Meet in Love 22 August 2022: Barfi Devi crying for Deep, she trying to wake him up. Meet Ahlawat says you have to handle yourself, you know when I use to worry in my life, Deep use to smile says don’t worry everything will be fine, with all the love snd respect we will leave him. Barfi says we won’t leave him. Meet hear someone crying, she ask staff member who is crying in pain. He says a lady lost her son in accident. Meet pray for her and her son.
Nurse give Meet Ahlawat, Deep’s belonging.

Meet on call with someone says don’t bring cab I’ll pick one. Nurse take Deep’s body out. Barfi go out to Deeps body. Meet coming towards them.

Manushi folding her dresses. Kunal show Manush there dream house and tell her about all the amenities. Manushi get’s irritated says stop it and scolds him and ask him to bring documents for power of attorney, once she sign it the we can get any house or buliding because Ahlawat’s have lot of money. Kunal says think one time if we hook this house today then we will get 10% discount, it’s just a suggestion after all you will decide what we have to do I’ll get paper’s till that time and he leaves. Manushi says sometimes this Kunal also give good ideas.

Meet walks toward a photo of baby and smile, she step on pen and ask nurse is this yours. Nurse says no the pen is of the boy who lost his life in accident, his mom is in bad condition, she was devisted they took her son’s body right now. Meet says this could be last sign it should reach them and ask nurse about the address. Nurse says server is down that’s why we are unable to find address keep with you I’ll give you tomorrow.

Babita pray to god for everything. Sunaina says I just talked to Tej he said Raj is feeling better now. Ragini says it’s goddess blessings that everything goes well and we should thank Meet too. Babita pray for Meet. Ragini says right but what Masum did wrong with help of Manushi is not right she committed a crime of taking her baby away, she shouldn’t have done this. Sunaina says I don’t understand how can Masum join hands with Manushi from last one year. Ragini ask Babita why didn’t she tell when she already knew about baby, why was she quiet, today I’m feeling bad after knowing this just imaging what was going on with Meet, she didn’t even care about Meet Ahlawat, we did funeral ceremony for a baby who is already alive, if Masum have told everything earlier then nothing could have gone other way, Meet Ahlawat wouldn’t have gone US and Meet wouldn’t have become Manjari, whatever I’m saying is not to give you pain Babita but what you will do if Meet demands that Masum should be punished for her behaviour. Babita says I won’t come in between, I’ll says you deserve to punish Masum you have all the rights and understand one thing no body will discuss to Masum about this because I want Meet and Meet Ahlawat question her and nobody will tell Raj about this. Sunaina says first we should pray that Meet get’s her baby back and bring to us.

Manushi and Kunal in cab. Manushi tell Kunal her mother use to say always do good to people just look at my sister she always did good for people but still she go nothing after doing good, in the end she died and look at me I always thought about me and today I have everything, I know I’m selfish but being bad is also something different which can help you to get anything in life. Kunal says I agree. Manushi get’s call from Manjari. Manjari ask did you left. Manushi says yes I’m on my way reach the location at time I’ll see you there. Popat ask what did she said. Meet says she is still same as she was she don’t care about any relation I wish she become the person what mom and Dadi wanted her to be so that everyone can be proud of her. Meet see a lady carrying her baby, she imagine how everyone is happy after getting junior Ahlawat. Ragini, Babita and Sunaina are busy with baby. Meet and Meet Ahlawat enjoying the situation. Meet Ahlawat thanks to Meet says I have got all the happiness back because of you…

Popat says we reached location. Meet pray to god says please make my dream come true. Popat ask driver to oark car and she pary if we succeed then I’ll give 100 coconut. Meet oray to God so that she get all the happiness she wants. Popat says don’t worry things will happen the way you want don’t worry.

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