Married Again 22 June 2022: Ishita, talks to pari, and then aftre parising arti, she says that she cant understand how could arti be so careless. Then she goes on to instigate pari against arti. She asks who would talk to arti. And then to ishita’s pleasure, pari tells that she would go and talk to arti, as she isnt afraid of anything. after she’s gone, Ishita thinks that the pari, who considers herself so modern and intelligent fell in her trap. She goes to palak’s room to see what drama pari has unfolded.

All are trying to calm Palak down, by calling her very brave and trying to distract her from the pain. Pari comes in and reprimands arti for being so careless, and asks her as to why she even bothered to do work when she cant do it properly given her condition. arti hears silently. all the other family members too hear pari. Radha however calms her down, saying that its normal for someone to make mistakes, and fortunately one was hurt, and hence pari shouldn’t be tensed. All leave, except palak, yash, and arti.

Ishita thinks that arti was crowning away in the glory of love, but now yash’s face clearly implicates that he is very angry at her, but isnt saying anything. she is shocked when she is patted on the back by buaji, who tells her that it isnt right for her to sneak in someone’s personal room. Ishita clarifies that she was about to leave. Buaji asks her to go, saying that she shouldnt forget that she too is married, and she should take care of her own husband rather than keep an eye on others. Ishita leaves in frustration, while buaji smirks.

When she gets into her room, ishitaa is surprised and tensed to see the room romanticall set. Akash comes from behind, and calls out to ishita from the back, who asks him whats this. Akash says that at first he distanced himself away from her, and now that he has understood everything from arti, she is distancing herself. While akash goes on a romantic rant, ishita is increasingly uncomfortable. He puts gajra in her hair, and embraces her from behind, complimenting on her beauty. He bares his heart out to her, saying that he wants to start a family with her, and have children of his own. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him. Ishita says that they shouldnt hasten the process of having children, and its a huge responsibility, and they should think twice before taking this step. He agrees to her and then kissing her, he decides to giev it a thought and leaves. after he’s gone, she is very disguted at the changed behaviour, and taking off the gajra thinks that she would have to do something soon, or else, she wouldnt be able to stop akash from becoming her husband for too long.

Arti finds yash tensed, standing by the window. Arti asks if he is very angry at her, and apologizes, saying that pari was right in blaming her. she says that she would take care of it next time. She asks him to give punishment to her, but not stop speaking to her. He asks what punishment should he give her for this mistake. She says anything that he feels like. He says that he should have been punished, when he should have stopped her from going to work, when kaka called her out. He says that he had grown bling in love, and lost concentration. He says that if anything had happened to palak, he wouldnt be able to forgive himself. arti asks him not to blame himself for his mistake. They get into a scuffle as to whose fault it was. finally yash asks her not to blame herself, as it wasnt intentional. He makes her promise that she would take care of herself. She too makes him promise that he wont overlook his mistakes, and scold him, evn though mildly, if need be. They hug each other.

Seeing them happy, ishita thinks that love truly is blind, as even after her continuous efforts, she isnt even able to budge the trust that yash has on arti, which would only strengthen after the baby arrives. But she thinks that she would not accept defeat. She thinks that she would go to any length to seperate yash from arti.

Radha gives suraj tea. seeing him temsed, radha asks what happened. Suraj says that he doesnt feel like reading the newpapers which just keeps telling them, how badly their society is declining. radha asks him not to bother over such stuff, and instead for his own health, he should go out jogging from tomorrow morning. Suraj jokes that noone knows why wives want to order their husbands around. radha asks him not to even try then. she too says in the same tone, that she doesnt understand why do husbands not realise the difference between a wife’s concern and orders.

While working in the kitchen, pari comments that it feels so good to see suraj so happy again. Seeing the same bucket in kaka’s hands, and in perfect condition, arti wonders how could the water then have spilt yesterday, if there’s no leak in the bucket. pari says that it might be the kids’ fault. But arti clarifies that she was with the kids, and it couldnt be them. Ishita is scared that if arti concludes and finds out that she was intentionally behind it, then it wouldnt be right for her. she begins to walk. As ishita is about to leave, she is called by arti. Arti asks ishita that she was there only, when water fell yesterday. Ishita tells arti that she wasnt there and had gone to get vegetables, and asks arti as to why is she questioning her. She asks arti if she feels ishita has done it. arti vehemently denies it, saying that she just felt that she would know, since she too was present here yesterday.

But then, after thinking, Arti tells ishita that she went out for vegetables the day before only, and she didnt even see any fresh vegetables yesterday, then howcome? ishita is at a loss for an answer. pari listens to everything intently. Arti is distracted by the kids, who demand for halwa. Radha offers to make it. But the kids insist that they want it from arti only, and they hug her. Radha says that its good that the kids want her only, but when the newest member comes, she would find it hard to manage 4 kids. Arti says that she isnt worried since the other ladies in the house would fully support her in that. Radha says that she needn’t bother actually, but right now she should think about her own health and says that she would go get milk for arti. Ishita offers to go get milk.

Ishita enters the kitchen, where their maid is working. She thinks that arti is increasingly becoming tougher for her to manage. She thinks that she would have to do something before arti gets to know the truth about her, something that would make her lose her child and also distance her from Yash. She finally gets an idea, seeing the stove and the lighter kept aside. The screen freezes on her vicious face.

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