Mehek 3 July 2020 on zee world: Mehek Friday 3rd July 2020, Suvetlana is scared. She says this can’t be shaurya. I killed him with my own eyes. Arish says mom are you okay? She asys yes. She says to yuvraj is that your son? Yuvraj says yes. She says nice to meet you. I should go home. i am not feeling well. Can we do engagement some other day?
Yuvraj says sure no worries. Sweeti says my engagement got postponed. rashmi says its okay.
Mahek comes to that place with swati. She says we have to look for proof. Swati says they will need a strong proof. Maek says we will find something.

Mehek zee world update Friday 3 July 2020 Shaurya comes to suvtlan and says I feel like I have seen you before. Why were you so scared to see me? She asys I don’t know you go from here. Shaurya says tell me where did you see me. She falls down. Arish comes and says mom do you need help? Suvetlna says I don’t need your help. Shaurya leaves. Suvetlana says to arish go and find everything about that girl. He says mom I will find it. Sweeti is on call. She hears. She says arish about which girl? He says nothing.

Sharuya calls from outside his house. She says come where I ask or I will call media. Shaurya says you wont do any such thing. I am coming. Suvetlana comes to chandni chowk. She says are they born again? Arish sees her in chandni chowk and says what is mom’s interest in mahek.

Shaurya comes to Mahek. She says what a cheater. Kidnapper. First you tried to kill my sir and then you did this. Shaurya says because of you my dad was in jail. she says he should e convicted. Mehek 3rd July 2020 i am disgusted by you. You people threatened my sir. My dream is over because of you. Shaurya says i just seeked my revenge. I didn’t do anything wrong. I saved you from kidnappers. Mahek says don’t do this drama in front of me. Now see what I dow ith you. shaurya says i am not scared of you. He leaves. Mahek says to swati we will take this clip to police. Now see what happens.

Mahek is in temple. Suvetlana comes with car and says I will kill Mahek like before. Sharua is nothing without her.

Lies of the heart update saturday 4 July 2020 on zee world

Mahek says ma please help us in exposing Shaurya. Suvetlana comes towards her with her car. Mahek gets a call. She comes out. Mahek takes a side but her phone falls and crushes. Mahek asys are you crazy. Suvetlana runs from there. she is angry. Mahek picks Swati and says are you okay.
She comes home and checks her phone. SHe says I am sure shaurya did this. Swati says there was a woman in the car. Mahek says he must have rented her. I am sure he did this. Swati says don’t be so angry. Mehek update Friday 3 July 2020 Sharma says have you both packed? Mahek says i wont go to village. I will stay here and solve all this. Once you leave they can’t threaten me. Sharma says are you crazy? Mahek says you taught me never to give up. I was beaten up by boys before I learned how to do boxing. Sajita says we can’t do that. Mahek says we can’t run all the time. We have to face our problem. They scare us. We have to attack back. Sajita says enough. When will you start using your mind.

Suvetlana says I couldn’t kill her. Did she see my face? Even if they are shaurya mahek they don’t remember anything. Suvetlana says this mahek has to die.

Scene 2
At night, Shaurya sees is moments with maehek. He sees flashbacks. Shaurya wakes up. Shaurya says whats happening to me.
Mehek 3 July 2020 Mahek comes to breakfast table. Sharma says Mahek you are right. we wont give up or run. Mahek smiles. Sharma says there was another lesson I gave you. When someone is more heavy then you what you do in boxing? SHe says play defensive and beat them. He says now you will go to college and do what I tell you.
Shaurya comes back to college. He says she didn’t come? Karan says she is loser. Mahek comes in. Shaurya’s friend makes her slip and she falls in shaurya’s feet. HE says you fell in right place. A girl says she can’t walk how will she box. Mahek says boxing is my passion not a cup for me. Karan says that’s what losers do. Mahek leaves.

Yuvraj says to principal I am giving suvetlana papers. She is sponsoring shaurya. Thanks for kicking mahek’s name out. Yuvraj says to Suvetlana would you like coffee? She says no thanks. Yuvraj says thanks for coming.

zee world Mehek update Friday 3 July 2020 Mahek sees a man stealing a woman’s purse. Mahek hits the thug. She gives her purse back. The woman says thank you. Suvetlana sees her.
Mahek comes in college. Shaurya takes her phone. She says give it back. Shaurya says what are you planning? Mahek says give me my phone back. He says I wont. Hit me. I know you wanna hit me but why are you silent? Mahek shoves him. He says why are you so upset? I wont give you phone do what you want. Mahek says keep it I will get a new one you needy guy. He says you attack back. she says I wont. I am leavin keep the phone. She leaves.

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