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Everybody at that point chooses to proceed onward with gulaboo in Mehek Update Sunday 6th October 2019 Zee World, Anjali heading off to her room, disappears as suspected to be seized.

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Mehek says where is anjali? Shaurya and Mehek look for her. Same law breakers have caught her. He says you figured you could escape? You are much equivalent to me. She grasps him and both of them snicker..

Shaurya and mahek comes outside to look for the missing Anjali. mahek calls her number and hear that the ringtone is originating from a close by shed … they come their to check and discover Anjali lying on the ground.. Suraj covers up in obscurity place .. Shaurya hears some commotion and goes their to check yet Anjali divert thm and she tells she turned out for some natural air ..mahek ask you came fo outside air in this Shed..Anjali imagine that her head is turning and they take her out… later everybody leaves and Suraj says bye to Anjali holing up behind trees and mahek s eyes fell on him however he covers up ..mahke thinks in the event that he was Suraj..and wonder what he was doing here ..

Specialist checks Anjali … Shaurya is strained and mahek get some information about anjali and they will deal with her … Anjali calls Suraj and tells that tomorrow mahek Bhabhi will be schoked tomorrow…

It’s morning and Shaurya prepares for office mahek says she will arrive behind schedule as she needs to deal with Anjali … mahek gets a call from some magazine and advises she needs to take their meeting… mahek request to converse with her better half and Shaurya approach them to descend for the interview..mahek says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to deal with… Shaurya says it’s not generally that you will get chance to give the meeting..

Columnists comes to KM and Karuna ask who had called them ..mahek descends and tell that they wanted meeting… and Anjali request that her wear saree… later journalists continues addressing about Anjali and says she was remaining in halfway house and was moving in bar … shaurya and mahek request that they stop … Anjali profess to fell oblivious and Karuna chastens mahek … Photographer attempts to take Anjali pic and Shaurya holds neckline and breaks it ..mahek stops him… correspondent tells thy will grumbling against him.. Shaurya ask them to tell the explanation additionally for what valid reason he did that … mahek ask Shaurya wouldn’t he be able to keep control on his resentment … and request that he call the specialist… later mahek gives her some medicine..Anjali thinks this time due to he otherworldly Medicine she will fall progressively wiped out.

Karuna says would she say she is alright? Specialist says she has hyperventilated. Deal with her wellbeing. She shouldn’t be pushed or her fits of anxiety will increment. Karuna says Mahek for what reason did you do this? Dolly says she didn’t have the foggiest idea. Karuna says you could have been cautious. Shaurya says she didn’t have the foggiest idea. she did this for Anjali. Anjali gets up. Karuna says would you say you are alright? She says mama.. Did I black out once more? I don’t know whats occurring. Mahek says express gratitude toward God you are fine. Karuna says disregard her. Anjali calls Sooraj and says we need to plan something for lessen Mahek and Shaurya’s effect on this house. He says come to meet me. She says OK I will come. She sees dolly first floor watering plants. Anajli kicks a pot on her and stows away. Dolly shouts.

Shaurya brings her inside. Mahek dresses her injury. She says the pot tumbled from Anjali’s room. shaurya says yet she wasn’t there. It may have fallen itself. Anjali comes and says what happend? Mahek says nothing she slipped. She says we should take Anjali out to demonstrate her dehli. anjali says gives up.

Anjali writings Sooraj that she is going out.

They all go out to indicate Anjali Dehli. Karuna says Mahek you and Anjali go out to shop. We will return home. Anjali purchases garments. Mahek says for what reason are you purchasing so basic garments. She says I like straightforward. Shaurya comes to pick them. Anjali writings Sooraj you need to accomplish something. They sit in the vehicle and return home.

Mahek and Anjali return home. Anjali says thank you bhabhi. Karuna says demonstrate to me your shopping. Karuna says why have you brought such basic garments. Anjali says Mahek enjoyed these as well. Karuna says Mahek requested that you purchase these exhausting garments? Anjali says I preferred them. Different garments were extravagant. Shaurya comes to Mahek and embraces her. Mahek says go out. I need to make supper. Dolly comes there. She says I need to converse with you. Karuna goes to Mahek and says you couldn’t sspend on my little girl’s shopping. Dolly catches. She says you could have taken cash from me. Wouldn’t she be able to purchase great garments? Shaurya says what are you saying mama.. Mahek says I requested that her purchase new garments she brought them herself. Anjali says I bought those dresses myself. Kindly don’t bring any misconception. Shaurya says to Mahek you could have gotten her better garments. Mahek says I would not like to compel her.

Karuna oils Anjali’s hair. She says mama please dont’ be distraught at bhabi. she says you are so kind hearted Anjali.

Mahek is stressed. Shaurya says what occurred. She says I couldn’t comprehend Anjali. Shaurya says don’t stress we will learn over heer with time.

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