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The Girl Anjali, in Mehek Update Monday 7 October 2019 Zee World is currently being chosen as a volunteer in planning of the nav ratri Pooja and Mehek consents to that.

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Reports later have it that a few volunteers are short and Mehek continued searching for Sooraj and Shaurya. Anajli imagines like Sooraj is harmed. Mehek comes in. Anjali says he fell I was dressing his injury. Mehek says recover soon.

Mehek returns home. Anjali says I need to keep the flame lit. Kaurna says however she can’t remain with it throughout the night. Mehek syas I will don’t stress. Anjali says then I will cook everything.

Karuna says to Anajli what are you doing in Mehek’s room. She says I saw a feline. This room is so lovely. The view is so great also. Karuna says you can take this room. She says how might I take Mehek’s room.

Shaurya sits with Mehek too. she says proceed to rest. Dolly says Mehek you proceed to rest as well. Mehek says alright I will rest for two hours.

Anjali gives Mehek espresso. She blended resting pill in it. Mehek says I can’t eat anything. Anajli says alright at that point take water. Mehek beverages water. Anajli returns to her room. Mehek nods off. Anjali comes there. She blows the light. Mehek is sleeping. Anjali returns to her room. Next morning Anjali imagines like she is attempting to lit the flame once more. Karuna says what’s going on with you.. Anjali says it.. Karuna says Mehek it was your obligation. For what reason did you take it when you proved unable. Anjali says she attempted a great deal however perhaps she couldn’t keep awake. She did this for us. Karuna says she demolished it. She ought to have said in the event that she proved unable. I did this for you imagine a scenario where something happens to Anjali. You couldn’t care less about us Mehek. Anjali says mama please I am fine. Karuna says Mehek couldn’t care less about you she just imagines. Mehek saysv what are you saying mama.. She says shut up Mehek. Dolly says she didn’t do it intentionally. Shaurya says what occurred. Mehek says I committed an error please excuse me. Dolly says it can occur with anybody.

Anjali comes to Karuna and says please excuse Mehek. She says I won’t. Shaurya says it was Mehek’s mix-up. Reveal to me what would i be able to accomplish for you. anjali says I have all of you. Karuna says I realize what Anjali needs. Karuna goes to Shaurya’s room and says Anjali needs this room.He says its okya mama she can take this room. Karuna requests that hirelings take their stuff out. Mehek turns out she is disoriented. Karuan says Anjali should move here. Anjali says what will I do here. Karuna says you stay very.

Mehek carries her stuff to the next room. She puts her photographs on the divider. Mehek is vexed.

Karuna and Anjali go out. Anjali says please stop the vehicle. I wanna gather some cash. I feel regretful that whatever is occurring with Mehek is a result of me. So I wanna give her a blessing. Karuna says accompany me, I did all that for you. I can’t give you a chance to remain here. I will apologize Mehek don’t do this. Anjali says alright how about we go. Karuan sits in the vehicle. Mehek says to shauyra you can’t go to office. Accompany me, I have a thought.

Mehek comes to Anjali. She says I am prepared. I wore the dress you asked me. Mehek says there is something missing. She says is it my hair? Mehek makes her wear a jewelry. SHe says it is so costly Mehek says you need to look lovely. Anjali says mama this is so costly. Karuna says she is your bahbhi. it looks great on you. They leave. Anjali moves on tune laila. She says in the event that I was brought into the world here I would have been belle of the ball yet gradually the majority of Mehek’s adornments will be mine.

Anjali gives Mehek a blessing. she says thank you so much you are so sweet. The greatest present is that you live here with us now. Karuna embraces them both. Shaurya says why disregard me. Shauyra embraces them. Mehek says I have arranged a jagrata. I couldn’t keep the light lit. Karuna says that is such a decent arrangement. Dolly sqays we are generally together at this point. Anjali says would i be able to call individuals from cheerful homes. Sooraj as well. Shaurya says why? Mehek says whats amiss with that he’s a piece of upbeat homes.

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