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As yet mulling over on permitting Anjali the young lady in Mehek Update Friday 4 October 2019 Zee World, Karina days Anjali merits her mother so ought to be acknowledged.

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Shaurya reveals to Karuna that is it’s sufficient and pushes her hand hen leaves. Kanta messages dolly we will come to meet mahek/dolly says they shouldn’t come.

Mehek in her rooms, sees Anjali pursuing ceaselessly then goes her yelling that she should stop however she declines u until she jumped out and about and a van keeps running by and hooligans snatches her into the van and drives off and Mehek attempts her best in making up for lost time with them yet didn’t succeed.

Karuan having no clue about Anjali’s vanishing, goes to Anjali’s live with milk and says I have my girl today, I will consistently deal with you. your mama is consistently with you. She takes off sheets to see its equitable cushions. Karuan is stressed. She searches for anjali all over the place. She goes to mahek’s room yet they aren’t there either.

Karuna calls mehek. Shaurya says tell that anjali was running from the house. We are bringing her back. Karuna says for what reason didn’t you let us know. Mehek says don’t stress we will bring her back.

Mehek says by what means will we discover her. Karuna is crying. She says my little girl.. It would be ideal if you take her back to mee. Cruel says she better remain out. Karuna says don’t set out saying a word regarding my girl.

Mehek and Shaurya look all over the place and ask individuals. His vehicle stalls. He sees glass out and about. His vehicle is punctured. She says what will we do now? he syas we need to walk. A bicycle comes. He takes Shaurya and Mehek where the van went. They take a gander at the van. They hear somebody discussing a truck. Mehek says he is discussing a similar truck. He looks hotel. They tie Anjali. she is crying. There are numerous different young ladies inside. He says we will auction them in dubai. Shaurya says to mahek I need to accomplish something. We need to spare those young ladies. He stops the truck that is coming to take them. Mehek and shaurya hit the driver. He blacks out and they conceal him.

Shaurya turns out as driver. A man turns out. Mehek and shaurya hit him and go in. Shaurya cuts one. Mehek discharges the young ladies and they all hit the hooligans. A hooligan focuses firearm at Anjali. shaurya says leave her please. He says we will auction them.

Mehek says to Anjali gives up home. She says I shouldn’t that is not home. Mahek says would you say you are insane? She says no I don’t wanna make inconvenience. Shaurya says you will accompany us.

Mehek shaurya and anjali get back home. Karuna embraces her. She says thank you Mehek. karuna says to Shaurya I was so stressed. I was hanging tight for all of you. Dolly says for what reason did hooligans pursue you everytime? She says they grabbed and needed to sell every one of these young ladies. Unforgiving says this occurs with you in light of the fact that your blood is grimy. Shaurya says enough don’t state that word. He says shut up Shaurya. He says on the off chance that I need to pick among ypu and Anjali I will pick her. On the off chance that you don’t wnna live with them you can go out.

Shaurya says you called Ma characterless. How could you. She gave all of you her adoration and years. She adored another person before you and you don’t have anything to do with that. You had another spouse who gave me birth as well. You wedded mama for cash. Brutal leaves severely. Shaurya says to njali you are my sister. You will live here as it were. You past was a bad dream which is finished. She says thank you sibling and embraces him. Karuan is in tears.

Mehek comes to Shaurya and says I cherish you. He says winning your heart is extreme. You get upbeat when I get things done for other people. She says you are such a pleasant individual. In what capacity can I not adore you frantically. Shaurya says bless your heart. You make me a superior individual. He says where is my reward? Shaurya embraces her and hits the sack with her. Shaurya kisses eher.

Mehek serves everybody breakfast. shaury says don’t be bashful anajli. Karuna says mahek prepares brilliant nourishment. Unforgiving says carry my morning meal to room awara. Mehek takes his nourishment to his room

Brutal is gathering his sacks. Karuna makes Anjali eat. Mehek says what is this father. kindly don’t do this. Reality can’t be changed. kindly don’t go out severely. He calls driver and says prepare vehicle we need to go to air terminal.

Shaurya says you are fortunate anjali am is adoring. Cause me to eat as well. Karuna says you and anjali both are my eyes.

Anjali hacks. Karuna says eat desserts the nourishment may be fiery for you. Mehek says father is leaving. Everybody is stunned.

Karuna says to cruel please stop. you can’t leave this way. we need to talk. Shaurya Mehek please stop him. Mehek says kindly don’t leave us like this. Karuna says dont’ go please. On the off chance that you need I will go out. Unforgiving says you picked this young lady over me thus did my child. He picked his progression and characterless mother. You have baffled me. Dolly says this isn’t right. Unforgiving leaves. Dolly says this young lady will destroy this house.

Anjali says to Karuna mama I shouldn’t have come here. I am grieved. Shaurya heads inside. Karuna takes her inside. Mehek says to Shaurya you need to converse with daddy please. no one but you can deal with this.

Anjali gives Karuna water. karuna is crying. She says mama kindly don’t cry this way. I wish I could do this. I can at present go out.

Shaurya says father wont get it. he is extorting us. Anjali is my sister and father can’t transform it.

karuna says you wont go anyplace. Shauyra says he left due to his self image. I won’t acknowledge this. mahek says you are correct yet dad shouldn’t live outside this house. We need to discover an answer.

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