Mehek 17 August 2020: Mehek update Monday 17th August 2020, Shaurya is pacing around in his restaurant, he looks at Mahek’s food truck but doesnt find her there and gets tensed. Vicky sees Mahek coming there ans shows to Shaurya. Shaurya sees Mahek coming out of rickshaw and looks at her worriedly. Mahek looks at him. vicky says to Shaurya did you feel like there is something going on with Mahek or is it just me? Shaurya glares at him and goes to Mahek. Vicky says this love fire cant be dozed off easily.

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Shaurya comes to Mahek and clears his throat, he says time is money, if you keep coming late to work then how will you earn money? only after two days, your family is coming late to work, its not easy to do business, it cant be worked out with good food only, but you dont care, you just marry and give birth to babies, typical middle class thinking. Mahek starts crying hearing his words, Shaurya sees her crying and asks what happened? he grabs her shoulders and asks why you are crying? Mahek holds his arm for support and says I.. she becomes conscious seeing Kanta behind Shaurya and moves away from him. Shaurya sees Kanta standing there and glaring at them, Mahek runs away from there crying, Shaurya is worried and leaves. Kanta looks on.

Mehek 17 August 2020: Sharma family is working at food truck, Mahek is cooking food when she gets message from Shaurya, he asks why she was crying? what happened? Mahek sees Shaurya staring at her but she ignores his message. Sonal comes to Mahek and asks if she is alright? Mahek nods. Mahek gets another message from Shaurya, him asking what happened? Sonal says why you dont tell Shaurya that your marriage proposal has come? Mahek says i am scared that when Sandeep will come here to meet me then how will Shaurya react, Sonal says Shaurya is mental, tell him before he gets to know himself about Sandeep, tell him before times passesby. Kanta calls Mahek and says see Sandeep has come. Sandeep says call me Sandy. Mahek sees Sandeep standing outside food truck and gets tensed. Otherside in restaurant, Shaurya fumes in anger and says she is ignoring my messages, who does she think she is?
Sandeep gives rose bouquet to Mahek and asks if they should go for coffee? Mahek says yes. Mahek looks at Shaurya from far and sits in Sandeep’s car. Sandeep starts driving but strikes with another car in parking. Shaurya comes there hearing hitting noise, he sees Mahek sitting with Sandeep in car. Mahek says to Sandeep that lets leave. Shaurya comes to Sandeeep and grabs hims, he pulls him out of car and asks Mahek who is he? Sandeep says it doesnt matter to you, Shaurya says you cant even drive and hit my car, Sandeep says your car was not parked in parking lane. Shaurya beats Sandeep, Ravi holds Shaurya and asks to call police, Kanta says to Shaurya why you keep fighting everytime? we will pay for your car’s damage, leave. Sandeep says he is Shaurya Khanna? Mahek’s boyfriend? Mahek says to Shaurya that i am sorry for your car. Shaurya says who is this guy? and why you are saying sorry? Sandeep says talk with respect, i am Mahek’s would be fiance, our marriage is fixed. Shaurya is shocked and hurt hearing it, he helplessly looks at Mahek who looks away. Shaurya comes to Mahek and says Mahek? Kanta asks Mahek to go with Sandeep, Sandeep says lets go Mahek. Sandeep stands beside Mahek and says come, Kanta says didnt you hear Mahek? go, Sandeep is waiting, Mahek doesnt look at Shaurya and silently goes, she sits in Sandeep’s car and sees Shaurya looking at her. Kanta asks everyone to go back to work. Kanta asks Mohit to find from garage, how much repairing of Shaurya’s car will cost, our guest have done mistake so we will pay for it. Sandeep drives away with Mahek from there. Shaurya is dazed and confused seeing all this. Shaurya angrily punches food table, table breakdowns.

Sandeep is driving, Sandeep says to Mahek that if there was not so many people there, i would have shown stars to Shaurya with my beating, he shows off his big car, i hope you dont have anything with Shaurya, Shaurya is your past only and you have nothing with him? Mahek says there is nothing between us now, she fidgets with her fingers and recalls Shaurya’s hurt expression when he got to know about Sandeep, she closes her eyes and sighs.
Shaurya looking at food truck and recalls Sandeep calling himself as Mahek’s fiance.

Mehek 17 August 2020: Shaurya comes to his restaurant and scolds his chefs for not working nicely. He keep recalling sandeep’s words and Mahek crying earlier. Vicky asks Shaurya to sign papers. Shaurya gets angry and throws away everything from kitchen slab, Vicky says what are you doing? Shaurya keep throwing and breaking everything, Vicky says what are you doing? Shaurya sees mess he has created, he leaves from there fuming in anger. Shaurya comes out of restaurant to see Mahek missing. Otherside Mahek is heartbroken in Sandeep’s car, yeh doriyan.. raahon ki yeh dooriyan.. plays.. both missing each other and recalling their sweet moments.
Sandeep keeps talking while driving but Mahek doesnt even look at him, she is tensed whole drive. Otherside Shaurya comes to Sonal and asks where did he take Mahek to? Sonal gets worried and says i dont know anything, Shaurya says i saved this truck from burning, i will burn everything down, answer me where did he take her? Sonal tells him cafe name being scared of him, Shaurya leaves from there.

Sandeep parks at cafe and says to Mahek that we have arrived for our date, darling you go inside and choose the table you like with romantic setting, i am coming in a minute, Mahek smiles and come out of car. Sandeep drives away. Kanta calls Mahek, Mahek says we have arrived here. Shaurya comes there and stops his car infront of Mahek, Mahek panics seeing him there. Shaurya comes out of car and grabs Mahek’s hand, Mahek says leave me. Shaurya drags Mahek and makes her sit in his car, he locks car door, Mahek’s phone fall down too. Mahek says to Shaurya open door, i have to go, open it, Shaurya sits on driving seat and starts driving away. Kanta is still on call and tries to talk but is unable to hear anything as Mahek’s phone is on road outside cafe, she says what happened to Mahek? i hope everything is fine. Sandeep calls Kanta and says i am standing outside cafe and Mahek’s phone was on road but she is nowhere to be seen, Kanta looks on worried.

Mehek 17 August 2020: Shaurya is driving at high speed, Mahek says have you gone mad? please lower the speed, we will talk if you want but please slow down. Shaurya doesnt listen and speends more.
Sandeep comes to food truck, Ravi says did try to find Mahek there? Sandeep says she was nowhere to be seen, Jeevan says you left from there without finding her? Kanta comes to Sonal and asks where is Mahek? tell me.Sonal says Shaurya came to ask where Mahek is, Kanta says you told him about her whereabouts? Kanta looks on tensed.
Shaurya drives at high speed, Mahek says what are you doing? where are you taking me? Shaurya doesnt listen to her and keep speeding car, Mahek says slow down, we will talk if you want to but slow down, we will have accident, please let me go. Shaurya drives with more speed, suddenly at truck infront of Shaurya’s car, Shaurya tries to dodge it, Mahek screams thinking they would about to have accident but Shaurya applies breaks before they could hit truck. Mahek is in shocked state, she glares at Shaurya, she opens door and comes out of car, she comes to Shaurya’s side and pulls him out, she drags him and grabs his collar,she says have you gone mad? what you keep doing? have you become animal?shaurya says yes i am an animal but what are you? you didnt even leave me just weeks back and you have started finding boys? you said marriage happens once, but it was all fake, your love is that cheap? you didnt take a second to my leave house. Mahek says enough, who gave you right to question me? when you left me at wedding altar, you lost that right, it was my mistake that i was blind and kept following you,i thought you would realize your love but you broke all my hopes, you made me realize that i have zero importance in your life, you made me realize that i was running behind nothing, now i would do anything to make my family happy, i will just focus on my family and my business.Shaurya says if you are so clear about your goals then why you are seeing boys? Mahek says i am doing this for my family, for my chachi’s happiness, my family must be worried for me, let me go.Shaurya grabs his shoulders and says look in my eyes and tell me if you will be able to be happy without me? answer me Mahek, Mahek gets sad hearing it, they look in each others eyes intensely, milna yahan Kal ho na ho.. plays, Mahek looks away from his eyes and says its not about my happiness anymore, now i will just support my family,they took my side on every step, they followed me with my right and wrong decisions and now its my time to pay them back, she turns away from Shaurya and starts leaving, Shaurya looks at her agitated and says you wont be ever live with anyone, you wont be able to be happy with anyone, you wont be able to love anyone,i know Mahek.Mahek cries hearing it and runs away from there.

Mehek 17 August 2020: Sandeep says to Kanta that sorry i cant marry Mahek, i dont want to go against that goon shaurya, today he took her from road, tomorrow he will take her from my house.Sandeep’s mother says that we cant go ahead with this proposal. Kanta says lets talk, she says no. Mahek comes there, Sandeep glares at her and leaves. Sonal asks Mahek if she is fine? did he do anything with you? Mahek cries and hugs Kanta, she says i am sorry, i didnt know Shaurya would stoop this low, Kanta looks on.

Scene 2
Shaurya comes home, Karona says you dont come home often these days, where are you? Svetlana says he is busy man. Kanta comes there, she turns Shaurya to him and slaps him across face, she keeps slapping him. Karona stops him and says what are you doing? you are beating my son infront of me? Kanta says you should have done that with him in childhood,if you had done that then he wouldnt have dared to take away innocent girl,he wouldnt have abducted her, Karona says i will make him understand. Kanta says he doesnt understand talking, he just want to be kicked, she says to Shaurya that your relation with Mahek has ended, you have crossed all limits today,what do you think about yourself? Mahek is not your doormat that you can keep pushing and pulling her back, Mahek is my daughter and honor and i wont let anyone play with my honor.Karona says i understand your anger but you try to understand that Shaurya and Mahek loves each other a lot, Kanta says no Shaurya loves only himself, Shaurya is dark cloud on Mahek’s life, i will send him away from Mahek’s life, i have bear him enough, now you see Shaurya, i will Mahake get married in one month with much much better boy than Shaurya, i will bring such nice groom for her that your eyes will bulge out of sockets thats my promise shaurya Khanna, she leaves. Shaurya looks on, Karona tries to talk to him but he leaves silently.

Mehek 17 August 2020: Shaurya is sitting in his room. He recalls Mahek’s words that he made her realize that is not important to him at all, how she said she wont let her family get hurt again, he gets sad recalling her words. Shaurya recalls his moments with Mahek, he sighs heavily recalling their proposal, they dance, their holi moments, Shaurya looks at drawer but doesnt have guts to open it, he looks at balcony recalling Mahek used to live there, he finally opens drawer and brings out his and Mahek’s only photo he kept with him and Mahek’s chura recalling how she gave it back to him, he looks at photo in pain and close his eyes unable to bear the heartache, roke naa rukein naina plays.

Officers to food truck and asks who is Mahek? Mahek says its me, officer says you didnt follow safety and security measure rules for this business, Ravi says we have done all safety work, he shows them fire extinguisher, officer says your truck caught fire and it could have hurt customers, you didnt have any safety measures, you dont follow rules so now we will have to seal this food truck, Mahek is tensed hearing it and says our house runs on this business, we will follow all rules but dont close it, officer says government works on rules, we have to close this truck till you dont take clearance certificate. Kanta says i very well know who is behind it(indicating Shaurya behind the deed), Mahek looks on.

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