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Mehek 9 January 2021: Mehek update Saturday 9th January 2021, Karan says what a game. Shaurya says now she will realize its not so easy to win here. Mahek tries to ask people about her class but they tell her the wrong place. SHe goes in the class. Everyone hoots. Her posted is on the wall. she tears it down. Mahek sits down. Teacher comes in. All people make fun of Mahek. Teacher says open charles dickens chapter. Mahek is dazed. She says this had to be hindi class. Teacher says shaurya has volunteered to be my assistant. Mahek opens the book but she can’t read it. MAhek says who is charles dickens? I never met him. Teacher says do you think its a joke? Mahek says I just came here. I don’t know who he is. everyone laughs. She says this is english class and you don’t know who he is. Mahek says I thought this was hindi class. I was looking for hindi class. Teacher says if you can’t speak english at least ask the right classroom. Idiot you wasted so much of my time.

Mahek comes to boxing ring and hits it in anger. Coach comes. Shaurya comes and says we will see how good of a boxer she is. Coach says we will see that on right time. Go from here. They say we have to see her punches. Karan goes in, Mahe hits him and beats him down. Mahek says I can hit as many faces I want. Shaurya leaves.

Shaurya says that girl is crazy. They all say we have to do something against her. They make their next plan. Shaurya stays connected with his friends. THey lock her in the room. Mahek screams is there someone. Please open the door. Someone opens the door. Maehk tries to go out but the door opes and closes itself. She sees a shadow and screams.

Mehek update Saturday 9 January 2021: Lights spark. Mahek says who is it. They make scary noises. Mahek is scared. They all make fun of her. Mahek says someone help me please. She sees skeleton dancing and faints. They pick her up and takes her to a room.
shauyra comes there. He says what is she doing here.

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