Meet in Love 3 September 2022: Raj says Meet will not go for police academy training and won’t become the police officer and this is decided. Babita says what happen to you Raj from day 1 you were in favour of her becoming officer, all of sudden what happen. Raj says I know what I’m doing, guruji told next 6 months is risky for her and she could loose her life and says to Meet, I know I was in your support but I don’t want to loose you, you are my daughter. Meet says but papaji you know my reason this is the only way to give my father justice. Raj says I know that and I know you will be a police officer like your father but I don’t want to loose you and this job is risky anything can happen, I took this decision on the conditions and guruji said it’s risky so I’m a bit scared for you. Meet holds Meet Ahlawat hand. Raj joins his hand in front of Meet says last time I joined my hand when I asked you to get married, I was selfish earlier but I knew my son that’s why I asked you to marry him and today still a father is asking about your trust because this decision is been taken from my heart and I assure you, I won’t let you down and will help surely help you in your oath, I’ll help you to find out your father’s murder, I’ll hire best lawyer in town and I won’t leave them, but please your life is more important, if you are there then everything is there please. Meet hold Raj’s hand. Ram think’s Meet will not go against Raj and then won’t be able to reach the murders.

Meet in her room sitting says I cannot go against Raj nor hurt him she walks to her father photo says now you only show me the way, I cannot understand one side it’s you and other side is Raj, he also love me like you that’s why he is stopping me, I cannot understand what to do you only show me the way, even Meet Ahlawat didn’t trying to understand me. Meet Ahlawat standing behind her and says try to understand what’s happening dad is not wrong. Meet says when did I said he is wrong, the condition is wrong who put me in between two father’s, how can I choose one. Meet Ahlawat says from many years Ahlawat’s are obeying Guruji and if there is 1% of chance that he is right then I won’t let you take this risk. Meet says earlier also you were taking risk. Meet Ahlawat says yes I was taking but there was no accident and after that I won’t let you take anymore risk. Meet says then what will be the purpose of my life. Meet Ahlawat says whole is concerned about your life, when your leg was burnt I was scared and I don’t understand what to do when you get injured, earlier your leg was burnt now its about your life I cannot see you in pain. Meet says I understand you cannot see me in pain and what about my emotional heart can you see me emotionally in pain. Meet Ahlawat says, I understand what you are saying and how important is this duty but not at cost of losing you, I am sorry. Meet says first understand me and then talk about supporting me.

Tej asks Sunaina is Raj right, Sunaina says yes, he is thinking about Meet and is thinking practically but when will you think practically. Tej says arw you pointing at Ram Lakhan’s adoption, lets clear this out and I thought you wanted to give them a chance. Sunaina says I don’t want to, Tej says okay if my decision trouble you, let me leave and walks out.

Meet wakes up next day and sees Meet Ahlawat isn’t around, and says I have to talk to him and convince him and then Papa.

Ram very happy, Ragini asks him he looks very jolly, Ram says yes very happy, so lets go out somewhere, Ragini says why is it,Ram says just think a big problem is what I got rid of, and I am with you, and for you. Ragini says okay go get me tea.

Meet Ahlawat prays for Meet, Meet hears that and walks to him, on way she drops oil purposely and about to slip, Meet Ahlawat goes hold her and says how did this oil come here, stay in room. Meet says problems can come anywhere, I can fall off stairs, in bathroom, get in an accident but that doesn’t mean I will stop living when there is no safety assurance in house then how can I guve of academy try to think, if you say no about training I’ll not go and let Hawa Singh live freely, tell me. Meet Ahlawat says I’m sorry and when I got to know that your life is in danger I got scared but you are right danger wont wait to go to police tranin risk is everywhere you will go for your training I know that duty is very important for you and I’m standing with you. Meet says you understood but how we will make Dad understand. Meet Ahlawat says how we will do that it’s impossible to change her mind. Meet looks at Masum and says to Meet Ahlawat you are right we will run away from home and give him sign about Masum so that he play along with her. Meet Ahlawat says yes we will do. Meet says because of Dad I won’t spoil my dream of becoming officer, when everyone will be having breakfast you meet me at backdoor we will ruk I can wait for night. Meet Ahlawat says okay if you want this then it’s okay. Masum hear everything and run away. Meet Ahlawat says she went. Meet says now Masum will go and tell everything to dad then same thing will happen what we want then he will talk to Mom and there can be chances I get to go and join police academy.

Raj says to Masum what rubbish what are you talking. Masum says I know you won’t believe me but you can believe your eyes, Meet has gain so much strength that she is running away from home, you can come and check. Raj saya I don’t want to check anything I know my daughter in law she won’t do anything which may hurt me. Masum says you say mistakes happen to human being and Meet is also a human being and she is doing a mistake atleast come and check with me one time.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet with suitcase in corridor. Meet says to him we need to act like we are running away we don’t need to run walk slowly. Raj shouts stop. They both stop. Masum and Raj walks to them. Masum says to Raj I told you Meet is running away. Babita walks to them and ask Raj what is happening here and looks at suitcase. Raj says while doing this didn’t you thought of me one time. Meet thinks I’m sorry but I have to act like this.

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