Meet in Love 23 August 2022: Everyone in hall. Meet says to everyone I found a clue that can help me yo reopen my father’s case but for that I need your support and blessings. Ram says but how can reopen case do you know how dangerous this could beans what will you get after reopening this case, it will only hurt your families feeling, how your mother will feel. Raj stop Ram and ask Meet do you believe your actions will give your father justice, try to understand till now everyone knows your father was martyred but when everyone will know your father was murdered then many questions will come are you ready to answer the. Meet says yes and ask Raj will you support me. Raj says I believe in you that you will give justice to your father I’m with you in your fight, I know you lost your father and nobody can replace him but remember I was with you and always will I have accepted you as my daughter and this won’t change and hold her hand. Meet Ahlawat also hold there hand and everyone join then hands with Meet except Ram. Raj looks at him and nods his head to join. Ram keeps his hand too with everyone.

Anubha gave her first check to Amma and take her blessings. Amma says this means you are businessman now, go and keep in front of god and take blessings and says to God in this age she became independent. Anubha says now we will live our life with respect. Amma says is will all this be possible if I didn’t support you and gave her sweet to eat. Anubha give her sweet too and says we both did hardwork for business. Meet and Meet Ahlawat at door. Anubha get excited and give th sweets from her first income. Meet says I don’t wish to eat. Anubha try yo give her. Meet turn around. Anubha ask her what happen why are you crying you are scaring me. Amma ask her what happen is everything alright I can tell after seeing your face you didn’t had proper sleep from many day. Meet says I have to tell you something, I have decided to reopen father’s case. Anubha says are you gone mad who opens martyred case again, saying anything. Meet says papa was murdered. Amma says are you out of your mind who will kill your father everyone use to love him and respect him how dare you to say like this my son was martyred. Meet says listen to me first time and tell them what she heard from Hawa Singh and Mohan Lal and says to Anubha that night father was not with us. Anubha fall down. Meet says calm down to Anubha and tells her Mohan Lal is ready to fight with us and we will reopen case. Amma says this is all lie my son was martyred not murdered. Meet Ahlawat try to give Amma water. Anubha says to Meet Amma is right and says now I understand what happen that night, your father came to house but he didn’t meet me and didn’t came out of jeep. Meet says have some water. Anubha says if he didn’t came I could have gone to him and avoided everything and ask her tell me who did this with your father. Meet says that we need to know on who’s order Hawa Singh did this. Anubha says but why do you feel like that person won’t harm you. Meet says it’s important to give justice to father. Dadi says but that doesn’t mean to risk your life I don’t want to loose you, you will not do anything. Meet says don’t worry nothing will happen. Meet Ahlawat try to calm them down and says the danger have to face me first before harming Meet. Anubha looks at Ashok photo says your daughter is like you stubborn, she never listen to me like you, now you only tell me how to convince her. Meet walks Anubha. Anubha says I understood your signal and says as you wish, she looks at Meet and says come with me. Anubha takes Meet to pooja ghar and ask her to give her father justice. Meet says yes. Amma walks to her and give her pendent of letter R, says when your father’s body came to house I found it in his pocket must be of murderer. Anubha says don’t worry your father is with you.

At Ahlawat’s house. Raj says it’s unbelievable that Ashok Huddah was killed. Ragini says same here but whoever did this should be punished our Meet have big proof she won’t leave the culprit and I believe she will get justice. Meet and Meet Ahlawat walks to them. Raj says to Meet we will hire best lawyer in town and says Ram will handle all the legal documents he is the best and ask Ram to hire the best lawyer. Ram says have you kept all the proof with your on the basis you will reopen case. Meet says yes that proof is Mohan Lal chacha his verdict is our proof and we are going yo take him he will meet us at sector number 30 from there we will directly go to lawyer. Ram says till that time I’ll arrange a lawyer and ask Ragini to give them Curd sugar. Ragini go and give them to eat curd sugar as blessings.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat on the way. Meet looks at the pendent says you cannot hide anyone more I’ll bring you infront of everyone.

Ram on call says forget everything and keep my work on top priority our Meet daughter in law is a fight she always complete her work and she believes that her father was murdered so we need to take care of everything.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat at destination. Mohan Lal coming towards them. Meet get’s a call. Someone hit Mohan Lal. He shouts in pain and call Meet. Bike rider run away. Meet rushes towards Mohan Lal and says don’t worry we will take you to hospital. He says it’s to late and don’t worry you will win the case and die on spot. Meet in tears and says to Meet Ahlawat it’s not and accident its murder someone know that we will meet him today who could have killed him.

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