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zee world Mehek update Monday 1st June 2020; Mehek update Monday 1 June 2020, Mahek is not well. Sharuya says you have severe fever. I dont’ even have money to buy meds. She says I am okay. Shaurya sees a man scolding his people for not working. He says to him i will work as much as you want. He asks Shaurya to do the labor. Shaurya does labor in under construction building. Mahek says where has shaurya gone? She waits for him. Dolly, Vicky and Nehal come to Jevan’s house. Neighbor tells them shaurya and mahek came there but they left.

Mehek update Monday 1 June 2020 The other labors stop shaurya and say you are taking our money. They fight him and steal his money. Shaurya hits him and says give me money back. The man is about to throw money in gutter. He says if I can’t get it you wont have them either. The Bajrang the man shaurya and mahek saved in hospital comes and slaps him. He takes money from them. He gives money to Shaurya. Shaurya says thank a lot. Shaurya comes to Mahek. She says what happened? He tells her everything. Mahek hugs him and says I love you. Mahek and Shaurya thank the man Bajrang. He says you helped me when I was fainted in the hospital. Let me drop you both home. Shaurya says no we are fine. He says come I will drop yu. Shaurya says we have left our house. He says come with me then. He takes Shaurya and Mahek to his house happy homes. All the people already know him. A man says they helped us when you were not here. Bajrangi says oh. A woman says where you found him? He tells them everything. A woman says Sooraj has left this place as caretaker. Don’t worry. God has sent you both here. Mahek says thank you so much.

Mehek update Monday 1st June 2020 zee world Karuna gives Anjali locket and says this would look so good on you on engagement. Dolly says to nehal jiji has gone mad over this girl. Sooraj texts Anjali they are in happy homes see what I do with them now. She says this is so heavy. I would rather wear something from Mahek’s jewelry so we don’t have waste money again on buying. Karuna says you can take anything from her jewelry. she asks nehal to bring mahek’s jewelry. Dolly and Nehal are angry.

Mahek says we are so lucky we have a home now. God settles everything. Mahek says we have to find jobs fast and return to these people. Khurana calls Shaurya and says tomorrow is your job interview at 10. He sees Mahek is asleep so he doesn’t wake her up. Shaurya kisses her face and caresses it. The song milay ho tum humko plays. He says with this job I will fix everything.

zee world update Mehek Monday 1 June 2020 Mahek says to Shaurya is 9. He says I had an interview at 9:30. She says why didn’t you tell me, I would have waken you up. she presses his clothes. Shurya says to Mahek I need some money for cab. SHe says I gave it all to Bajrangi. An old woman hears and gives money to Mahek. SHe says return them when you have it. She gives it to Shaurya. Shaurya kisses her forehead. She says go. he says come with me you are my lucky charm. He takes her with him.

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Mehek Monday 1 June 2020 update Sooraj calls Anjali and says you brother is trying to find a job. He will be strong again. Anjali says he shouldn’t get this job at all. Mahek and Shaurya re on their way. A guy on bike gives flying kiss to Mahek. Shaurya gets angry and asks driver to stop the car. Mahek says ignore him we have to be there on time. Shaurya gets out and beats him. Mahek says we are late please lets go. shaurya hits the guy. The guy calls sooraj and says its done. They are late.

Shaurya comes for interview. The receptionist tells him that the person taking his interview has gone for a meeting now. Shaurya comes to his cabin. The man says how dare you enter my room without permission. I wont give you a job here. Get out.

Mehek Monday update 1 June 2020 The man says I wont give you job, mahek says we are sorry. shaurya leaves. Mahek says you should have calmed down. shaurya says did you see how he talked to me. Mahek says we are needy right now. Shaurya says he was egoistic. Khurana says we will find another job. Shaurya says I don’t need any help. I want to be alone. he leaves.

Mahek comes to a tailor and says I was Ravi and Jevan’s niece. Can I work in your shop? He says you can go to my brother’s shop. Mahek sees Sooraj and his boys going inside a house for gambling. Mahek is dazed. She says let me call back SHaurya.

Scene 2
Mehek update Monday 1 June 2020 Mahek comes to happy homes. Nehal and nicky are there. Nehal says we wont live there either. Mahek says you have to go back to that house. You can’t live out in this condition. Nehal says that Anjali is fooling everyone. She is taking over everything. Mahek says Sooraj is influencing Anjali. You have to keep an eye. Anjali calls Sooraj and says I wanna party. I am so bored here. He says come I have planned a party.

zee world Mehek 1st June 2020 Nehal says I have to go home. Keep this phone so we can stay connected. She takes it. Shaurya is angry. A man comes to his. He says I am your fan. I have chain in Mumbai i wanted to set it up in Dehli. i will invest you will work. Profits will be divided. He says i need time to think. That man calls Sooraj and says its done.

Mahek is doing pooja. Shaurya comes home and tells everything. Mahek says isn’t this weird? The day you kick job you find this man who gives you the perfect work. Nehal and Vicky meet shaurya. mahek says I went to chandni chawk. She tells him everything. mahek says there is something wrong.

They go to chandani chawk and keep an eye them. Anjali is inside she dances with all the boys. Shaurya calls police. Anjali runs from there but Sooraj gets arrested. Shaurya and Mahek couldn’t see Anjali.

zee world update on Mehek Anjali comes crying to Kaaruna. She says mama sooraj is in jail. Karuna says why? Nehal says he was gambling;. Anjali says no he went there to deliver food. Mahek and Shaurya got him arrested for no reason. Shaurya hates him for no reason. Karunaa says to Nehal if you can’t respect anjali then you can leave this house. She says lets go to police station Anjali.

Karuna and Anjali come to jail. Karuna says bail him out. He says madam its not possible. Karuna says do it. Shaurya says it can’t happen.


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