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Mehek 7 August 2020: Mehek update Friday 7th August 2020, Mahek and Shaurya brings Sonal to Kanta’s house. Kanta asks what happened? Mahek stutters, Jeevan asks what are you doing here at night? They see Shaurya bringing Sonal with his coat on Sonal. Kanta asks what happened to her? they bring her in house. Nehal goes to bring water, Mansi goes to bring hot water for massage. Balwant asks if Sonal had accident? Sonal is silent, Kanta makes her drink water.

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Mohit asks what happened? Mahek says Rohit hit her and its not first time, he raised hand a lot of times on her, she molested her infront of his friend and when she tried to stop him, he beat her in such a way that even enemies dont do, she ranaway from him. Ravi says he used to be crazy for her, lets call police. Kanta says call her mother Sheetal, Sonal says dont call her, she wont understand, she will scold me only, Kanta says she is your mother, she will understand your pain, Sonal says she doesnt care about my pain, she just worries about what world thinks, Mohit says i will see to it how she cares for world while your situation is like this, Kanta says dont talk likes this for elders. Balwant says to Jeevan and Ravi that dont make court case, lets tend to her wounds and end this matter, and we have to tell Sheetal otherwise she will make issue that we brought her daughter in our house at night. Sonal says what if mom doesnt break my relation with Rohit? Mohit says i wont let him walk around now, Nehal says guys like him should be in jail. Mahek says this is sensitive matter, dont lose temper. Shaurya says Mohit you want to stay here and talk big or come with me to teach him lesson? Mahek says to Shaurya what is this? Shaurya says this is my way of handling matter, Kanta says Mohit wont go anywhere, Mohit goes to stand with Shaurya. Shaurya and Mohit leaves. Mahek says to Ravi that Shaurya doesnt think anything when he is angry, Ravi says why this Shaurya keep breaking laws?
Shaurya and Mohit are in car, Shaurya is driving fast. Ravi and Mahek are following them in their car. Mahek calls Shaurya but Shaurya cuts her call. Mahek says he has Sonal’s problem in his mind, drive fast and dont lose Shaurya’s car.

Mehek 7 August 2020: Balwant says to family that our daughter Mahek is already in problem and we are putting ourselves in another problem? let hand over Sonal to Sheetal and end this matter. Jeevan says talk in low tone, Soanl will feel bad. Kanta says Sonal is like my daughter, she is beaten badly, i cant let her go like this. Balwant says if police comes here then all will think that we are involved with police again, people already blame us for many things, he angrily leaves, all look on. Sonal is in Nehal’s house.

In party, Rohit is drunk and says Ajay arranged this party for me today. Ajay says you were talking big saying your would be wife is cooperative but she was not, see girl beside me cooperative, he kisses some girl’s shoulder. Shaurya comes there. He glares them, Ajay asys Shaurya Khanna here? Rohit asks who are you? Shaurya has hockey stick in his hand. Mohit comes there, Shaurya says i am Laathi(stick), Shaurya says i am God’s stick, you must know that when i use my stick then whole city hears scream, and you will scream today Rohit. Rohit says this is Mohit, Maheks’ brother. Shaurya starts beating Rohit, Ajay tries to beat him but Shaurya pushes him away. Shaurya is punching Rohit and says you raise hand on girl? i will break your hands and if it gets repaired again, i will break it, the girl trusted you live life with you and you cheated her? you beat her? and made get regret her mistake? i will beat you so much that you will never forget your mistake. Mahek and Ravi comes there. Ajay hits Shaurya’s head with baseball stick, Ajay says you like to fight for women then open welfare house but dont involve with us. Mahek comes there and says Shaurya stop it, Shaurya’s head is bleeding, Shaurya tries to fight with Rohit, Ravi holds Rohit back. Mahek tries to touch Shaurya’s wound on forehead but Shaurya jerks her hand and glares her but Mahek is in tears seeing his head bleed.

Mehek 7 August 2020: Sheetal comes to Sharma house. She sees Sonal’s beaten state and asks what is all this? Sonal says its not my mistake, i went to Rohit and he beat me so much, she cries and hug her, Sonal says he did bad things with me infront of his friends. Sheetal says we will talk in our house, not in neighbours house. Sheetal says to Kanta that you couldnt call me? my neigbhour told me that Mahek and your namesake son in law Shaurya brought Sonal here, she drags Sonal from there. Balwant says are you happy that she taunted you? now you people will hear taunt of whole area.

Sheetal brings Sonal out of Mahek’s house and says dont even say a word, Sonal says it was not my mistake. Sheetal says Rohit was partying and didnt call you but why did you go there? and why did you argue with him? Sonal says he beats me a lot, he abused me alongwith his friends. Sheetal says he is you4r would be husband and can do anything with you, it was your matter, why did you involved Mahek? Mahek has been tarnished in whole area and now your character will be tarnished too, Mahek will make you rebel like her. Sonal says Mahek saved my life from that animal Rohit. Sheetal grabs Sonal’s hair and says you will marry Rohit only and just remember that, this Mahek wont be able to do anything, i will handle matter, you should start adjusting with Rohit, he is your would be husband so you should understand him, you could have talked to him nicely, you could have requested him to not misbehave with him but you act like rebel Mahek, lets go in house now.

Mehek 7 August 2020: Ravi bring Shaurya and Mohit out of Rohit’s house, Mahek comes out too. Shaurya says to Ravi that you take Mohit home, i will take care of myself. Mahek says you are right, you can do anything, you are owner of everything, who are you? judge that can provide justice like this? Shaurya says you would have given her middle class idea to adjust with that jerk but i brought justice, in this country, you have snatch justice, i brought it. Mahek says when you will understand laws? you dont know Sonal, she is my best friend, i would never ask her to adjust but give her right advice but you just work on your ego and then will go behind your money, you didnt recall your connections today? why didnt you call commissioner to arrest Rohit? Shaurya says police would do nothing, Shaurya says rohit abused her and did injustice and i broke his legs and that is my justice. Ravi says you made Sonal’s case week, till Rohit raised hand on Sonal, our case was strong but you raised hand on him, your mind is in your knees? you are talking about justice, saving girl’s respect but when you left Mahek at marriage alter, was that right? like Sonal trusted Rohit, sameway Mahek trusted you, what happened to that trust? have you have any answer? There is no difference between you and Rohit, he played with Sonal’s respect infront of his friend and you disrespected Mahek infront of all. Shaurya says i am not talking to you, Ravi says you dont have guts to talk to me, you can be rich man but you are very small infront of me. Jeevan and i remain silent because Mahek wanted us to not take any action. Ravi says to Shaurya that whatever you did with Mahek, we can answer you about that very well, we are punjabis, we know how to respect others, we respect people and just take respect back in return, we dont bear disrespect of anyone, Shaurya angrily looks at him.

Ravi says to Shaurya that we dont insult anyone and we dont bear our insult too. Mahek says please uncle. Shaurya says are you done with your lecture? he asks Mahek your friend needed help and i went to help her, but you dont deserve it, you and your friend go to hell now, he turns to leave but looks at Mahek and says one more thing, keep your Ravi uncle away from me, Ravi glares at him with hatred, Shaurya leaves from there. Mahek says to Ravi that i will come later, you go, Mahek runs behind Shaurya. Ravi takes Mohit from there.

Mehek 7 August 2020: Shaurya comes to his house. He comes in room, Mahek comes there. Shaurya says what your chacha lectured me wasnt enough that you came here again? Mahek says let me tend your wound, Shaurya sayd dont do acting of like you care for me, Mahek says dont be stubborn. Shaurya comes in washroom and brings out first aid kit. Mahek comes there and says let me help you, Shaurya says leave from here, if you want to heal wounds then go to your chacha and heal his wounds, if i didnt respect his age then i would have slapped him, Mahek says talk with respect. Shaurya says i am like this, i dont respect but you didnt leave me, i was giving you payment to leave me but you didnt, its your fault that you are living here, if you think you will make me nice man then its your fault. Shaurya winces in pain. Mahek tries to make him sit, he says dont show off your fake concern. Mahek shouts that will you remain silent if i slap you? sit down now, Shaurya sits down. Mahek says your head is bleeding but you are acting tough like you won battle. Mahek starts dressing his wound, she blows air on his wound and is concerned seeing his blood, Shaurya silently keep looking at her, Kaun tuhje yun pyar karega plays. Mahek bandages his forehead coming close to him, Shaurya keep staring at her. Mahek says now go and rest on bed, i will bring turmeric milk for you. She brings Shaurya in room, he doesnt protest. Mahek makes Shaurya lie on bed, she says be careful, she holds his face and lie him down on bed, she covers him with blanket. Mahek opens curtain of room, moonlight coming inside, Mahek looks at Shaurya and leaves. Shaurya sleeps.

Its morning, Shaurya is getting ready to go to office. Mahek comes there and asks where are you going? he says doesnt concern you. Mahek says you are wounded, you have bandage on forehead, Shaurya says you tied it, i have work, i work at hotel, i dont have sarees shop, i work hard to earn. They hear someone calling their names. Shaurya and Mahek comes downstairs and sees Rohit and Ajay with their families and Sheetal is there too.Shaurya looks at Mahek. Police is there too. Pammi says to Mahek that call your half husband, its time for him to go to jail, Mahek says what is this rubbish? Sheetal says Mahek remain silent, your husband is goon, she says to Shaurya how dare you touch my son in law? Karona asks Shaurya how he got injured? Shaurya says i was cleaning garbage and got hurt. Pammi asks inspector to arrest Shaurya for beating Rohit without any reason. Svetlana says old Delhi’s drama keep going on. Shaurya says so you people have come for me? Shaurya asks inspector how is he? inspector says i am fine, these people have some problem against you. Ajay says he beat us. Sheetal says he beat my would be son in law like trash. Sameer says what is this drama? i will call commissioner. Shaurya says calm down sameer, lets sit down and talk, Mahek gets tensed hearing it, Shaurya glares at Mahek.

Mehek 7 August 2020: Kanta dresses Mohit’s wounds and says why did you go with Shaurya to beat? Mohit says Shaurya didnt do anything wrong, didnt you people see what he did with Sonal? Ravi says shut up, you dont need to side with Shaurya, he says to Jeevan that i pit Shaurya in his place last night. Balwant says that rich spoilt brat wanted to be hero and this Mohit is following his path, Shaurya would get free out of everything but Mohit you will get trapped. Mohit says that jerk Rohit, i beat him. He says to Jeevan that Sonal and i played since we were kids so should i remain silent if someone beats her? i will beat Rohit again if he tries to touch her again.

Scene 2
Shaurya calls servant and asks him to bring juice for guests. Pammi says we didnt come for juice but to cool this Shaurya’s hot head, Sheetal says she is right. Shaurya says i am ready to go to police station, just give me 10minutes to serve you people as guests. Shaurya whispers something in Mahek’s ear, Mahek nods and leave. Shaurya hints at Sameer, Sameer leaves too. Mahek comes in corner and calls someone(which is muted). Svetlana says is this house welfare center that all poor are coming here? Karona says to inspector that Shaurya wont beat anyone without reason. Pammi says as if Shaurya is innocent, dont let us say what Shaurya did, his antics are all shown in media, your son is spoilt brat, look at Rohit and Ajay, they are innocent boys. Sonal comes there and says they are not innocent but devils. She says to inspector that Shaurya didnt do anything wrong, this Rohit is my would be husband, he beat me so much because.. Sheetal says how dare you come out of house? respect Rohit, you are going to marry him. Sonal says you couldnt understand my pain evern after being my mother, she asks inspector to arrest Rohit for beating her many times.. Sheetal slaps Sonal hard, Mahek is stunned. Shurti says what the hell? Mahek says Sheetal why you are trying to save this demon Rohit? cant you see pain of your daughter? Pammi says inspector see this Shaurya turned tables, Sheetal knows that her daughter is dramaqueen, she asks Sheetal to talk.

Mehek 7 August 2020: Sheetal says yes Sonal is saying all this under pressure of Mahek and Shaurya, dont listen to her, take Shaurya to jail. Sonal says listen to me, Sheetal says you come home with me then i will see you. They hear women NGO’s women coming there and chanting against Rohit, Shaurya and Mahek smirks. Wpmen enter house. Mahek thanks NGo women for coming, she says you came on right time. She says this is Sonal and this Rohit, her would be husband but he beats her. Woman says he is raising hand on her when she is not even her wife, what will he do after marriage? Woman says to Shaurya that we have come in your support today, atleast smile today, Shaurya gives them smile. Women say lets beat these animals. Women beat Rohit and slap them. Shaurya calls Sameer, Sameer brings CCTV CD, Shaurya says to inspector that this CCTV footage will show you how Rohit molested Sonal and when she didnt agree, he beat her, Rohit is stunned to see CD. Inspector thanks Shaurya and says i will beat you to bones Rohit, Inspector arrests Rohit and Ajay. Pammi says why arresting my son? he didnt do anything. Inspector says dont talk or else i will arrest you too. Inspector says to Shaurya that i am sorry to bother you, Shaurya says dont worry, its good that they came here themselves to get arrested. Sheetal says to Sonal lets go home, i will teach you lesson.

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