Meet in Love 2 September 2022: Meet at physical ground says to officer I know im injured but I will be able to appear on my mental state, I’m perfectly fine on that part please give me permission for test, I’ll prove you that I’m capable enough. Officer ask his junior to grant them permission. He approve her form and give her 9number cloth to wear. Meet Ahlawat tie that cloth around her body. Two officers discussing about Meets injury says how did you allow her, he says sir told me to teach her a lesson.

Invigilator says today’s first test is of high jump you have to pass the height of 3 feet. Meet Ahlawat hear that and ask will you be able to clear it. Keet says I know it’s difficult but I have faith in myself. Officer blow whistle everyone start jumping. Meet Ahlawat says next is your turn. Officer says our next candidate is Meet, you have three chance to clear the jump if you fail to do then you will be out of compitition. Meet pray to her father for her success, Meet run but fall down and start bleeding. Meet Ahlawat rush to her and help her to get up for second trial. Meet try to jump but fall. Officer says to her your leg is injured you won’t be able to clear stop it. Two other officers says to there Sir can’t work with chair. Sir says then take stool for your work it will work as same. Meet looks at them and says it will be done sir, she get up and get ready for 3rd try and complete it. Meet Ahlawat shouts well done you used your upper body weight for the jump well done. Sir applauds her and says you won’t get sympathy from anyone after seeing blood on your leg. She says it’s not a blood donation camp, make preparations for second compitition.

Babita in her room says to Raj this girl is out of her mind, she went to give test in that injury, doctor said if the injury get worse then her leg can be amputated. Raj says what are you saying Babita, I’ll pray to god. Babita says what prayer will do when she don’t know what is right and wrong for her, we can teach them if they don’t go on right track, if still they don’t understand then we have right to take strict actions against them. Raj says you are right but I’ll talk to Guruji he will show us right path.

Sir says next round is 9m long jump you have three chance to cross line. Meet says are you seeing this game is of speed not power, I’m short so I have to take high jump with speed. Evey candidate doing there task. Meet Ahlawat says next is your turn be careful. Meet says don’t worry I’ll do. Meet give her first attempt. Meet Ahlawat says will you be able to do your leg is bleeding. Meet says don’t worry I’ll do and go for second. In third attempt she remove her jacket and take jump, she touches the line with help if her jacket. Everyone go to sir says this is cheating she touched the line with help of her jacket. Meet says I didn’t cheat, this test is been made to catch thief, if tomorrow we try to catch thief so we will tell that we jump and touch thief, whatever be the way we have to catch thief, I used my brain along with body, and using brains at right time is not cheating. Sir ask everyone to leave, we need to do prepration for last round. Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet says your leg is bleeding you won’t be able to give test if you damaged your leg too much and fail to get selected in this test then you won’t be able to give any if the test for police officer in future. Meet says don’t worry I promise you nothing will happen. Sur walk to Meet says it’s final round 400m race need to be finished in 4 minutes will you be able to do it. Meet says leave that to me I’ll do it.

Everyone at start line. Meet tie her jacket around her thai. Officer give signal to run. Everyone start running, Meet hopping on one leg and finish the race. Meet Ahlawat cheering her up. Sir get a call from someone says there is a girl who’s leg is injured but still not loosing hope and disconnect phone. Meet Ahlawat run to Meet says good job. Sir says well tried but you were not able to finish the race on time, you are disqualified. Meet Ahlawat says I’m proud of you, you are a winner no worries we will get selected next year.

Everyone in hall. Ragini get message from Meet. She says I got a message from Meet she reads it and says Meet lost the race, she couldn’t pass. Ram think’s finally she lost her race and won’t be able to reach her father’s killers. Tej says to everyone, nobody will ask her about her test nor about her injury please take care of that. Sunaina says Tej is right we have to behave normal so that she won’t feel bad. Ragini says she will be here soon. Meet Ahlawat and Meet walks in he ask her to sit. Ragini says to Isha it’s too hot now a days. Isha says yes it’s too hot and says to Meet you know short cut to reach Gol Chawk so will you take me there. Meet says you don’t need to think like that I’ll feel bad of situation. Meet Ahlawat says now you all can be happy because Meet got selected. Everyone in shock. Ram says how is that possible, you messaged that Meet lost race and she is disqualified. Meet Ahlawat hugs Ram and says yes but she got selected, she did complete her race after timer but still she got selected. Ragini ask then what happen…
…( Sir says to Meet your leg is injured but you hands are alright go after your written test. Meet says but written test cam be given only when you pass in physical test. Sir says after seeing your courage I was not able to stop me and told my senior that there is one girl who is running from her one leg. They say when she can do with one leg so what she will do with two legs. Meet and Meet Ahlawat thanks her. Sir says don’t be happy from here on your path will be more difficult so are you ready)…

Everyone applauds for Meet. Ragini says this means she will become the police officer and everyone congratulate her. Meet Ahlawat praises Meet. Raj says she won’t go anywhere and walks to her says she will not go for her police academy training and won’t become police officer, the decision is final. Meet thinks what happen he supported me everytime, what happen that he don’t want me to be police officer.

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