Meet in Love 6 August 2022: Meet and Meet Ahlawat in car, Meet smells ladies perfume, and lipstick. Manushi says oh I forgot my lipgloss on the car and calls Babita and says my lip gloss fell in car please take care that Meet doesn’t see, Babita says I will manage.

Meet Ahlawat says I will be back, Meet shows him lipstick and says whenever you feel you want her, tell me without hesitation and I will leave you happy for your happiness, Babita hears them talk, Meet says to Meet Ahlawat, make sure the girl keeps your family happy too along with your family. Meet Ahlawat thinks this is what I want to show Mom you are my happiness and end this game.

Babita walks to them and says you two here and my gloss is here, I was looking for it everywhere and Meet please keep it on my dressing table, Meet says okay and leaves. Meet Ahlawat stops Babita and says Meet always thinks about us and you still think she has tricked us. Babita says I never said Meet is bad, she is selfish and Manushi is good at heart, and best for you and looks after our family too, she got Tej back and she is your first love, and good you thought of giving her a chance, now go she is waiting for you.
Meey Ahlawat says I cant hurt Meet but to show Manushi’s true face I have to do this.

Doctor tells Amma, Anubha is fine and Meet Ahlawat is taking care of fees don’t worry. Meet sees Dadi, Dadi looks at her and thinks I hope she hasn’t heart, doctor leaves. Meet asks why is he here, are you fine. Dadi says your mother in unwell. Meet starts making juice.

Anubha walks out and asks Meet what are you doing here, Meet says here is your juice have it, Anubha says I saw you I am fine. Meet says come let me give you a massage, Anubha says forget that is all good between you and Meet Ahlawat, Meet tells her about the gloss incident and says I shouldn’t have doubted him, I have trust in him but when I said I will leave, I felt so bad like what will I do if he asks me to leave, I didn’t do it on purpose trust me, Anubha starts laughing and says this is because you are in love and you have accepted him and so the thought of losing him scares you.

Meet walking on street thinking about Anubha saying that Meet loves Meet Ahlawat, says his happiness is mine, and sadness hurts me most, and may be this is love. Meet says mummy you are right, Meet Ahlawat is my life and I love him. Meet imagines Meet Ahlawat everywhere, she imagines him vegetable seller, then in a car and walking to her and give her boquet, and dancing with him.
Lakhan and Ram see Meet very happy and dancing, ask her what is it, why is she so happy, Meet says I am in love with Meet Ahlawat.

Meet walks in and sees Meet Ahlawat and thinks she is imagining again and pulls his cheeks, and realises he is present, Meet Ahlawat asks what was this and where are you going, Meet imagines Anubha walk to her and say tell him you are in love, you have gone mad in his love, Meet makes stupid excuses in front of Meet Ahlawat, Meet Ahlawat says I. already having an head ache and you talking nonsense and leaves.

Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat with tea, Meet Ahlawat says tea now, Meet says I promised you, you will always get tea whenever you need it, Meet Ahlawat says I don’t feel like, Meet says please, Meet Ahlawat takes a sip and feels better, Meet massages his head, while he has tea and apologizes, Meet Ahlawat asks why, Meet says I doubted on you seeing lip gloss, but it was Babita Aunty’s, I shouldn’t have done this and have faith that you will never do wrong. Meet Ahlawat says if there was really a girl, Meet says you so funny, and I have trust, you will never do anything wrong with me and no one can break this trust. Meet thinks and I will also bring Manushi’s true colors. Meet Ahlawat thinks because of your trust, I can now bring Manushi’s true colors out and you get the love you deserve.

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