Meet in Love 26 August 2022: Meet Hawa Singh in the police station. Meet said to him I won’t step back and if you don’t answer my question then I’ll take things to social media and ask on what basis Hawa Singh has kept an innocent person in jail now it’s your choice should I use this harsh way, there must be someone who saw. Hawa Singh calls constable and ask him did you see this girl around my bike. Constable says yes. Meet says you must have seen me around bike but did you see my husband damaging bike. He says no. Hawa Singh shouts at him says you only told me that Meet is damaging your bike. He says when did I said it’s Meet because by the time we say nobody was there……(Meet saya to constable you know my father how honarable my father was and if you respect him then you will not tell anything to Hawa Singh, you have worked with him do I know how respectable and hardworking person you are next is your choice.)

Meet says to Hawa Singh without any evidence you cannot handcuff my husband and keeping in lockup is a big thing I’m getting late and you also want to go home so release him early and let us go. Hawa Singh ask constable to bring him out. Meet try to walk to Meet Ahlawat but Hawa Singh stop her way and says I don’t want to see you here, it won’t be good for your health. Meet says next time if I come then I’ll be called. Meet Ahlawat holds Meet hand and says to Hawa Singh take care and they both walk away. Hawa Singh says what did she said I didn’t understand.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet in market standing in front of her father’s memorial with thali. Meet take ash from there and apply on her forehead…
…(Meet Ahlawat in jail said to Meet we have solution infront of us to beat Hawa Singh. Meet ask what do you mean. He turn her face. She walks to pin board and see a notice of Join Haryana Police, she take a picture of that)…

Meet says you use to say there is no use of pointing at bad if you need to see the change then you have to change the system and to change system we have to change us, some people have taken you away from us but your daughter will jot sit quiet I have decided to fight this war while being inside system, you daughter will walk on your path now and will become police officer like you. The cloth on thali fly away and reveal the uniform of police officer. Meet Ahlawat walks towards the uniform pick the hat and make her wear. Everyone around them salute Ashok’s memorial. Meet says I’ll start my journey by taking addmission in police academy and then be like you, now Hawa Singh days are numbered because now I’ll be Officer Meet Ashok Huddah.

Babita is hall trying to match her bangles. Masum walks to her and get stunned after seeing so many jewellery. Babita ask how does this look. Masum says it’s beautiful. Babita says I have selected this for Meet I’m very great full to her for saving Meet Ahlawat so I really want to gift her something special on her first holi, these bangles will look beautiful in her hand. Meet walking in police uniform. Masum says these bangles are very delicate and this borla is also beautiful but Meet cannot carry this it’s not her style. Babita says this borla looks beautiful on every ladies forehead. Meet Ahlawat walks in hall and calls everyone says I have a big news for all of you are you ready for that. Raj says yes say. Meet walks inside in police uniform. Everyone stunned after seeing her. Babita ask her what is this. Meet Ahlawat says she has decided that she will join police force. Babita drops the bengal and it reaches to Meet. She picks up. Babita walks to her and says this was not expected from you and what do you mean you have decided, what about discussion with your family. Meet says our motive was to shock you not scare you, we thought of surprising you. Babita says it was a bad surprise and can I know the reason behind this. Meet says when Hawa Singh arrested Meet Ahlawat we all were quite and seeing that can’t do anything, people in police uniform are disrespecting it and making a bad impression on whole department, officer’s like my father are lost in police file and newspaper and there killers are out living with no fear, Hawa Singh is disrespecting the law and running the system according to them and people like Hawa Singh are growing more and more and if you want to clean system then you have to be part of it so that officers like my father don’t become the victim of these officers, my father need justice, so after becoming officer I’ll punish those killer and will make sure they don’t come out so that other don’t have to face what I did when I was young and to do this I have to be part if system. Babita says this police force is not hobby classes do you have any guess how many sacrifices you have to do for becoming an officer, you think it’s easy you have to be away from family for many months with no family vacation and no family time and did you forget that you are daughter in law of this house. Meet Ahlawat trying to say something but Babita stop her and says I’m talking to my daughter-in-law and says to Meet your dream and gold is not to catch the killer of your father, this is also your house, you have some responsibilities to this house too. Meet Ahlawat says, of course, she has but try to understand her father was murdered and it’s equally important that her father get justice, we all promise her that we will support her. Babita says yes we did promise but now Ahlawat’s family daughter-in-law will chase goons in police uniform, if she feels to change the law then will she become the judge of the supreme court? Raj walks to Babita and says calm down. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj why are you quiet saying something? Babita says nobody will say a word, today Tej and Sunaina are adopting Duggu so I don’t want any nonsense in this house ask Masum to make the arrangements and ask Meet to change clothes and help the family. Meet Ahlawat says to Raj please listen to me one time. Raj walks away. Meet Ahlawat go upstairs. Masum walks to Meet and says what is your problem can’t you see this house happy why you do something like this when everyone is happy and make them upset and walks away.

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