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Download Matilda (1996) mp4: A several takes on an especially sweet young woman who they name Matilda. Not in any way shape or form like her bratty kin and mean watchmen, Matilda transforms into a particularly sweet and extraordinarily shrewd young woman, who rushes to go to class and figure out books. Sometimes, her people send her to school with the absolute most horrible head on earth, an uncommonly sweet teacher, and old mates. While endeavoring to endure her people’s and head’s ruthlessness, she starts to inadvertently deliver heavenly powers, wrecking a TV and making a reptile fly onto the head. With enough practice, Matilda starts to sort out some way to control her otherworldly powers and in a little while uses them on her head so she can drive her away from the school.

Runtime: 98 mins

Release Date: 01 Aug 1996

Starcast: Mara Wilson, Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, Embeth Davidtz, Pam Ferris, Paul Reubens, Tracey Walter, Brian Levinson, Jean Speegle Howard, Sara Magdalin, R.D. Robb, Gregory R. Goliath, Fred Parnes, Kiami Davael, Leor Livneh Hackel, Jacqueline Steiger, Jimmy Karz, Michael Valentine, Liam Kearns, Mark Watson, Kira Spencer Hesser, J.C. Alexander, Malone Brinton, Marion Dugan, Joshua Alvarez, Max E. Blum, Erin M. Gray, Misty L. Oppenheim, Christopher Shepard Hughes, Rachel Snow, Craig Lamar Traylor, Jennifer Key, Marty Bautista, Anthony Hernandez, Raina Cease, Jonathan Osser, Vinnie Buffolino, Marcella Sassano, Johnny Thomas III, Shannon Hughes, Christel Khalil, Cassie Colaw, Austin Stout, Cindy Tran, Jonathan Feyer, Alissa Graham, Amanda Graham, Trevor Gallagher, James Gallagher, Kayla Fredericks, Kelsey Fredericks, Amanda Fein, Caitlin Fein, Nicholas Cox, Amanda Summers, Kristyn Summers, Phoebe Pearl, Kathy Barbour, Donna Spangler, Marianne Curan, Penny Holland, Richard E. Coe, Trevor Coppola, Simon Jones, Jon Lovitz, Christopher Villar,

Director(s): Danny DeVito

Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy,

Tags: villainess, anger, watching tv, the woman wearing eyeglasses



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