opened. Fin ally she jerks it open, and finds the lady draped under the veil, like Kajri ji. Rohan’s mother sees the sweets in the kitchen and

Rohan gets shiela to a park, where lovers get all cosy and comfortable. Rohan says that all lovers are unabashed here. He makes her sit beside him, on a bench. She is very uncomfortable, and explains the same to Rohan. He says that they would wait awhile, and then leave. He says that all come here to talk about matters of the heart, and he too has to talk to her. He goes into a romantic serenade, while stealing the chance to catch her hand, and that he cant wait for the day when she comes in to his life, and fill it with happiness.

He keeps getting close to her, physically, and tries to draw her towards him for a kiss. But he is interrupted with the screams of running away, and the police having given a raid. He hastily takes sheila from there, and is stopped by a police who recognises him, and says that he has been caught again. Shiela is shocked while rohan is speechless.

Scene 5:
Location: Rohan’s residence
Sarita says that she would ask straightaway, as to who is the servant actually, and if she is the servant then what was she doing in her son’s room. She gives away to all of her confusions. Rohan’s mother is shocked and tensed. But she says that they consider her as the daughter, and what if she used some things, and reminds her that they never discriminate between servants and members of the family. She tells sarita that she’s going to be remarried, and for a daughter in law, so many questions dont fell good, and maybe thats why raj;’s family didnt accept her, and this is why kamla is always taunting her. Sarita laughs and says that she should bother about Rohan’s marriage, as she would get to the bottom of Kajri Ji, and she doesnt care what she thinks or how much her mother in law taunts her. The screen freezes on her face, while rohan’s mother is tensed.

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