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In Mehek Update Monday 11 November 2019 on Zee World, Swati says to Mehek that I found a shopper, he was terribly egoistical however I set him right.

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Mehek says we tend to can’t run all the time. we’ve to face our drawback. They scare us. we’ve to attack back. Sajita says enough. once can you begin exploitation your mind. Suvetlana says I couldn’t kill her. Did she see my face? albeit they’re Shaurya Mehek they don’t bear in mind something. Suvetlana says this Mehek must die. At night, Shaurya sees is moments with maehek. He sees flashbacks. Shaurya wakes up. Shaurya says whats happening to me.

Sharma says are you crazy? Mehek says you tutored me ne’er to relinquish up. i used to be overwhelmed up by boys before I learned a way to do boxing. Sajita says we tend to can’t do this.

Mehek involves table. Sharma says Mehek you’re right. we tend to wont hand over or run. Mehek smiles. Sharma says there was another lesson I gave you. once somebody is a lot of serious then you what you are doing in boxing? SHe says play defensive and beat them. He says currently you’ll attend school and do what I tell you.

Shaurya comes back to varsity. He says she didn’t come? Karan says she is loser. Mehek comes in. Shaurya’s friend makes her slip and she or he falls in Shaurya’s feet. HE says you fell in right place. a lady says she can’t walk however can she box. Mehek says boxing is my passion not a cup on behalf of me. Karan says that’s what losers do. Mehek leaves.

Yuvraj says to principal i’m giving suvetlana papers. She is sponsoring Shaurya. Thanks for kicking Mehek’s name out. Yuvraj says to Suvetlana would you prefer coffee? She says no thanks. Yuvraj says thanks for returning. Mehek sees a person stealing a woman’s purse. Mehek hits the punk. She provides her purse back. the girl says thanks. Suvetlana sees her.
Mehek comes in school. Shaurya takes her phone.

She says provides it back. Shaurya says what are you planning? Mehek says provide me my phone back. He says I wont. Hit me. i do know you wanna hit me however why ar you silent? Mehek shoves him. He says why ar you thus upset? I wont offer you phone do what you wish. Mehek says keep it i’ll get a brand new one you necessitous guy. He says you attack back. she says I wont. i’m leavin keep the phone. She leaves.

Svetlana is driving her automobile, she recollects her encounters, she is getting ready to hit some men on road however stops her automobile. She starts driving once more and gets a decision from Aarosh. Aarosh asks wherever is she? She says stop the rubbish and dont disturb me, she ends decision.

Svetlana involves some secret den. a person stops her and says cake isn’t meeting anyone, Svetlana says tell cake that Svetlaa is here, you dont have guts to prevent Maine. She goes within the den and sees cake doing his prayers and ladies performing arts hystertically infront of him, he throws away some bones at Svetlana, she screams and gets frightened. Sajita asks Mehek if she is fine? why you look down? Mehek says i’m fine.

Sajita says what happened? Mehek says nothing, I wont fight with anyone, I wont be angry, he will do something however i’ll not answer him back. Swati hugs her and says thats like my sister, Sajita goes to bring her food. Mehek says to Swati that I found AN recent lady nowadays, she recollects however she found that lady and known as her metal.

She says why I known as her PD? who is that this PD? Swati says you’re thinking that several things, I dont recognize who this metal is, you’ll be able to have any ghost in your mind. Mehek says dont say ghost infront of Maine. Swati acts like seeing a ghost and screams. Mehek gets frightened. Swati laughs and says wow a brave boxer gets terrified of a ghost? Mehek runs behind her. Sajita says to educate that I hope my ladies stay happy like this.

Svetlana meets cake, cake says you have got unhealthy days thats why you’re here? whats the problem? Svetlana says sorry however I had to fulfill you, i do know you’re terribly known, i would like your facilitate, I even have AN enemy, I keep attempting to kill her however she gets saved everytime. cake says your enemy has some protection, does one wish to inform me one thing else? Svetlana says ought to I tell him concerning murder? She says my enemies wish to complete me, i do know you have got power to complete lives, show Maine a path, cake starts prayers.

Shaurya is together with his friends, all of them begin party. Shaurya says i’m not in mood, you all get pleasure from. a contemporary woman Saby comes there and says our champion Shaurya is down, my arrange is to line your mood and attend success party with you. Saby comes nearer to Shaurya and makes him sit down, she sits in his lap and dances, she keeps throwing herself at him.

Shaurya imagines Mehek in her, raat baaki plays, Shaurya smiles and starts performing arts along with her, he imagines them alone and dances closely along with her.. he imagines caressing Mehek however comes out of his imagination and pushes Saby away. Shaurya is finite. Mehek puts her garments in cabinet and finds glove there, she recollects her moments with Shaurya, then him capture her.

Shaurya washes his face however keeps imagining Mehek around him, he breaks mirror in anger and says what’s wrong with me? why cant I forget Mehek? Mehek burns her boxing gloves. Swati asks what she is doing? Mehek says I dont wish something during this house that rings a bell in my memory of Shaurya.

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