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Mehek Update Saturday 19 October 2019 on zee world Shaurya picks pink-slipped papers and tosses them towards the truck, everybody is by all accounts daunted and they’re crying.

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Shaurya says everything is finished. savvy bye mahek. mahek remembers everything. She holds her head. She remembers everything. She plunks down sobbing and saying my Shaurya.

Shaurya says I needn’t bother with something. He plunks down crying. Bhanwari isn’t well. He sees Mandhar returning. He holes up behind the vehicles. Mandhar says what’s this fire? Mahek says i’m Mahek.. Mahek sharma.

Archie says in heart what’s she doing here? Mandhar didn’t take her? Shaurya says you returned? Mahek says saheb.. I really need to travel right now. He says you left me before furthermore.

Mahek says I might want to go to Shaurya. Mahek says i’m expecting to Shaurya. Disclose to me the truth. Why have you ever all been misleading me? you essentially revealed to me what you needed to. If you don’t mind disclose to me what’s valid. On the off chance that i’m Mahek, at that point anyway am I neev’s mother? I do know it all.

Julie says please stop it. he’s near cut Mahek.. Bhanwari comes in the middle. Mandhar cuts him. Julie shouts. Bhanwari tumbles down. Mahek shouts. Julie is crying. Mahek says Mandhar can pay for this wrongdoing. I won’t leave him.

I wont enable you to go. Mahek appearance at Mandhar. Shaurya embraces her and says I wont enable you to go wherever. i’ll kick the bucket while not you. you’re exclusively mine. Mahek pushes him and says i’m hitched. Mahek is in tears. Mandhar says go together with me. Shaurya pushes him and says don’t bit her or i’ll break your hands. she is my Mahek. Mahek is in tears. Shaurya beats him. Mahek slaps Shaurya.

Truth is that I am Mahek not Vandana. I will see everything plainly. I remember everything. I knnow you have been misleading me this point. i’m not Neev’s mom anyway right now he’s my child.

Be that as it may, those photographs of wedding whats the truth behind this? If you don’t mind let me know whats the truth. anyway did I return to you? If you don’t mind let me know. Julie is quiet. Mahek says alright I do know anyway would i be able to choose truth.

Shaurya can let me know everything. SHe keeps running towards him. Mandhar puts a hand on her mouth and takes her with him. Shauruya says Mahek? Did she choice my name? Neev sees Mandhar taking Mahek. Mandhar takes Mahek to a store space. Mahek says leave me.

Mahek recollects Mandhar previously mentioned that he can slaughter Neev. He previously mentioned on the off chance that you move to Shaurya i’ll slaughter Neev also. Mahek says Shaurya wont leave you. He says when they are accessible neev are in things. you focus on him a child. Mahek is in tears. She says in heart i’m sorry Shaurya.

He is disoriented. Mahek says anyway might you venture to hit my significant other. Stop this andd keep one’s hands off from me. I disclosed to you i’m not Mahek. Release me. Mahek says I choke around you. i’m Vandana not Mahek. keep one’s hands off from Maine. SHaurya says I can’t withdraw from you.

Shaurya says we don’t need this nourishment truck either. i’ll consume this. Ravi says please calm down. Julie says he’s accomplishing one thing incorrectly. Mahek runs out. She sees Shauray making an endeavor to obliterate the nourishment truck. Bhanwari isn’t well. He says what’s this clamor? any place is Neev. Neev is crying.

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