Married Again Update Wednesday 4th December 2019 on Zee World, Raj is amuzed to see such a change in Divya, who believes that love can happen again. Sarita hears all this from hiding.
Raj leaves from there, but divya stops him saying that she has answered his questions, then wont he also do the same. She asks why did he go to save sarita.
Raj says that it was just humanity. She asks him what would he have felt, had sarits died. As it is the life that sarita is having, doesnt have any improtance at all, and would he leave her to die, as their relation is hollow. She bore through everything but never responded back, because her entire devotion is for him, and when his love can matter so much, then not Sarita’s 10 years. She places his hand on her head, and asks him if sarita shouldnt also get her rightful place in his life. Raj leaves from there. Sarita comes out and hugs Divya, who wipes away her tears. She apologises for ever doubting her, and being insecure as to make her wear a trinket. She says that divya surprised her by silencing raj, and that silence gave her hope, that he cares for her death, and that he feels for her. She thanks her for rejuvenating her life again. Divya says that she is bounded by the promises, that she made her, and her only purpose is to get Sarita her love. After sarita leaves happily, Divya breaks down, thinking that Raj should forgive her, as she swore falsely on him, that she can love again, as she has always loved, but she did it only for sarita.
Kamla is blaming sarita for their plan’s failure, and that Raj has begun caring for sarita. Sohan says that this might have been an incident. Sohan says that now they have to ensure that raj and divya should keep crossing each other’s paths, and should spend more time together. Kamla says that they can do something, go out and leave raj and divya together, alone in the house. He rubbishes the idea, and leaves. Kamla makes him wait, and cites a dramatic plan that she has seen in serials. Sohan likes the idea and decides to go to the nearby temple with whole family, and resigns off to sleep.
As sarita is sleeping on the floor, thinking about the care that Raj has started showing her, raj enters, and seeing her, he is reminded of the prophecy. Raj lies down on the bed, thinking about sarita’s recent accidents, confirming to divya’s prophecies. Raj notices that the fan is making more noise than usual and wonders what if this falls on sarita. But then he thinks tht if he closes the fan, it would be warm, and mosquitoes would start biting, and if the prophecy is true, he would have to wake up sarita. He gets up, and makes a gurgling noise, and calls out her name. But sarits pretends to be asleep. Raj climbs down the bed and comes to her, and calls her name again. But she doesnt respond. Raj hesitatingly touches her, which surprises her and she wakes up. Raj tells her to sleep up, as he would sleep down. sarita says that he has pain in the neck, and wont be able to sleep down. Raj says that he would manage. Sarita says that why is he doing this, as for 10 years she has been sleeping here only. Raj says that it was different earlier. Sarita asks what is different from what it was earlier, with a longing look in the eye. He asks her not to argue and sleep up. She asks what about him. He goes silently and sleeps on one side of the bed. Sarita is overjoyed and yet surprised at the propspect of sleeping with Raj on the same bed. While Raj closes his eyes, sarita gets on the bed, and sleeps on her side of the bed. Raj adjusts his pillow, with his back towards sarita’s face. Sarita is in introspection and smiling, and sleeps herself too with her back turned towards him. He switches off the lights, but sleep is far from any of them. Bith think about the recent turn their lives have taken. raj fidgets with the necklace that he had got for Divya. They both finally drift off to sleep.

Married Again Update Wednesday 4th December 2019 on Zee World

The next morning, Kamla is working in the kitchen busily, and escaping everyone’s eyes, she mixes a powder into the Kheer, thinking that once Divya eats this, she would be in Raj’s arms, and sohan would be very happy with her. Sundari comes in and finds her super excited. she asks what happened. Kamla asks her not to bother. While she goes with the kheer, she instructs sundari, not to touch her stuff, while she would just return. Sundari is surprised.
Divya asks sarita whats the reason for such a bright smile on her face. As she blushingly tells about last night, that after 10 years, they slept on the same bed, Divya is tensed but she puts on a brave smiling face, so that sarita isnt tensed. She is gloating about how much she had waited for this night, and couldnt sleep at all, and always felt like just watching him, lie a feet away. She says that Raj has started caring for her, as he didnt let her sleep on the flor. She thanks divya for doing the impossible, as raj has changed and he’s doing what he never did. Divya gets emotional and says that she’s very happy for her. Sarita leaves, while divya is very tensed. The screen freezes on her sad face.

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