Mehek Update saturday 23rd november 2019 on zee World, Shaurya asks Mehek why she is behaving like that? Mehek tells him that coach is missing, she tells him concerning Svetlana and the way coach went behind her, Mehek says i attempted to decision him however its not connecting, dont apprehend wherever he’s.

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Shaurya says such a lot happened and you didnt tell ME? Mehek says you wouldnt hear me, Shaurya tries to decision coach. Mehek says Svetlana left her own son’s party, however you dont listen that one thing is suspect. Shaurya says you’re right, why would she leave function? Mehek says coach detected Svetlana that she has planned one thing huge, we must always tell police.

Swati washes Mehek’s mehndi. Mehek says I even have to travel somewhere, Swati asks her to remain place. Mehek says I even have been speech that hear ME, no one hears care concerning ME, all ar simply distressed concerning performing arts and celebrating. Swati gets hurt and says what ar you saying? Shaurya comes there and says to Swati that i’ll handle, Mehek says sorry to Swati, Swati leaves.

Shaurya says they’ll raise U.S. to attend for 24 hours and question Svetlana, it will have an effect on Sweety’s wedding, we want proofs before we tend to complain, Mehek says what if one thing happens to coach? Shaurya says I even have an acquaintance that will trace Svetlana’s range and that we can realize her. Mehek says i’m distressed concerning you, Smriti is obtaining married therein house too. Shaurya says we’ll realize truth until tomorrow and save Smriti from any danger, dont worry.

Sajita greets Aarosh and Smriti once operate. She thanks Rashmi for tantalising, she asks why she is sweating? Rashmi says dont worry, its simply hot here. Rashmi says I forgot shaurya and Mehek’s pooja, we’ll do atiny low pooja tomorrow thus are you able to offer Mehek’s kundli? Sajita asks if one thing is wrong? Rashmi says no, its concerning happiness of our children thus i need to try and do this pooja. Sajita says send somebody with us for Kundli, i’ll provides it.

Mehek and Shaurya comes there. Rashmi is finite. Shaurya holds Mehek’s hand and whispers that you just go back, i’ll handle everything, dont let anyone fathom this, Mehek thinks he’s right, no one ought to doubt. Mehek starts departure with Sajita and Swati. Sajita asks wherever is coach? Shaurya says he left from here, he should be home, let ME apprehend if there’s a retardant, Mehek appearance on. Sajita leaves with them.

Svetlana wakes up in her area. Aarosh comes there and says does one care concerning me? I desire your servant, you get work done from ME. Svetlana says cool down, i’m your mother thats why doing this drama, does one suppose can unify tomorrow or mourning? Aarosh says what? Svetlana says guests can return for wedding tomorrow however will mourn.. she hums. Aarosh thinks mourning? this mad lady, what’s she upto now?

Sajita and Swati comes home with Mehek. She asks driver to remain, she got to offer some things. Mehek tries to assist Swati however Swati says you let or not it’s, tomorrow is your wedding thus take rest, she leaves. Mehek thinks that she is angry, I shouldnt have talked to her like that.

At night, Mehek offers milk to Sajita and says coach referred to as, he’s in village, he has some imperative work here. Sajita says he didnt even inform?
At night, Mehek sees Sajita and Swati sleeping. She locks their door. She calls Shaurya, Shaurya says I even have placed coach’s location, i’m going there. Mehek says take ME with you, Shaurya says dont you trust me? you’re taking care of Sajita, i’ll go and inform you.

He starts departure however sees Rashmi with priest. He thinks why she is with priest at nighttime, should be one thing, she leaves. Priest says to Rashmi that your husband is true, this kundli is strange, it shows that Shaurya and Mehek had a relation in past birth however their union during this life will either bring huge destruction or may be terribly useful, we’ve to seek out if their wedding are going to be a destruction or not, Rashmi asks him to hurry, she thinks tomorrow is wedding and this happened currently.

Shaurya involves a jungle, he appearance around however doesnt realize coach. He calls Mehek and says i’m attempting to find him.
Coach is in an exceedingly den, captor asks coach to speak to Mehek. captor calls coach, coach sees gun on his head and says to Mehek that i’m fine and that i am keeping an eye fixed on Svetlana, Mehek says I even have been attempting to seek out you, i’ll send Shaurya to you. Coach panics and says no no, I am fine, dont tell anyone concerning this, Mehek is distressed.

Shaurya is wanting around for coach in jungle. Mehek calls him and tells him however coach aforesaid that he’s fine. Shaurya says give thanks God he’s fine, however I feel one thing is wrong, Mehek says if he doesnt come until tomorrow then i’ll complain to police. Shaurya says I dont perceive why he asked to not tell anyone, if he doesnt come until tomorrow then we’ll attend police.

In morning, Shaurya is on decision and says to Mehek that i’m going for FIR. Rashsmi stops him and asks wherever he’s going? Shaurya says I even have to travel somewhere, i’ll comeback, he leaves.

Sajita makes Mehek prepared for wedding, Sajita says its strange that coach left while not telling anyone? its wedding nowadays and he havent comeback? Mehek thinks that i attempted to decision him however he’s not finding out, dont apprehend wherever he’s. Sajita says dont worry, he will certainly come before your wedding.
Shaurya calls Mehek and says i’m filed FIR in police, dont tell anyone as we tend to dont apprehend what’s happening, he ends decisions

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