Meet in Love 8 September 2022: Meet leaves Hawa Singh’s cabin angry. Hawa Singh dancing inside. Meet waiting outside says I won’t reach ground on time if I keep waiting here. Hawa Singh says I couldn’t manage uniform so either go in this outfit and make fun of yourself or else step back. Meet sees trophies on table and pulls cloth beneath it. Hawa Singh says have you lost it. Meet picks a cutter, Hawa Singh gets scared. Meet cuts the cloth and ties on her legs to make it look like a full pant. Hawa Singh how will you stitch it, Meet picks stapler and staples the cloth.

Meet says to Hawa Singh, God has given women super power that they can manage every situation, Hawa Singh says but you won’t reach drill in time. Meet says this means you know nothing about me. Hawa Singh says ground is atleast 5 min away and you have only 3 min left, and unlike me you don’t have jeep. Meet says let’s see and rushes out. Hawa Singh calls his colleague and says Meet shouldn’t reach in time. Hawa Singh says Meet’s first day of training will be punishment day.

Hawa Singh’s colleague creates hurdles on stairs so that Meet shouldn’t reach in time. Meet makes her way out and takes a short cut to reach in time. Hawa Singh sees her and says its not possible to reach in time with that route.

Everyone gathers fir drill. Hawa Singh walks to drill and asks all candidates to take position and says training will start in 1 min and thinks Meet your Dad couldn’t survive in front of me how will you, and arriving late to training will be first step towards defeat.

Meet sees gate ia closed but still makes her way out, her shirt gets stuck in fencing, her finger gets hurt but she manages to free herself. Hawa Singh counts last 10 sec left. Hawa Singh says 1 , Meet greets him. Hawa Singh in shock. Meet says to him I am a girl but not less than any boy and whispers I will teach you a lesson.
PT lessons begin. Hawa Singh starring at Meet, she kicks him and he falls in mud pit. Hawa Singh gets angry. Meet walks to him and says oh no Sir, but as you said we have long way to go, and soon I will put you behind bars. Meet says Sir hold my hand. Hawa Singh helpless, takes help from Meet.

Ram reads newspaper and sees Meet Ahlawat on it, and gets angry says people see bright boy by tomorrow things will change, when Meet Ahlawat will break so will Meet and tomorrow will be back day.

Hawa Singh on call with Ram, that tomorrow Meet will fall from rope climbing. Ram says be sure that she is injured enough to not do training but not die and also I have planned putting Meet Ahlawat behind bar.

Meet Ahlawat walks home and misses Meet, remembers chasing her and looks at their pictures and says Meet I miss you so much. Meet Ahlawat imagines Meet in front of him and says brain is weird can do anything. Meet Ahlawat says jump iny imagination. Meet jumps. Meet Ahlawat says this is too good and says lets do something Meet would never allow me do and walks to Meet and tries to kiss her, Meet pushes him back and says no Meet you are here, and picks her says I am so happy but how come you here and academy gates are locked. Meet says I jumped the walls. Meet Ahlawat asks why, Meet says I wanted to meet you and wish you best of luck because Papaji told me you taking over business.
Meet Ahlawat says I promise all will be proud of me, and you are such bad girl friend there is no gift. Meet says all shops were closed. Meet Ahlawat says you can give me one right away and points at his cheeks.

Meet goes close to Meet Ahlawat and pinches his cheeks. Meet Ahlawat shouts. Babita knocks door and asks are you fine. Meet hides. Meet Ahlawat opens door, Babita asks are you fine, you come out with me, till then Mani Kaka will spray repellant here. Meet Ahlawat says I killed mosquito and I am fine you go sleep. Babita leaves.

Meet starts laughing, Meet Ahlawat pulls her close. Meet says I have to go academy I will be late. Meet Ahlawat says come I will drop you.

Hawa Singh at drill with candidates next day. He says for next level, we will do rope climbing and Meet Hooda will go first. Meet says yes sir and leaves.
Meet starts rope climbing, Hawa Singh surprised to see she hasn’t fallen yet. Meet climbs up and gets down too. Hawa Singh thinks how did this happen. Meet is asked to rest.

Meet walks to Hawa Singh and asks surprised, Meet says I learnt about your plan, so I had asked coach to change rope but I didn’t tell him its you, Meet says what do you mean. Meet says I have sent video to you, do see. Hawa Singh shocked seeing his video while he was talking to Ram. Meet says what will happen now, what if this video goes viral, your reputation would be ruined badly, you will loose job too, what will you do now, you can beg then but who will give you money. Hawa Singh tires to snatch her phone but Meet moves aside and Hawa Singh hits his head to rod. Meet asks Hawa Singh to sign on papers, Hawa Singh says its resignation letter, Hawa Singh says I won’t. Meet says if you resign you will go out with dignity or else viral video. Hawa Singh signs resignation letter.
Meet says good now leave and have fun.

Hawa Singh looks at Meet and says in sometime you will be away fronlm your family.

Babuta, Ragini, Sunaina and Masum in Ahlawat’s mansion doing pooja. Ragini, Sunaina take blessings. Masum says to Babita don’t you think Meet should be here. Babita says I too really miss her, it would be her first pooja. Masum says forget it mom she didn’t even know today is gangors fast and this is been kept for husband’s.

Meet in her room trying to find marker, she find it and start writing something on her hand. A girl walks in says to her come let’s have lunch. Meet says no you can go and have it I don’t feel like eating.

Sunaina says to Babita look at my mehendi how does it look. Babita says it’s beautiful, I wish Meet have also applied mehendi on her hand for Meet Ahlawat.

Meet write name of Meet Ahlawat on her hand and perform the pooja, pray to god for long life of Meet Ahlawat. Everyone coughing outside. She go and check everyone is vomiting, she walk to her friend and ask what happen to everyone. She says after having canteens food everyone got food poisoning. She walk to officer ask what happen to food. Officer says we are trying to figure out but why you are all well. Meet says I haven’t had anything since morning.

Deep and Meet Ahlawat together. Meet Ahlawat walks to Babita and seats near him. Isha gives tea to Raj but stops seeing Deep, Raj says where are you lost. Babita says Meet can’t fast because of her training. Meet Ahlawat asks can he fast instead of Meet. Raj says very good. Everyone shocked hearing people protest against Meet Ahlawat.

Meet trying to help Ankita, Ankita says you are acting because you are trying to cover for you husband. Hawa Singh says this is because of energy powder and pills that are supplied from your husband’s company.

Ahlawat’s shocked seeing people in pain.

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