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Mehek Update Saturday 5th October 2019 Zee World starts as they finish up on going for shopping after they more likely than not gone to the sanctuary to supplicate.

As indicated by Mehek, in Her truisms they must be solid so not disapproving of it be great time or awful time, they’ll be solid to confront it together.

She says Harsh went out. Kanta is entranced. she says in the event that I realized I would have shown her out. Dolly says I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do. Kanta says you need to deal with this circumstance.

Mehek says to Shaurya we are going to sanctuary. They come to sanctuary and implore. Mehek sees the man who helped them outside. Mehek and Anjali come there. He looks stressed. He is requesting gift from the sanctuary the board however they state no. Shaurya asks what was the deal? he says they are elderly individuals they live in old home. their proprietor is approaching them for a great deal of cash. They are crushing the house.

The goverment comes to pulverize the old home. He says we will make a square here. Mehek and Shaurya come there. The elderly people men are attempting to stop them. Mehek says we are surat’s companion adn we are here to help. He says they haven’t paid 5 lacs. shaurya gives him the check. HE says never trouble these individuals. Mehek says figure out how to regard older folks. Surat says thank you to such an extent. Every single elderly individuals express gratitude toward them. Mehek and shaurya leave. Karuna says my child is such a decent man.

Mehek gets back home. She meets Kanta. Mehek says that is anjali. Kanta says I need to converse with you. She takes Mehek to room. Dolly says I am goign to sanctuary to appeal to God for this house.

Kanta says to Mehek individuals make these accounts to get inside your home. Mehek says she has a proof. Kanta says has a memento. We don’t have the foggiest idea what her identity is. This may be planted. Mehek says we brought her here. Kanta says there is a major issue with this anjali. Mehek says dolly said this to you. If you don’t mind attempt to get it. Anjali is little girl of this house. We need to help her in battling the world. She has endured to such an extent. Kanta says Karuna can’t see however you need to. Mehek says kindly don’t get in this issue. Anjali catches it.

Karuna hears it as well. Karuna says I regard you however dont say a word regarding my girl. This is my home’s issue and we will illuminate it. What’s more, dolly ought to rather keep house matters in the house. Knata says we are untouchables for you. Karuna says on the off chance that you denounce anjali I wont endure it. Karuna says I wont trouble a word against my little girl. On the off chance that anybody attempts to far off her structure me I won’t endure. Mehek says absolutely never express those words.

Anjalu says what number of individuals will you shut down? She says you are my little girl. I dont’ care about individuals. Mehek says I am sorry for her sake mama.

Shaurya comes in and says chachi when did you come? She says I need to return home and leaves.

Shaurya comes to Mehek and says what was the deal? For what reason would you say you are concerned? She says don’t be furious. Dolly educated Kanta concerning Anjali. sHe thinks we committed an error. Try not to be angry.Shaurya says for what reason is Masi doing this to Anjali. Next morning Mehek awakens anjali and gives her morning meal. She says thank you bhabhi. Mehek says come first floor. Karuna says why both of you are troubled? Karuna says glad birthday beta. Anjali says for what reason didn’t Mehek wish me? Karuna says she probably won’t know. Lets celebrate.

Anjali prepares. Karuna says you look so lovely. Karuna says I am taking Anjali out today. Mehek says we are going to white chilies for work. Would you be able to drop me there? Karuna says OK. Mehek says mama please come in. There is some work. Karuna is furious. She says we need to go. Mehek goes in. shaurya comes as well.

Karuna says is it dark out? Everybody turns on lights and says surpirse. They all express glad birthday to Anjali. Karuna says in heart I got Mehek so off-base. Karuna says I am sorry Mehek. Mehek says don’t state that. Everybody celebrates. Anjali says thank you bhabhi. Mehek embraces her. Kanta says congrats. She embraces Karuna. Everybody assembles to cut the cake. Anjali cuts the cake. Shaurya gives her a neckband. She says its exceptionally beautiful. Karuna says your bhaiya bhabhi are the best.

Everybody moves on gulaboo. Anjali likewise moves. She goes to her room. somebody puts hand on her mouth and take her some place. They hijack her.

Mehek says where is anjali? Shaurya and Mehek search for her. Same hooligans have captured her. He says you figured you could flee? You are much the same as me. She embraces him and the two of them giggle..

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