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Mehek Update Sunday 24th November 2019 on Zee World, Coach Sir comes there and Shaurya asks him where he was.

Coach informs him that he was following Svethlana and just then we hear Ambulance alarm. Arush and Svethlana also reach KM and Svethlana is happy hearing Ambulance alarm. Mehek gets down from the ambulance and Svethlana is shocked as she was expecting Mehek to be dead.

Mehek carries Swati in her arms and brings to hospital. Keeps calling for Doctor saying her sister’s life is in danger. Swati is placed on a strecher, Doctor comes and examines Swati. Doctor hesitates to tell Mehek who screams she’ll fill up the forms and inform police.

Doctor tells Mehek it’s too late, Mehek cies and asks Swati to get as she needs her and Mother will be angry. It’s her marriage and she has to be there. Docor tells her Swati is dead.

Everyone keeps looking at Mehek who is shell shocked and with blank expression, Swati’s covered body is brought out and Sarita comes there and opens the cloth covering Swati while everyone looks on. She sees Swati’s face and holds her body and cries. Questions Mehek who doesn’t say anything.

Svethlana calls Baba and tells him that he has not killed the intended one and Mehek is alive. Mehek comes there and calss her a murderer. Police come there and tells Mehek they’ll investigate about the murder. Shaurya holds the screaming Mehek. Coach says he was attacked when he was following Svethlana. Svethlana defends herself that she was not at the spot and asks the police to arrest the coach as he was following her.

She asks Mehek what was she ding in that deserted place along with her sister, who called her there. Mehek recalls the message received from Shaurya to reach the place and informs the same. Shaurya denies having sent the message. Mehek asks him not to lie. Shaurya says how can I send u the message when his mobile is not working. Shaurya gets his mobile and gives t to the police to check.

Arush warns Shaurya to keep away from his Mom, not to insult her and his new family is weird. Denies to ahead with his marriage. Shaurya begs Mehek to think about the whole incident. Looks like Mehek is not believing him and still thinks that Shaurya is the one who called her to that place. She says, she’ll do whatever is needed.

Swati’s funeral is going on and Mehek does the last rites. SHaurya is looking at Mehek, pleading with his eyes to believe him. Sarita breaks down at the pyre and is unstoppable. Police come there and handover few items found at the place of crime. Mehek cries seeing them. Shaurya pleads to listen to him.
Mehek bitterly says she has lost her sister but he has lost no one. Tells him she’ll not spare anyone who has taken away her sister from her and even the ones who come in her way.

Svethlana is super happy that eventhough whatever she wished did not happen but she has sown the seed pf hatred between Mehrya and now it will be easy to bring them down. Mehek, Coach Sir and Sarita come to SN and they remember all the happy moments with Swati.

Mehek cries and asks Swathi to come back. And cries more.
Shaurya come to his room thinks about Mehek’s words.
Rashmi comes there and consoles him he says to rasmi that I didn’t sent msg to mehek and Swathi is like my sis how can I hurt her.

Mehek brings water to Sarita who is not in her senses and keeps crying for her lost daughter.. Mehek is crying remembering Swathi memories with her and hugging her clothes..

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