Meet in Love 18 September 2022: Ragini enters Isha’s room and says why aren’t you ready yet see your Meet Bhaiya brought a dress and jewelry for you come on get ready fast. Isha says no I don’t want to get ready because I’m not ready for this relationship, I’ll also see how forcefully you can make me get engaged. Ragini says I understand your feelings, but family has taken a decision for you which will be for your happiness. Isha says really you understand me. Meet walks in says I’ll make her ready don’t worry. Ragini walks away. Isha says now you are also involved with them. Meet says sorry but I’m daughter in law so get ready fast. Isha says I won’t. Meet says I’m asking you to get ready not to engage. Isha says what how is that possible everyone is out. Meet says I’m saying you won’t be engaged today now get ready fast.

Everyone in hall Abhay says here are some gifts for everyone. Babita says there was no need of these. Abhay saysyes there was and says to Ram won’t you hug me now we going to be relative. Ram hugs him and ask everyone to sit. Abhay ask where is Meet. Meet walks to him take his blessings and greet her and offer him sweet to eat. Raj pick sweet to eat. Babita nods her head and signal him not to eat. Abhay says let him eat and offer Raj sweet. Meet says to Abhay where is Shanty. Abhay says he went to Delhi for some work her will be here directly from airport.

Someone rings the door bell. Abhay says Shanty is here. Meet open the door and see the Shanty, the same boy she caught him earlier. Meet says how dare you come here. Meet Ahlawat run and hugs him and introduce Shanty to Meet. Shanty greet Meet and says come let’s get inside. Meet Ahlawat take him inside.

Meet Ahlawat says attention everyone let me introduce you to star of the show Shantanu aka Shnaty. Babita says we all know. Meet Ahlawat says I’m introducing to the person who will be our Jiju. Shnaty hugs everyone and give Babita her favourite food and sweet from Delhi. Babita says you remember everything. Shanty says yes and if I had to miss my flight for all this I would have missed it for you. Babita says I’ll make the arrangements and ask Meet you have to do aarti and ask Ragini to bring the plate. Meet take the plate from Babita, she keeps it on table says eve teaser is standing among us I cannot do aarti of him. Babita says what are you saying. Meet says I’m telling truth he didn’t went to Delhi he was here in Chandigarh eve teasing girls, 2hrs back I took him to jail because he kidnapped a girl and trying to make get physical with her. Shanty says what are you saying I just arrived from Delhi, I’m meeting you for the first time I never saw you. Abhay says yes he is right. Babita says you are right bhaiji she must have misunderstood him with someone else. Meet says there is no misunderstanding I arrested him few hours back I cannot forget his face. Shanty says what rubbish are you talking, I was in Delhi you can check my app I arrived here at 6:10 and here is my boarding pass, now you all will believe me, here is the reel I made a Delhi’s india gate. Meet Ahlawat says to Meet what are you saying. Meet says he is telling lie I don’t know from where did he got all the evidence but he is lying. Raj says to Meet I know you don’t lie, you must be truth but there are 1% chance. Abhay says to Meet don’t feel bad, you have given big accusation on my son, but today I’m with him not because he is my son but because whatever he is saying he got evidence, if you think you are right then show us evidence we will believe.

Meet says PBC-HY-111 this car is registered on your kids name right. Shanty says yes, this car is outside sector 14 police station because I arrested you son from this car. Shanty get’s nervous. Meet says I’ll prove it and she call the Sharma and ask today we arrested a voy for eve teasing can you tell me the number of his car. Sharma says uts PBC-HY-111 and tgis car is standing outside. Meet ask and with who’s permission you send that kid out. Sharma says he is still inside. Meet in shock says are you telling truth. Sharma says wait I’ll show you on video call and he puts that man on call. Man says I’m sorry madam please leave me and start begging to Abhay. Meet says to Sharma how did he came in lockup we didn’t arrested him and show him face of Shnaty says we arrested him. Sharma says no madam there might be some misunderstanding.

… Abhay Rana at police station ask Sharma to to release him. Shanty says I’m sorry dad. Abhay says for one day you could have shown some respect, you have a function today. Shanty says I’m sorry dad I try to convince her but she was bit ready to accept things, she was oversmart. Sharma says to Abhay she is a new joining, today was her first day, her name is SI Meet Hooda heard that she is from a wealthy family. Abhay says I know her she is sharp girl, we need to handle this case with los of care she is daughter in law of my sister Babita you don’t know what big problem you have created, if this thing come out in that house, we have to find a solution and looks at his driver…

Abhay says he is our driver I cannot think he will be so bad person. Shanty says I’m sorry Bhabhiji, you must remember number plate easily but couldn’t remember face, things happen because of over confidence no worries. Meet says I’m not over confident you are lying, I knyvery well I arrested you, Isha won’t get related to a person like you, I challenge to bring out truth about you tomorrow with all the evidence and will prove everyone. Raj says to Abhay if she is saying everything with so much confidence then there is something, we are not denying this relation but we are giving a daughter there should be no doubt. Abhay says you are right now this function will commence only when everyone is feeling good, he walks to Babita and says till the time Meet is proven I won’t be able to come to this house. Babita says to try to stop him but he leaves.

Babita says to Meet you have accused my brother’s son he didn’t show but he felt very bad or that accusation should not be baseless. Meet says I’ll bring all the evidence till tomorrow. Tej walks to Isha and says don’t worry I’m here nothing will happen to you. Meet Ahlawat says to Isha I’m sorry, but don’t worry if anything is true then this saga won’t happen we are with you.

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