Meet in Love 16 September 2022: Isha in her room crying. Meet walks to her. She get up hugs her and ask now what will happen. Meet says don’t worry I’m here, I told you nothing will happen to you. Isha says gow everyone is against me and my brother is also against me. Meet says you know why they are doing because they think they are doing good for you and this is the best for you, it’s just that things are not going in line I just want you to be strong. Isha ask how will you do it alone. Meet says I’ll handle that, you take care of yourself and don’t worry I’ll look into situation and always be with you, stay strong. Meet turn and see Meet Ahlawat standing at door listen everything and walks away.

Babita on call says says every arrengement should be done by evening and disconnect call. Ragini walks to Babita and says we should talk to Isha one time. Babita says I’m very from this relation, our isha is lucky to have a family and Bhaiji wants this function should be low key only family and close ones. Masum hear everything she grab a plat and throws it to grab attention. Everyone eyes at Masum. Babita ask what you did. Masum says I’m trying to bring you out from imagination, happiness comes out with family and if Meet won’t be in function then what message we will be conveying about our family, what guest will think and Mamaji will be hurt I’m really sorry to say but mom andmama relation will come to jeopardy again. Babita says enough when she was not here for months did things stop, if she doesn’t want to come let her be there but the function won’t stop and our relation will grow stronger with Abhay Rana after this function, I don’t care if she come or not. Raj walks to her says if you think with cool mind then you will get to know Masum is right, Meet is daughter in law of this house and it’s important for us that she attend the function. Ragini says yes Raj is right, when Meet is in house it has different vibe so we should ask her to attend function. Raj says uf needed then we can postpone this function. Ram says to Raj what are you saying if Abhay got to know about this then he will get angry and break this relation and our Isha, a big relation will go from our hand. Babita says Ram is right and what we aill say to Abhay that our daughter in law don’t want to come in function so to make her agree we are postponing this function. Meet Ahlawat says engagement will be done today and we don’t have to answer anyone, I know Meet should attend the function and the anger on mom face is outer part, inside mom also want Meet should come because Meet is our family, if Meet comes then Abhay Mama will be happy so don’t be tensed Meet will come in this function I’ll bring her and leave.

Meet Ahlawat about to sit in car and remember what Ragini said about Meet and think of calling her. Meet with her colleagues. An officer guve her walki talki. Meet says it’s first day and I don’t have to forget things, she she her phone and thinks he is so much angry on me that he didn’t gave me a message or call, I should call him. They both trying eachother to call but the number was busy so Meet Ahlawat send her text saying if you come to function then family will feel good. Meet reply and how you will feel. He reply don’t you know. Meet says I know and you also know I can do anything for you. He reply this means you are coming. She says I’m not sure but and she see a man kidnaps a girl infront of her, she start chasing that car.

Sunaina in kitchen making cake, she gets a call from Babita says good you called I wanted to ask did you bought the cherries for cake decoration. Babita says yes I bought everything you ask and tell me how is arrengement going on. Sunaia says don’t worry everything is fine and says Meet presence in the function would be great don’t you think so. Babita says we already spend 9 months without her we can manage tonight also and disconnects call. Sunaia pray to god for tonight’s function. Masum listing to her says to herself you should pray about your life’s happiness Sunaina bhabhi.

Meet stop the car and ask driver to roll the window down. Driver roll the window down and ask her what are you doing. Meet ask who is at backseat. Man ask what happen madam ji. Meet see a girl struggling inside. Meet ask him to get out. He says here are the papers of car. Meet says this is license of car and from where did you get the licence of kidnapping a girl. They both give eachother look.

Ram Lakhan playing carrom. Masum give them fruit and says work with this for sometime because you will be getting a cake afterwards and you know who made that cake Sunaina and this is so much yum. Lakhan says if it’s yum then why didn’t you bring for us. Masum says because it’s for today’s evening. Sunaina walks upstairs Masum see her says to them Sunaina went upstairs this means nobody will be around you I would have eaten a small piece from that cake if I would be at your position anyway you can eat apples for noe and leaves. Ram Lakhan says to eachother we should not go in kitchen bad habits and signals eachother to go to kitchen. Masum see them going.

Ram Lakhan and kitchen see the cake. Ram says to Lakhan do you also think this cake would be tasty let’s do one thing let’s taste it nobody would know about this. Lakhan says yes let’s taste it. Ram says one minute Meet told us we should not eat anything without asking, we should wait till the time they don’t give us and cover the cake and leave. Masum hear everything says Meet is not here but still she spoiled my plan.

Man says to Meet no licence is required to pick our own things, she is my girlfriend was angry on me. Lady says he is lying I don’t know him. He push her inside and says her name is Geeta and says I swear I did nothing. Meet says come out of car. Man says tough police inspector and try to bribe her. Girl shouting for her from inside. Man ask her to take money and leave. Meet take the money walks towards her bike and park it aside. Driver start the car but it stops, he get out to check the car and says to him our car got flat tyre. Meet help that lady to get out of car and says it’s just a trailer and give 10rs to driver says take this and board the bus because your sir will be going with me, what are you staring at him grab it and leave. Boy says to Meet you don’t know who I am. Meet slaps him and says for my introduction this much is enough, I under arrest you under the charges of kidnapping, eve teasing and bribing a police officer and PCR come to location to arrest him and take away. Shanty thinks she sill pay for this.

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