Meet in Love 6 September 2022: Meet in kitchen. Ram Lakhan walks to her says tomorrow you will be going for your training so we came to meet you and they hug eachother. Lakhan taste churma while hugging her and says what have yo cooked. Meet says I made churma and taste it says I did a big mistake and mixed salt in it. Sunaina says if you are done can I come inside. Meet ask Ram Lakhan to stop her from coming in.

Ram Lakhan run out of kitchen and bump into Sunaina. Sunaina fall down and shouts at them can you see and walk you spoilt my dress. Tej walks to them says it’s not a big deal if your dress is spoil go and change it. Sunaina leave in anger. Ram Lakhan apologize to Tej. Tej says don’t worry it’s not your fault.

Everyone sitting in hall. Raj says Babita it’s taking to lokng to cook food did Meet need any help. Ragini says wait I’ll go and check. Masum says she will be here in some time. Babita says yes sit down Ragini. Masum thinks now it will be fun when everyone will eat salty churma. Ram Lakhan see everyone says everyone is waiting for Meet don’t know have she planned anything or not. Tej looks at them and call them. They walk to Tej. Meet walking towards them with servant. Babita says here she is tell what have you cooked. Meet remove the cloth from food. Babita ask what is this. Meet says I have cooked this food so this is like me different kind of chat from me. Babita says I have never seen chat like this. Meet give to everyone. Raj says to Babita it’s very different and praise Meet. Babita says it’s tasty. Masum says to Raj we talked about food but this is only chaat. Hoshiyar says to Masum eat quietly you will get more to eat.
…(Meet Ahlawat in kitchen taste the churma says it’s not that bad. Meet says it’s bad it has to be sweet not salty. Meet Ahlawat says it’s like upma. Meet says thankyou, you saved me I got an idea now and she make chaat out of that batter)…

Meet give gift to Raj. Raj ask what is the occasion. Meet says everyone give me so much so I thought of giving gift to everyone. Meet distribute gift to everyone. Meet Ahlawat ask Meet come with me and says where is my gift, it’s special one and you will give me in person. Meet says I forgot to bring gift for you, listen please don’t take it in bad way, I forgot to buy something for you. Meet Ahlawat says it’s okay and thinks she bought gift for everyone and forgot me. Meet says to him that table is getting loose go and grab hammer from garden, I’ll repair it. Meet Ahlawat says okay I’ll go get it.

Meet Ahlawat says she care about of chair but not me she ask to grab hammer from garden who keep it there and see a dress in garden with a nit in it saying first wear sut and then get your hammer.

Meet Ahlawat walks inside wearing suit. Meet behind her in white dress. He ask what is this Meet. She says consider this as foolishness so thought of planning a special date and I told you I’ll plan the best date. He ask so did you planned all this for me. Meet says no for our neighbour , it’s all for you. He says it means you didn’t forget my surprise. Meet says this is just a trailer and ask him to wait. She walk away. He follows her and she in garden singing song for him. He remembers the time when he heard her singing first time and says to her is it your voice, this is the same voice which made me mad, tgis is what I heard in Robin’s party. Meet says yes I was singing and dede was lip syncing. Meet Ahlawat says it was your voice which made me fall in love, I always want to stay with you. Meet grab a box and says these watch won’t let us stay apart we can talk to us. Meet Ahlawat says teels how happy he is after listing that voice and forward his hand for the watch. They help eachother to wear the watch. Meet Ahlawat says you know when we got married we were totally apart from eachother and when we spend time we became friends and now you are my girlfriend and I’m your boyfriend, you said one thing anything happen to us we won’t go apart, you know when people go apart from eachother when they stop talking, promise me how bad our time is we won’t stop talking to eachother promise me nobody will come in your life and will promise to eachother that we won’t hide anything from eachother, please promise me you will miss me. Meet says you know in whole world only you can bear me no body can take your place. They both hug eachother.

Meet walking down the stairs with bag. Everyone in hall waiting for her. Meet thinks everyone is sad because I’m going. Raj ask her what happen. Meet says you know how important it is for me to go for training but I made everyone sad. Raj says they are not sad, they all love you a lot and will miss you, I thought you will feel happy but you became sad, we all love you and this is not important, important is your task which you have to complete and remember whenever you feel you are getting weak then think you have to give justice to your father, so you are going on a new journey so here is a gift for you, when you can buy guft for us so can’t we buy. Meet open the box and see alarm watch. Raj says this watch will tell you the value of time so that you can do your work on time. Meet takes his blessings and says when you all are with me then I’m sure I’ll complete my task. Masum thinks thank god for some days I don’t have to see her face. Ram see Meet taking blessings of everyone and says you took your first step to become police officer but you don’t know that your next step will be your last.

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