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In Mehek Update Friday 18 October 2019 Zee World, Mehek is presently amazed to see herself wakeup in a moving lobby as her options are completely limited up, she looks all over the place.

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Shaurya searches for Mehek who is disappeared and furthermore requests for assistance of the assessor in searching for her, since now it’s been 24hr she’s disappeared. A few young ladies reveal to Mehek how they were sold here. Vikcy says please quiet down. Shaurya says you both did this and Mehek is paying the cost. Nehal says kindly accomplish something. We don’t have the foggiest idea where she is.

Anjali comes to meet a lady, Mehek is shockingly taking a gander at her for seeing her in such spot. He says Tai I brought a young lady who will move well and prepares extraordinary nourishment.

Nehal drops water on Anajli. She goes to washroom to clean it. Vicky takes her telephone. The person throttles Meheka and says move here or we will murder your family.

Anjali says I discover young ladies who have nobody and I sell them here. So today I discovered you here. Anjali says you are such a fallen angel. Your sibling adores you and this what you do. Anjali says you figured you could abduct me? She gives her a dress and says prepare for the visitors. Mehek discards them. Anjali says spare vitality for the move and joy you will give them. Gain me great cash.

Shaurya returns home. She says is Mehek doing this all alone? Did you both battle? Nehal says shut up. Karuna says let me call magistrate. DOlly says whats occurring in this house.

Mehek says to the young ladies dont’ stress we will leave. They take a stab at opening each other’s hands. Mehek goes to a room and sees a telephone. Tai ocmes in. She says to a man where is my telephone? He searches for it all over the place. He calls and the telephone rings. They see Mehek. Tai slaps her. She says how could you. Anjali heads off to some place. Nehal pursues her.

Anjali says I will appeal to God for Bhabhi throughout the night. I am gooing to sanctuary. Nehal says how might you go alone? I will come. Anjali says no you should rest. Karuna says don’t go alone. Anjali says don’t stress. Nehal pursues anjali. Anjali keeps running from her sight. Anjali comes to move bar and sees Mehek dresses.

Mehek calls Shaurya and says please spare me. Shaurya says where are you? The telephone hangs up. Anjali got the call produced using a phony area. Police and Shaurya go to that area. ahek isn’t there. Nehal calls Vicky and says anjali is tricking you. Shaurya discovers Mehek’s dupaatta. He says Mehek is close by.

Every other young lady prepare. Mehek hears bajrangi bhaiyya. He says to a young lady we have lost a young lady from glad home Please help us discover her. Mehek remains in window so he sees her. Bajrani says here is a blossom for you. He causes her to eat desserts and says I couldn’t spare you from this hellfire. Mehek attempts to give him impression of mirror bt he can’t see her. Bajrangi leaves.

Vicky checks Anjali’s telephone. Anajli comes and takes it. Nehal says reveal to us where Mehek is. Anjali says you seized me.

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