Meet in Love 17 September 2022: Isha in her room looking at Deeps photo in her phone and crying. Meet Ahlawat outside her room says can’t you forget him. Isha says I cannot do that I truly love him. Meet Ahlawat says I know it’s difficult to get someone out from your heart, you how blindly I use to trust him he was more then a brother to me I did everything for him but still see what he did now keep yourself in my place and tell me how can I get you married to a person who played with us and I love you a lot, you lost your love and I lost my best friend. Isha says is there possibilities that what Meet bhabhi said can be true I trust him he cannot do something like that. Meet Ahlawat says I know you are not ready to accept the fact same way I had feeling for Manushi but Isha truth is always inside us but we cannot acknowledge it because you are not ready to accept the fact, reality is he broke the trust of everyone so it’s time to move on Isha and says Shanty is good boy he sill keep you happy and support you, your family want you to be happy, trust us one time and he leave. Meet Ahlawat check his phone and thinks I know you will come Meet, I trust you.

Sunaina bring Babita to kitchen and says cake looks beautiful when you will see then you will get to know and remove the box of cake. Babita looks at cake says wao this is amazing I really like the dressing, she turn the care and see a piece of cake is missing. Babita says what is this. Sunaina says I made this cake specially for function don’t know what happen to it. Babita says don’t worry we still got time I’ll order cake. Sunaina says no and call Govind, ask him who did this, he says I don’t know and he leave. Babita says no need to worry. Masum walks in says all set, she see the cake and says I’m so sorry Sunaina and says what I think is truth.

Meet says to girl I need your statement and that boy can’t do anything. Girl says thanks for saving me but I don’t want my family in any trouble. Meet says I’m also a girl and I understand what are you thinking but till the time we don’t punish these kind if boys they don’t come on right path so make yourself ready to punish him and no need to get scared I’m with you and give her money. Gilr says how can I keep this you took from him. Meet says yes I took it for you now keep it.

Masum takes everyone out. Masum says to Sunaina looks closely Ram Lakhan tshirt. Sunaina and Babita see cream. Sunaina says this mean they destroyed my cake. Masum says it seem so. Sunaina walks towards them.
…Masum destroy the cake from her hand and put the cream on Lakhan’s tshirt when they were busy watching cartoons…
Sunaina walks to Lakhan and slap him says you ruined my cake. They says we didn’t do anything. Sunaina says shutup, if you want to eat cake but you could have said yo us. Ram says yes we accept that we went to kitchen but we never touched is god promise. Sunaina says you are lying and I can see the guilt on your face and clothes, nobody could do like this in house except you afterall you must have not seen cake like this in your life. Babita says to Sunaina is this the way you talk to kids, leave it I’ll order another cake and they both walk away. Ram hugs Lakhan.

Meet Ahlawat in his room trying to decide what to wear in evening function and still waiting for the reply from Meet.

Meet in market see a couple fighting over colour of teddy and remember her time with Meet Ahlawat when he gave him teddy bear. Meet get’s message on her walki talki to report to a location a women is making chaos. Meet says sir I have to go home there is some important work. Sir says first go and solve problem. Meet says okay and think it will take around 1 hour to come back from naya nagar and I’ll be late for hy function then.

Everyone in hall. Hoshiyar walks with gift and ask Masum to help. Sunaina with glasses of juice for everyone. Tej ask Sunaina did you see Ram Lakhan I’m looking for them do you have any idea where they are. Sunaina says they must be here and Tej today is important day please give attention to that too. Ram says to Tej they must be nearby, you come here don’t worry about them. Meet Ahlawat walks to hall. Masum says it’s good if you don’t keep any hope you all know how stubborn she is and I’m sure Bhai must have try to make her understand, but know she is a police officer so I don’t think she will come. Babita says stop it don’t spoil his mood. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry I’m good and she will come definately. Raj says to Babita, Meet Ahlawat is right our daughter in law will surely come, she won’t let oyr head down infront of everyone, I’m sure she will come. Babita says nobody care uf Meet is coming or not other family members are here and ask meet Ahlawat to get ready. Meet Ahlawat says anyways I brought gift for each lady in the house and give package to everyone. Meet at door says what about my jewellery . Everyone gets happy after seeing her. Meet Ahlawat guve her jewellery box. Meet get’s happy. Babita ask Meet to get ready for the function and they both walk away.

Meet in her room getting ready. Meet Ahlawat help her to wear the jewellery. Meet ask how do you have so much believe that I’ll come. Meet Ahlawat says because our heart are connected to eachother. Meet tells him how at end moment she got a work and had to leave for sector 50 to stop them. Meet Ahlawat teasing her with her hands. Meet getting a bit comfortable and telling her story. Meet Ahlawat turn her around and ask did you like my gift and thanks for coming I liked it. Meet says thankyou won’t work you have to promise me, anything happen between us we won’t stop loving eachother. Meet Ahlawat says I promise you we will fight and get angry but won’t leave alone in any situation. Meet by mistake break button of his dress. Meet Ahlawat says no worries we will fix it in Meet’s style with stapler and start looking for it. Meet find thread and needle. Meet Ahlawat says do you have any idea how to use it. Meet says I got many different skills at academy, your girlfriend has changed now see how I’ll fix your button in no time.

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