Meet in Love 20 September 2022: Meet at shop see Deep says what are you doing here I thought you are in jail. Deep says yes I’m in jail, I was just going for the hearing in court, I saw you and Meet so I requested the inspector a lot to talk to you, they are standing there for me, I have very little time please help me my friend hates me. Meet says I know but I believe Meet Ahlawat will talk to you come with me. Deep says I know him since childhood he won’t listen to me he will take time, he believes that I cheated him, you are the last hope please help me. Meet says I believe you cannot do this but I don’t understand who could have done it.

Deep says I don’t know who did but I know you have to be alert and take care of Meet Ahlawat stay with him because I think someone is trying to harm Meet Ahlawat and only you can save him and don’t tell him you meet me or else he will get angry on you. Meet Ahlawat see Meet talking to someone, he walks towards them. Deep hide his face. Meet Ahlawat ask Meet who is he. Meet run to him says nothing I took medicine so I was enquiring about doctor too. They both leave and Deep run away he walk to police and says thank you for helping me.

Meet ask Meet Ahlawat to sit start cleaning his wound and thinks who could have accused Deep and about what threat he was talking about who is trying to harm Meet Ahlawat.

Ram and Abhay drinking. Abhay offer him drink he says no I don’t want. Abhay says before today you never said no to drink. Ram says because before today I didn’t knew about my son in law that he is a eve teaser, molester. Abhay says don’t believe on others word and you already wanted your daughter to get engaged with my son so what happen now. Ram says I never said no to you, did whatever you ask, you ask Isha for Shanty I got ready not because I killed Ashok Hooda because he is the best person for Isha. Abhay says what do you think it’s lie. Ram says let’s consider Meet is telling lie but if she come out to be true then remember one thing it’s about my daughter’s future and I won’t put that on stake. Abhay says believe me I’ll prove Shnaty is innocent. Ram says then we will meet when you prove he is innocent and walk away.

Isha in her room. Babita at door. Isha says mom please now don’t say everything will be fine. Babita says you are right, even I didn’t know what will happen. Isha turn and says I thought it was mom. Babita says why am I not your mom. Isha says ofcourse you are also like mom I was just thinking. Babita says I know what are you thinking, I’m from boy’s side too because the praposal came from my side of family and ofcourse you must be thinking I’ll take Shanty side after knowing that he might be wrong. Isha says I know you won’t do this. Babita says remember one thing after marriage a girls priority is her in law’s house same way my family is this everyone in this house is my family same you are to me as like Masum so don’t worry I won’t let you happen anything because you are important for me and hugs her says don’t worry I’m here, god bless you now don’t think to much and go to sleep. Isha thanks her and Babita leave.

Meet on call with Balveer says stay alert Shanty is smart be alert when you spying him and give me news of every moment. Balveer says don’t worry I’ll give you good results and disconnect to call. Meet walk in kitchen to take milk for Meet Ahlawat and see Ram inside she says what are you doing here this late night you could have asked someone for water. Ram says I came late so thought of helping myself. Meet says you could have said to me. Ram says you are already doing things for us and everyone and thanks her. Meet says it’s a big thing for me and she boil milk for Meet Ahlawat. Meet says to Ram I want to tell you one more truth, I feel like someone is playing game with us. Ram says I don’t understand. Meet says from the time I thought of becoming police officer there was someone who was trying that I should not be an officer. Ram hesitate and ask who is he do you suspect anyone. Meet says not now. Ram says uf you need any help then tell me and he leaves.

Meet outside jogging and says where is that girl. Girl walk to her says I’m sorry for getting a bit late. Meet says it’s okay and are you alright. Girl says yes and says I didn’t file a complaint till yet because I’m scared if things come out then how I’ll face my family how they will face society. Meet says I understand your fear but nothing will happen don’t worry I have called you here because I need your help, the person who teased you his name was Shantanu Rana and his proposal came to my house for my sister in law, when I told the truth about him to my family he changed everything don’t know how he send his driver in jail in his place he was saying that yesterday he was in Delhi and my family believe I’m confused but we know what is the truth that’s why I need your help so can you come with me and tell everyone what he did with you. Kratika says if I’ll say things in public then it will come to my reputation and my family’s too. Meet says I remember everything but I don’t know why Sharma the constable is saying that I gave him driver to keep in jail and he join his hands with Shnaty and if I didn’t prove myself then I’ll be a lier and along with that he will ruin many life of girls and convince her. Latika says okay I’m ready I’ll come by 2p.m. Meet says okay don’t worry I’ll come to take you.

Meet Ahlawat infront of mirror. Meet getting late. Meet Ahlawat says here you get ready first. Meet says you have changed a lot, you remember when I go for my delivery job you use to stand infront of mirror and don’t give me space to move, know I understand you came in line after seeing police officer. Meet Ahlawat says I respect your uniform and everyone should feel respect for the person in the uniform he shouldn’t be scared of them just like me I’m not scared of you and you will change everything. Meet says this much knowledge is enough for morning and Meet Ahlawat don’t let her ready. Meet shouts lizard. He gets scared and jump on sofa. Meet says nothing is here I said so that you get scared and I get mirror for myself. Meet Ahlawat ask Meet tell me you have enough evidence against Shanty. Meet says I have solid proof.

Everyone in hall. Masum bring drinks for Babita, Raj and Ragini. Babita looks at mug and remember that she and her brother use to have tea in same cup. Raj ask Babita to drink coffee. Babita get’s call from Abhay. Raj says Abhay is calling you please pickup. Babita disconnects call and says this family is important for me, I don’t want to talk to him. Raj says don’t take stress the truth will come infront of everyone but till that time ignoring people is not good. Babita says I won’t talk till the truth come infront of everyone. Meet says mummiji give me time till 2p.m after that you can see the prove and decide what you want. Raj says okay we will wait. Babita says to Meet remember one thing my relation with my brother is very fragile so whatever your evidence be it shouldn’t be baseless and my relation with my brother come to an end and she walks away. Ragini says I can understand her pain after so many years she got connected to her family and things turn out in other way. Masum says and the reason behind all this is Meet. Raj says to Masum so you are saying that she is wrong or shouldn’t have told things she know or she is telling lie. Ragini says to Masum, Meet don’t lie everyone believes her and over here things are not about Meet, Isha or Shnaty it’s about Abhay’s family we have to do things with care and we have to wait for evidence and take action according to that. Meet says to Raj I need your blessings and touch his feet. Ragini and Raj give her blessings.

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