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In Mehek Update Saturday 9 november 2019 on zee World, Mehek is locked in a cage, Mehek tries to break it but cant, she says they have started a fight with wrong person.

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Shaurya stops the police who inactive Yuvraj and says to Yuvraj that promise to not try this once more, i do know you didnt do something, trust me, i’ll bring you back, dont worry. Yuvraj says my thusn is with me so this can be my conclusion, he hugs him and goes with police.

Aarish comes home. He says to Shaurya that I visited meet lawyers. He goes to his area. Shaurya hears Swati’s scream. Swati comes there and asks wherever is Mahek? Rashmi says cant you see we have a tendency to ar worried? Swati says he came to hospital and Mahek is missing from that moment. Shaurya asks her to induce lost.

Aarish is in automobile and says on decision that I will kill felon can|and can} blame Mahek for it thus police will arrest her too. Aarish is following Shaurya however he loses him. Aarish thinks I actually have to search out Shaurya.

Shaurya involves site, he sees Mahek sleeping in cage, he thinks to form her eat, she should be hungry. He calls her out however she is sleeping. He opens cage and puts within however Mahek wakes up and beats him. She runs away.
Shaurya is running behind Mahek. He grabs her and says you cant go anyplace.

Mehek beats him, she pins him to ground however Shaurya spins her and pin her to floor. They share eyelok. Maek sees a brick close. She grabs it and hits him head, he stumbles. Mahek runs from there. Aarish involves a website, he appearance around and says wherever did Shaurya go? He goes in house wherever Mahek was unbroken.

Sajita is crying and says wherever is Mahek? Swati says police can notice her and that i are going to be behind Shaurya. Doctor comes there and says we’ve got to begin operation of coach, prepare cash quick, he leaves. Sajita says what take a look at is that this.

Mahek is concealing in bushes removed from Shaurya. She sees someone’s feet and hits him. Its not Shaurya however Aarish. Mahek runs from there however Shaurya finds her and takes her from there.

Rashmi involves Sweety and asks why she isn’t sleeping? Sweety says Aarish isn’t selecting my decision, from the time he has come back here, he has been finding our troubles, i assumed we are going to pay time along, he’s the sole sensible factor in my life and that i thinks we have a tendency to don’t seem to be bonding. Rashmi says dont worry.

Shaurya brings Mehek to deal with and locks her in cage, he says hear Maine and take case back, this can be your amendment. He ties her mouth, hands, he says i’ll set out material from mouth, you’ll be able to shout however you may stay hungry. He offers her food however she says I dont wish to eat and bites him. She tries to beat him however he asks her to prevent it, he says you wont get something, my daddy is innocent, bring him out and that i can leave you. Mehek says i’m right and that i am not progressing to go into reverse.

Aarish is along with his mother, he says i’m sorry, i attempted to notice that woman however I couldnt however i’ll find her presently, trust me. His mother will her makeup. Aarish says I wont scotch you. His mother beats him and says i need that woman, his mother turns and its Svetlana.

Suvetlana says you recognize that i would like excretory organ. i need you to prove yourself. Her son says i’ll notice you excretory organ. She says this can be your last likelihood. always remember however i saved your life. You were an orphan. He says i’ll prevent ma. Suvetlana says i can’t die. I actually have to measure and revel in. She says i shouldn’t have trusty Shaurya. Shaurya drives and remembers his moments with mahek.

Swati calls sajita and says we are going to notice Mahek presently dont’ worry police as started their work. Shaurya involves hospital. He involves coach’s area. Doctor says what ar you doing here.
Swati involves Shaurya’s house with police. she says Shaurya isn’t here either. shaurya comes in. Swati says raise him wherever is Mahek. Inspector says you have got to return to station house. Shaurya says innocent folks can’t be suspect like this. Mahek is hidden so that they will generate cash from here. Here is my keep order. Shaurya says they can’t come back and harass my family like this once more. you have got to travel currently. Swati says i’ll see you. She comes enter tears and says mahek wherever ar you? Sajita says one thing. Swati is dazed.

Doctor says they asked me to not tell his name. He simply bought Sharma. Swati says who would do this. Doctor says folks facilitate however they dont’ wish to inform their name. Sajita says please steel oneself against the operation.
Doctor calls shaurya and says i did what you aforesaid.

Rashmi involves Shaurya and says swear on me that you just aren’t doing something and there’s nothing you probably did to mahek. He says i’m simply attempting to avoid wasting my daddy. Shaurya leaves.
Shaurya involves Mehek.. she is asleep. he involves her jail. He says Mehek.. Mahek says i would like water. i’m fainting. I don’t feel well. Shaurya locks her and brings water. Mehek says i wanna go from here. He says sign these papers initial. Mehek hits him with pen and puts sand in his eyes. Mehek runs out. Shaurya gets up and runs once her however Mehek runs out.
A automobile comes with Arish in it. he hits her.

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