Meet in Love 25 August 2022: Everyone at in hall with the police in Ahlawat’s house. Isha says me and Meet were busy and went to watch a movie and shows the update on socila media to Hawa Singh. Hawa Singh ask Meet what was the story of the movie. Meet didn’t answer. Hawa Singh says you were trying to fool a police officer. Meet tells the story of movie says in movie there was an innocent heroine and she slaps a corrupt police man and he falls. Constable says this movie is released today. Meet says this is my favourite heroine movie so I went for first day first show. Ragini ask Ram to say something. Ram says yes she was here since morning and give me tea. Hawa Singh says everyone is supporting her in her lie, now don’t say it is not lie, I saw you in police station. Meet says when do you have any evidence and you are saying that I burn the bike so tell me the reason behind that. Hawa Singh laugh and says I know you will make this kind of story, you have made a big wall of lie which I cannot cross, but I’ll not go empty handed uf not Meet then Meet Ahlawat because we find him there and ask constable to bring Meet Ahlawat inside. Constable bring him. Everyone rush to him. Babita says to him you did nothing then whydid they arrest you. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry I’m fine. Meet try to go to Meet Ahlawat. Hawa Singh stop her and says you saved yourself very well, I’m smart then you, if not Meet Huddah then Meet Ahlawat. Meet says you cannot arrest him. Hawa Singh says don’t worry I’ll figure out, I’ll tell you how I’ll take revenge, today I’ll send him inside lockup and you know very well what happen inside lockup and once he is inside he wont get bail before Monday and ask constable to take him. Meet try to walk towards Meet Ahlawat. Hawa Singh stop her says don’t rush or you will ruin you mehendi and says this is your first holi in in-laws house you have to celebrate without him and says to everyone I feel very bad taking him. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I won’t let you go this is wrong. He says it’s good if I go. Hawa Singh says take him. Babita says he did nothing don’t handcuff him. He holds Meet’s hand and her mehedi get ruined and police take him away. Hawa Singh looks at them says you two love eachother so much and says to Meet I give you one more chance, come to police station in next 2hrs and accept your crime because someone have to go inside now it’s your choice who it will be.

Masum in hall with everyone says Meet Ahlawat is in lockup because of Meet and nobody even think of calling me and try to stop him, I would have stop them if I would have been here. Babita says stop it Masum we all are already in trouble and you are shouting, what could you do you went to parlour. Masum says pampering is not a crime and I don’t know that a big case will happen if I’m out, why always see me as bad person why everyone don’t see my sacrifice even I accepted to give Duggu to Sunaina, I know I’m loud but what I do is for this family. Raj says minister is hospitilised we cannot disturb him. Babita says we have to Hawa Singh took our son and he is bad person you know, I cannot see my son in jail and day after tomorrow is holi and we cannot celebrate without him, I’ll call my brother he is minister he will help me sure. Raj says you will not call the person. Babita says I know you both don’t like eachother, I’m your wife that’s why I kept you above any relation, he is my brother and I didn’t talk to him from years but today it’s about my son if my brother will help us to get him out of jail nothing will happen. Raj says I told you one time not to call him it means you won’t call I don’t want any kind of help from him. Masum thinks this case could postpone the adoption ceremony it was difficult to make Duggu ready. Ram says to Raj don’t worry I’ll talk to my lawyer I’ll handle. Meet says no Ram I won’t let him be in trouble because of me I’m going to police station. Raj says no this is what Hawa Singh want. Meet says I have to go because I know what I have to do after reaching there. Raj says I don’t understand.

Meet walks inside police station. Hawa Singh see her finally you are here and disrespect her. Meet says before giving my statement I have to meet my husband. Hawa Singh sure you will go for long time inside and ask constable to take her.

Meet Ahlawat in jail. Meet walks to him says. Meet Ahlawat ask her what are you doing here. Meet says I came to give my statement that I damaged the bike. Meet Ahlawat says you can’t do that. Meet says when you can go inside jail because of my mistake then why I cannot. Meet Ahlawat says try to understand me. Meet says why did you do this, ask me to go home and take all the blame on your head. He says you also took my blame on your head, that time we were not this close I use to hate you but still you took the blame. Meet says so you are comparing. Meet Ahlawat says you did a lot for me that I cannot compare. Meet says tell me why you did this nonsense. He says you were about to do something bad in anger and then how will you find the killer of your father he is doing all this on purpose so that you do something bad that’s why he told you that he hit Mohan Lal and give you stick in your hand so that you do something wrong, so that he can stop the war you started, listen to me carefully and try to understand this war is important for us and we have to coordinate between our brain and heart equally we cannot win this war on emotional basis, you have find out the killer of your father and punish them so that your father can get justice and you cannot win this war behind bars. Meet says how will I reach them they destroyed all the evidence even police is helping them. Meet Ahlawat says we have things which can help us from Hawa Singh and turn her face and says so what are you waiting for. Meet says we will win and Hawa Singh will be behind bars.

Meet walks to Hawa Singh. Hawa Singh says now you must be quiet so come and give your statement how you damaged the bike of police officer. Meet says atleast try to make your brain work if I’ll accept then how will you prove that I damaged your bike. Hawa Singh says you trying to be smart. Meet says what smartness I asked you a simple question how can you arrest me or my husband without any evidence, I didn’t forget and won’t let you forget, still Ashok Huddah’s blood run inside me and won’t stay back from asking right question and if you don’t give answer then will go to social media and ask how could you put someone inside lockup without any evidence now you can think what should I do.

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