Mehek Update Monday 4th November 2019 on Zee World, Shaurya says once she is in my trap she will regret coming to the city.

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Sajita sees a woman falling. she gets hurt. She picks her up, its Kanta. She takes kanta to hospital. The teacher takes out samosa from her bag. The teacher takes out a paper its wet. They can’t read anything. Yuvraj says it must be exam question. Coach says you are saying as if you put it in her bag. Shaurya says to Yuvraj can’t you leave her alone? I am sorry Mehek. Neber knew my dad would stoop so low.

Coach says this is all joined game of you and your dad. Shaurya says I can’t tell you how clean my heart is. he says my dad accused her falsely. You would have suspended Mehek if it was paper. Similary Yuvraj should be kicked out of sports committee. Principal says we will announce our decision soon. They leave.

Shaurya comes home. Yuvraj is angry. He says how will I help you? You got me out of sports committee. He says that paper was useless. we would have been in trouble so I had to do this to save you. We have to make a bigger plan.

Yuvrahj comes to principal and says rules are for everyone. Mehek got admission here on grace marks. She has to take 50% or she will be out of college. He leaves.  Yuvraj says to coach she is zero is studies. She will become champ is she passes the exams. I will see how she succeeds.
Mehek says what should I do. I can’t study. How will I get 50%.

Coach says Yuvraj got this point. I would got you cleared otherwise. He and his son are in this game. Mehek says its not Shaurya’s mistake. How will I get 50. He says even I can’t help you in this. you should join coaching class and take help from swati. Mehek sayys yeah you are right.

Shaurya comes to Mehek. He says don’t worry. I will help you in exams. I am class topper and your senior. I can help you more than anymore. Mehek says coach sir is working. I will study form Swati otherwise. Shaurya says there is very less time left. don’t ruin your career in name of ego. You have to take 50% say yes I will find away out. If you fail forget boxing. Mehek says okay teach me.

Coach calls different people to teach Mehek but they all say that very few days are left. Mehek says I will study on my own. He says yes you have to. Mehek texts Shaurya teach me. Shaurya tells Yuvraj. Yuvraj says well done my son. Win her trust completely.
Shaurya comes to college.

At night, Mehek sneaks out of the house. She comes and sits with Shaurya on street. They both study together. Mehek looks here and there. She is sleepy. Shaurya says focus here. Concentrate. He says okay sleep. We will study after boxing practice. Mehek goes in.

Mehek is doing boxing practice. Yuvraj gives Shaurya a paper and says this should be in her bad.
Shaurya meets Mehek and teaches her. He says solve these questions. Shaurya puts the paper in her bag. He texts Yuvraj done. No one can save her now.

Coach calls Mehek and says where are you? She says coming. Mehek sees samosas in canteen. She eats them. Coach calls again. She says I am coming sir. She comes to him and says I forgot my bag in the class. He says this is protein shake and pppowder. Yuvraj comes with management. Principal says she has stolen question papers. Coach says enough with your stupid stories. Professor says okay let us check. Mehek says how long will keep accusing me? Who is he to tell you to check my bag? Yuvraj says if you haven’t done anything then show your bag. Check her bag she would try to hide it. Professor says Mehek don’t give him a chance and cooperate. they check Mehek’s bag.

Mehek says don’t argue with him. Coach leaves. Sajita says are you crazy. Have you forgotten his favors on us? And brought us here. How can you be so rude to him. Mehek says he is like a God to me as well but I can’t listen everything. Sajita says we have this house and food because of him. He never cared for himself. If he didn’t save us your father would have married you to an old man.
Shaurya looks at Gulab jamun and says I will do wonder with it.
Swati says should I take food for Mehek? Sajita says no. How can she disrespect coach for that guy. Mehek gets a call. She says you.. Its Shaurya. He says Mehek are you okay? This all is my mistake. Should I come? She says no don’t do all this. He says okay as you say. she says how is everything in your house? He says I have seen this from childhood. I was gonna leave house. How do I tell daddy I am doing all this for myself not you. Mehek says coach also thinks I am wrong and you are a bad guy. Shaurya says their mentality is small. Finally someone understands me. And they didn’t even come to me with food. I am so hungry. She hangs up.

At night, Mehek tries to sleep. Shaurya calls her. He says come out. Mehek comes out. Shaurya has brought for for her. He serves her and they both eat sitting on the street.
Mehek says you shouldn’t have done this. He says you were hungry. Shaurya makes Mehek eat. Mehek says you should eat too. He says you eat I am fine. Mehek makes him eat. Mehek sees flashbacks. Shaurya says lets have some gulab jaumuns. Mehek eats them. Swati sees them.

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