Meet in Love 11 July 2022: Babita on phone says I need some break because the new year was hectic so please pick a few projects only and disconnect the phone. Manushi walks to Babita and starts messaging her head. Babita turns back. Manushi says take rest I know all the pressure points which will help you to give relief and think you will be an easy target for me in this house.

Anubha walks inside Ahlawat’s house and shouts Manushi’s name and tries to take Manushi with her. Meet following Anubha tries to stop Anubha. Anubha says don’t come in between and says I don’t know you were staying here why didn’t you die before coming here and ask Meet to leave her says I know why she is staying here. Meet says try to understand she is not well. Manushi sees floor cleaner, rushes towards that and drink it. Meet rush towards Manushi and stops her. Everyone gather listing to noise. Manushi says let me die mom is right and try to drink again. Meet says what are you doing stop it and ask Ragini to help her to vomit. Babita says to Anubha you shouldn’t have done that she is your daughter. Meet walks down and says doctor said Manushi is fine and ask Anubha not to trouble her more and she will stay with me until she is fine. Police walks in and says we found out that someone in this family forced Manushi to commit suicide. Babita says you know this is Ahlawat’s mansion how dare you accuse us. Police says we are just doing our job. Raj says there is some misunderstanding. Police says call Manushi we will talk to her it’s a case of commitment of suicide and if you don’t corporate we can arrest you all. Raj says she cannot come so I’ll take you yo her. Ragini says to Babita I think so Masum is behind all this after all she don’t like Meet and Anubha so she might have called police to arrest them.

Everyone in Manushi’s room. Raj says to Manushi there is some misunderstanding with Inspector so what ever he ask you have to give right answer. Meet says tell truth to them. Inspector says tell us truth and no need to be afraid of them. Manushi point her at Meet. Inspector ask her name. She says I’m Meet Huddah. Raj says to Inspector you are taking this is wrong she is our daughter in law, she cannot do this. Inspector says let us decide that and know what Manushi says and ask her did she forced you to do suicide. Manushi says yes. Everyone in shock. Manushi says no she didn’t do that and ask for water. Meet give her water amd says no she is my sister she cannot think of doing that and I pointed towards her to ask for water was not putting any allegations and everyone present here is my family because of them I have roof no body did anything to me. Inspector says I have seen many cases in my life in which victim try yo hide things because they are scared but I have to keep this case open because sometimes we get news that victim is dead for now I’ll leave and if I get this complain then I’ll investigate deeply. Raj says if anything happen then I’ll call you infront now you can leave.

Inspector outside says I keep and eye on these rich family. Meet says you are right you should keep an eye and by saying this you opened my eye, it feels great that still there are honest officers like my dad who take her duty seriously. Inspector says your father is also in police what’s his name. Meet says his name was Ashok Huddah he sacrificed his life during his job, this is my in law’s house, my father thought us to always choose path of honesty, I assure you that you will not get any more complaint feom this house and I want to ask one thing can you tell me who called you. Police Inspector says we don’t share this news but you are from police family so I’ll tell you and show number in his phone. Meet checks the number and says mom and thanks her. Meet says mom called police. Anubha says yes I called them because Manushi cannot change and I feel that she is planning something big I’m scared she will break your house. Meet says she really changed after being ditched, she had her chance today to send all of us to jail but she didn’t, you were checking her. Anubha says no my child and I know her very well she cannot change and I think how did she let this opportunity go. Meet says come with me.

Manushi in balcony says you should hear Anubha because mom knows me very well, she was right I never changed and I came here with big plan for that I have to erase you slowly.

Meet takes Anubha to garden says look at this flower it cannot grow somewhere else because it’s in it’s fate just like my fate with Meet Ahlawat and you only say you cannot change your destiny, now me and Meet Ahlawat are more close to eachother and these all family members have accepted me so why I should be scared of Manushi, Manushi didn’t use to love Meet Ahlawat and now Meet Ahlawat is also stable he doesn’t care about Manushi.

Babita says to Meet I can understand what Anubha is facing because she ditched us too earlier but is this right calling police and we can also see she is guilty I have seen that when she brought Tej. Manushi hear everything. Babita says your mom shouldn’t have called police this could ruin our reputation, ask her not to repeat this again and leaves. Meet gets message says to Ragini I have to leave for my job. Ragini says no worries I’ll look here. Manushi says you can go Meet and suffer on your bike and do your job I’m here to handle Ahlawat’s.

Raj, Babita, Ragini in garden. Sunaina walks to them and greets everyone. Sunaina says are you planting something, this means there is good news tell me. Ragini says today was your ritual of new marriage so how did you come here. Sunaina says I was missing you all, I was feeling heavy over there and felt like running away from there so come here to meet you all but you didn’t tell me what’s the good news. Tej run towards them. Sunaina come in Tej path. Tej stops after seeing her. Sunaina gets emotional. Tej wipes her tears. Sunaina tries to touch him but he gets scared of her and runs away. Sunaina says Tej is here and nobody told me why is he behaving like this.

Meet out for her Job. Meet Ahlawat nearby explaining something to his team. Meet sees Ahlawat’s board says this is Meet Ahlawat’s construction site he is with his colleagues and will feel insulted because of me I’ll do the delivery quietly and leave. Meet try to hide behind the package. Meet Ahlawat and see her. A man asks Meet to keep the parcel and start leaving. Meet Ahlawat walks to her and tries to turn her. Meet says if you want you can ignore me I have no problem. Meet Ahlawat take her and introduce her as her wife to everyone.

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