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Married again Update Wednesday 27th November 2019 on Zee World, commence as sarita looks at their photo, with Raj, and begins to pack her bags, all the members begin to taunt her, as to ho would do their household work.

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Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s and divya’s residence
Granny comes in asking them to shut up, or else she would hit all of them with her cane. she throws everyone out of the house. She goes to sarita to ask if she never even thought of granny, who talks to her only, and just went along to go to her father’s place. granny says that she wont let her go, as she would see her dead face, if she steps out. But shiela tells her not to stop sarita, as she didnt get anythinbg in the past 10 years, except for the taunts, as she didnt get any loving word from Raj even, to pull her through the next 10 years. She tells granny that they would bid her farewell nicely. She asks why does a woman have to go through the mire of a relartionship that is futile, with no respect, love and care for herself. She tells sarita that she isnt wrong, and her brother and her family is to blame. she says that she’s not the sister in law who is happy seeing her cry. she says that she would bid her farwell happily, in the hope that she remarries and she can start a new life, and get a new partner, who erases the pain that she has seen in the past 10 years, and give her lots of respect, love and happiness. Granny smilingly cries. She applauds shiela, for such maturity. Shiels hugs granny. She pulls sarita too close to her. granny asks them to get to work, and ask her to dress up sarita nicely, so that she can be given a farewell, just like she entered in this house, as if she departs smiling, then she would be able to die in peace.

As Sarita is dressed up nicely by shiela and granny, divya too is dressed up for her functions. Sarita remembers how she had happily come in their bedroom, on their wedding night, smiling and nervous and excited in anticipation. Granny and shiela, do sarita’s tilak, while she takes their blessings and finally leaves the house. As she reaches his shop, raj sees her going. Sarita looks at him, while Raj looks away.

Married again Update Wednesday 27th November 2019 on Zee World

Celebration and cultural programmes are in full swing at the mehendi ceremony of Divya. Divya remembers what sarita had told her. Her sisters involve her in the programme. But she cant forget what sarita had told her. In the mehendi ceremony, Divya leaves the function, and calls up at Raj’s house, and asks for sarita. When she is told by the youngest daughter that sarita has left for good, Divya is shocked. She asks when she left, and is surprised at what she hears, that sarita is leaving for vidisha in the next half hour, and left the house around 15 minutes back.

Scene 2:
Location: At the bus stand
Sarita arrives at the bus stop, and waits for her bus. Raj’s helper comes to give her the tickets. He too is sad. He asks if she needs anything to eat. When she refuses, he tells her that the bus would come anytime. he gives her water, saying that Raj had asked him to, but he forgot. Sarita thanks him, and asks him to take care of himself and sometimes remember her too. He asks him to make his bride wear the same earrings that she had given, and asks him to leave. sarita says that she sint a small girl, who needs assistance, and if he stays longer, then he would start crying. When he says that he would go only after she boards the bus, as raj had instructed him to, she sends him off.

Sarita remembers what her last conversation with Raj was. She hears the Vidisha bus being called out for passengers. She walks towards the bus with her luggage. She boards the bus and sits on her seat. as her bus picks up speed, Divya rushes upto the bus stand, on her scooty, and asking people for the bus going towards Vidisha, she rushes to the concerned bus, that has already begun to leave. She hurries up to the bus, and makes it stop. She gets inside the bus, and while she is being recognised as Choti Bahu, by the passengers, divya searches around for Sarits, who is very surprised to see her. The screen freezes on sarita’s face.

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