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Mehek Update Friday 15th November 2019 on Zee World, Sajita says why is she helpin us? Mehek says she could be a sensible lady and that she needs to assist alternative lady.

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She saw everything within the party. Sharma says this can be an honest chance. Sajita says I don’t she has sensible intentions. Mehek you’ll win on your own. You don’t want her favor. Shaurya comes and says this can be an award for her labor. Its for her labor and keenness. i will be able to support Mehek. She is healthier than any man. She deserves this opportunity.

Sajita says okay. Suvetlana leaves. Sajita says many thanks. You cleared it on behalf of me. Mehek says coach sir lets opt for observe. She leaves.
Shaurya says Mehek please listen. Sharma says maek we are becoming late. Mehek says get motor vehicle i’m coming back.

Shaurya says please listen. She says dont’ waste it slow on ME. you’ll say you’re happy for me and support me. It wont work with ME. currently i will be able to be the champ and you’ll be jealous. I don’t trust you in the least. She leaves. Mehek practices within the ring. Suvetlana comes and says I actually have a conference within the evening. Please get on time.

Mehek says we are going to e there. suvetlana says you’ll got to do a charity match with shaurya. it’ll be here during this ring. can you be ready to do it? folks need to check if you’re capable enough or not. Mehek says i’m prepared.
Sajita says why is she asking you to fight shaurya? Mehek says I actually have no worries.

Yuvraj says to Shaurya this can be regarding my respect. Shaurya ignores him. Yuvraj says be mad at me however don’t lose this support. Shaurya nods and leaves. Shaurya says in heart i will be able to build Mehek win within the last spherical. i would like to be close to her although. Match starts. Mehek and Shaurya area unit within the ring. creative person takes their photos.

Shaurya says we don’t seem to be opponents. investigate my eyes. Mehek punches his face. The match starts. Suvetlana says why is he thus simply being beaten? Mehek beats him down. She says area unit you okay? He holds her hand and gets up. Saurya says you’re troubled sort of a woman. Mehek beats him down once more. Mehek wins the spherical.

Yuvraj is angry. He says Shaurya is doing it intentionally.
The conference starts. Shaurya says sensible luck Mehek. She sits n it. Suvetlana says welcome everybody. many thanks for supporting U.S.. we have a tendency to area unit happy with Mehek. She tried lady isn’t but any man. we have a tendency to area unit hospitable queries. Journalist asks her however will it feel? She says I feel sensible.

Would have felt higher if it absolutely was a troublesome match. Suvetlana says our CEO is here.
Mehek says to Suvetlana many thanks such a lot. She says you be it. Suveltna says our CEO has invited you to a celebration at his place. i will be able to get you prepared.
CEO says on decision i prefer women like Mehek. She ought to pay time with ME. She ought to prove herself in bed area 1st. Shaurya over hears he’s angry.
Svetlana grabs Shaurya who goes to Mehek. CEO pulls Mehek nearer and asks if she enjoys parties? Shaurya says to Svetlana that CEO could be a low cost man, why area unit you causing Mehek to him? Svetlana says you’re jealous of her success, you cant bear that she won, until you were obtaining the contract, it absolutely was right however currently Mehek is obtaining it thus its wrong? if you are concerned regarding Mehek then leave the party. Shaurya says i’m planning to her, you cant stop ME. He goes to CEO and Mehek and pushes CEO faraway from her. All look on.
Naren wakes up, he sees Kiran in his wardroom, he asks if she’s going to not come back closer? she nods. He says you’re keen on ME such a lot that you simply fought along with your father to save lots of me? She blushes.. he says until after you can keep running from your love?.. it all seems to be her dream. Naren coughs, she provides him water and thinks that want I can be yours however currently my heart cant be of anyone.
Angraj is deed, he takes Surbhi with him. Rahul is confused.
Pooja says to herself that Angraj loves my stunning face and currently he can hate it. Rahul says to Angraj that she got hurt, no huge deal. Angraj says I cant brook ugly face. He brings Rahul and Surbhi to Pooja. they’re aghast to check her scarred face, broken arm. He says i would like my pooja fine. He asks however she got hurt? She says you raised hand on ME. Rahul says what did you are doing with her? what if anyone sees her? Angraj asks Surbhi to try to to her makeup. Surbhi tries to do her makeup however she screams in pain. Surbhi says makeup will destroy her face additional. Angraj says i will be able to brin Kiran for surgery, he leaves. Pooja stops Surbhi and says take your things with you, she provides her makeup kit, Surbhi and Rahul leaves. Pooja smirks.
Angraj says what did I do? I destroyed Pooja’s face. Svetlana calls him and says i would like your facilitate. Angraj says raise somebody else, I dont have time. Svetlana says keep in mind after you wished to travel to Vyas house, I helped you and that i will prove that you simply don’t seem to be Naren. He says I cant against you, tell me whats the order? Svetlana says i would like to send Mehek and Shaurya to their real place, i will be able to tell you later.

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