Meet in Love 19 September 2022: Meet looking for Meet Ahlawat. Isha runs to Meet says I’m very happy no second thought for your mastermind, the whole family is on one stage. Meet ask Isha what are you saying. Isha says when you called Shanty molester whole family turn against, that accusation was enough to send them out of house even if it’s not a lie, you stopped my sagae. Meet says it was not false accusation I saw Shanty and arrested him to sens to head constable don’t know how his driver came inside, I don’t understand. Isha says I know you can prove it this means sagae matter is closed. Meet says I’m also happy for you but your Meet Bhai had faith that he choose the right guy for you and again his faith is broken don’t know what is going on in his mind.

Babita in her room. Masum walks to her says Meet accused Shanty with a big allegation without any prove, she did it on purpose. Raj walks in says to Masum you know very well she don’t tell lie, she cannot falsely accuse anyone. Masum says if she prove wrong this time then it will impact on both family, after so amny years we were getting connected to that family and this matter is sensitive for mom. Raj says you gave the answer, you said after so many years we are getting connected but we don’t know how much people have changed and did you think if Meet is telling truth then do we and Isha will be happy from this relation. Masum says if she prove to be wrong then we won’t be able to fix this relation again.

Meet looking for Meet Ahlawat and says by any how I have to bring out the truth of Shanty, very cleverly he send his driver to jail, I hav eto be careful for finding the evidence only then he can be caught and see Meet Ahlawat in garden she walks to him and says you look like angry young man. Meet Ahlawat says I’m angry on myself. Meet says after looking you it feels like you need a tight hug, she grab a chair and stand on it to hug him. Meet Ahlawat hugs her. Meet says you know you are the best brother, you handled Tej very well and can give your life for Masum and Isha, you are best son too and world’s best boyfriend now come let’s change and go somewhere. Meet Ahlawat says please I don’t feel like going somewhere. Meet says think one time we got to know about Shanty before hand, problem would have come if we get to know about him after engagement, you tell will that be good, so come change and let’s go to my magical place.

Masum and Hoshiyar sitting in hall. Meet and Meet Ahlawat passing by. Masum says to Hoshiyar, Sunaina bhabhi should not have slapped Ram, Lakhan. They were says that they didn’t eat cake they said multiple time but she slapped them. Hoshiyar says that’s why we cannot see them since morning, she did wrong with them. Masum says Tej was worried about them he was looking for them a lot and you know where did he found them, in corner of a guest room they were crying and saying we will stay in this room we will not go in Tej’s room, you know I think it’s my fault, Sunaina was upset about cake so I told her you can see the cream on Ram Lakhan tshirt but I didn’t know she will get so angry and slap them and ask Hoshiyar not to take my name in this matter because I did nothing. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet what is she saying if this is the matter then I have to talk to Sunaina and clear out things. Meet says first we should talk to Ram Lakhan.

Ram Lakhan packing there bag. They both walks to them. Meet ask where are you going with these bags. Lakhan says we are going home. Ram ask Meet Ahlawat to drop us to Shahbadh. Meet says you both know nobody is home and you are scared of being alone. Ram says no Meet Ustaad, Sunaina bhabhi don’t like us that’s why we are leaving. Meet says okay if you have decided then you can go but this can be possible that Sunaina might be angry and she must have slapped you in anger, I know Sunaina very well when her anger will go down she will come to you to make things even and if I scold you then you will threaten me by saying we are leaving this house. They say no. Meet ask Meet Ahlawat for chocolate and give them Ram Lakhan and says the person who loves you will scold you and Sunaina bhabhi loves you a lot now you need one more chocolate to laugh and says Meet Ahlawat what you were saying you want to go and have ice cream with kids but then how we will play carrom, so do one thing order ice cream. Boys says yes please. Meet says okay so you order ice cream and ask boys to start playing till that time. Meet and Meet Ahlawat walks away from them Meet Ahlawat says you are so talented, you handled the kids very well. Meet says I did what my mom use to say to clear out things in any relation and they both walk away. Masum hear everything and says again they both spoiled my efforts but I won’t stop till the time I send ram Lakhan out of this house.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in market. Meet Ahlawat says you got a habit of playing blindfold now where are you taking me. Meet says this is how you surprise people and remove his blindfold. Meet Ahlawat see everything and says this is same road where your ball broke the side mirror of my father’s car. Meet says yes this is same place where you were scared and running away from me. Meet Ahlawat says I was not scared at all, you know I was going from here suddenly a ball came hit the mirror and break out, I came out to see the situation and I saw you running towards me with bat so I ran away that time I was about to fall but Deep saved me. Meet says we cannot loose the memory of people who are close to us. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t want to remember Deep, we didn’t everything together, I consider him as my elder brother we did everything together, so you only tell me why did he backstabbed me for some money, if he needed money he could have said to me I never said no to him, if he flet shy then he could have ask anyone from family because they never kept difference between us, you know we use to give him keys of our locker without any questions but know I get angry after listing his name and he slap his hand on table and injure his hand. Meet get’s worried says what are you doing and wipe the blood from his hand and tie the handkerchief around his hand.

Sunaina in kitchen. Masum standing behind her says I don’t understand that you still believe Meet Bhabhi, you don’t have to force these habits to find the good in people. Tej walks to kitchen and says to Masum I need to talk to Sunaina. Masum walks away. Tej ask Sunaia why you did this what happen to you, they just taste the cake and you slap them for that didn’t think one time. Sunaina ask who said to you, Ram Lakhan complaint against me. Tej says no they said nothing and who told me is not the matter, it was just an ordinary cake. Sunaina says I spend hours to make this. Tej says it’s just a cake and they just taste the cake they did not commit any crime tell me one thing if it would be our kids instead of Ram Lakhan then what would you have done. Sunaina says yes I would have done same. Tej says I didn’t know you are so shallow that’s why god didn’t gave you chance to be a mom and walks away. Sunaina throw things in kitchen says who could have said these things to Tej. Masum looks at Sunaina walks to her says what happen you are crying did he said anything, now you will listen to me and understand what I was saying, see what you lovely Meet bhabhi did, if she felt that bad then could have come to you but no she went directly to Tej to complaint against you and mix the poision against you and I’m sure she must have scared Ram Lakhan to get to know the truth. Sunaina says why will she say anything to Tej. Masum says I didn’t know you are so dumb, you already know how much Tej is emotional for those kids and after this he will be protective and adopt them and Meet will not be having responsibility of those kids it’s simple, she taste the cake and says cake is delicious but cake didn’t got the attention what it deserved. Sunaina says same like me.

Meet ask Meet Ahlawat to sit I’ll get bandage for you. Someone spying on Meet and Meet Ahlawat. A man follows Meet to medical shop, he tap on her shoulder. Meet looks at him says it’s you.

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