Married Again Update Wednesday 15th January 2020 Zee World  


Married Again Update Wednesday 15th January 2020 Zee World  

Married Again Update Wednesday 15th January 2020 Zee World; Sarita is standing outside the embassy. Vikrant talks to few people and they tell him that he just needs to be present there, rest they will handle. Vikrant asks why ..don’t you have family? They must be waiting for you. Someone has taught me that with office work, you should give importance to your family as well. Sarita receives a sms from Raj who tells her to wait at the cafe. Sarita asks someone where’s the cafe and then she leaves. Vikrant feels Sarita’s presence and turns back, but Sarita is no longer there. He then tells himself what she will do here and says he’s seeing day dreams now. Married Again Update Wednesday 15th January 2020 on Zee World  

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Kajri meets Rohan. She makes excuse that she was in cold room and fell asleep. Rohan gets angry and says she doesn’t love him and doesn’t care about him. He says sheila was right. Kajri asks him since when he started listening to Sheila. Rohan tells her to prove her love and for that he gives her 2 hours to make Vikrant agree to allow him to stay in his house.

Vikrant meets a manager in the embassy who tells him that his visa will be ready in few days. He then offers him tea. Vikrant remembers a scene where Sarita asks him not to drink such sweet tea, but Vikrant says why would she stop him and says he will drink. Before he drinks, Sarita adds more sugar and tells him to drink. She says now she will have to start planning to take care of Abhi alone. Vikrant says he’s still alive. Sarita says yes but if he drinks such sweet tea, then he will be in hospital all the time. Vikrant puts tea down and doesn’t drink. Sarita smiles. In present, Vikrant also puts tea down. The manager asks if it’s not good. Vikrant says someone told him not to drink such sweet tea.

He then gets up and goes on side and asks himself what is happening to him.. why he is thinking so much about Sarita. He says to himself concentrate mr. suryavanshui.. focus. He then asks himself why he’s calling himself mr. suryavanshi.. sarita calls him like that. read full updates daily with pictures only at Now he says but he likes to hear that from sarita. He decides to talk to her and calls her. Sarita is right behind him outside the room. She too gets happy seeing Vikrant calling her, but Raj interrupts and calls her for the interview. Sarita disconnects. Vikrant calls again. Sarita asks Raj if she can talk for two mins.. it might be an important call. Raj asks her more important than us? sarita disconnects again and goes in for the interview. Vikrant wonders why she is disconnecting today.. usually she picks up right away.

Married Again Update Wednesday 15th January 2020 on Zee World

Raj and Sarita are being questioned. Sarita is very quiet, but raj somehow handles the situation by answering everything himself. When they are asked how many days they plan to stay in Dubai, Raj says 3 months.. and Sarita says 15 days. Raj again handles the situation saying he told Sarita for 15 days but it was his surprise as Sarita always complains he never spends any time with her. They are asked for the photos. Raj forgot them in his car. Sarita goes to get them.

Sarita comes outside and is very tensed. She says Raj has crossed all the limits now.. I won’t take it anymore.. I will have to talk to Divya and find a new way to get rid off Raj because I won’t betrayal with Vikrant and Abhi. Vikrant is coming out of the embassy as well. Sarita sees him from the mirror and she hides. Vikrant doesn’t notice her and leaves. Sarita says she is not liking to lie Vikrant like this.. she is breaking his faith.. and marriages are based on trust. She says she wants to succeed her punar vivah with Vikrant and has no interest in Raj’s craziness. Some people are taking Devimaa from there. Sarita sees and prays to Devimaa to give her strength to explain to raj what’s the value of sindhoor. Colors fall on her forehead and face as the blessings and she is somewhat relieved and happy now.

Raj comes and asks why so much sindhoor on her forehead. He tries to wipe but sarita moves back. Raj then tells her they hv to submit forums and they will get visa in 3 days. He says otherwise Sarita messed everything in interview.
Sarita meets Divya and informs her about latest events. Divya tells her not to worry.. they just got visa.. haven’t gone to dubai yet.. she has done many scenes like this where everything looks bad but after break everything is fine again. Sarita says its not a show.. this is about our real lives. Sarita also tells her how she felt bad lying to vikrant. They both agree that raj has complicated everyone’s life now it’s time to correct everything. Divya receives a call with a film offer but she refuses knowing it may affect her career very badly. She says for her, her love is most important right now.. she is getting married in 9 days.. raj had held her hand.. now it’s her time to hold his hand and bring him on the right path.

Sarita is in Abhi’s room. Abhi returns from the school and gives her good news that he gave rehearals.. and everyone praised him and whoever was laughing at him.. got punished. He says now he wont cry hearing joker, but will smile. Sarita hugs him and kisses him.. and then tells him to go to vikrant and give him a tight hug with this good news as well. Naughty abhi thinks and says they will play a game in which sarita will parcel hug from abhi to vikrant.. and whatever vikrant does.. sarita will parcel back to abhi. Sarita says what kind of game is that.. she can’t do that. abhi says if she doesn’t do this, then he will never talk to her. sarita says abhi is stubborn just like vikrant.

she comes to vikrant who is talking on phone with someone. He asks on the phone, are you sure about it? you know what will happen if it’s false news. Sarita gets scared thinking vikrant is talking about her. she is leaving quietly, but vikrant stops her and asks where she was in the afternoon.


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