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Mehek Update thursday 17 october 2019 Zee world, Mehek comes to Shaurya and starts tending to his wounds, then gets flashbacks of how she used to bandage his wounded hand before too.

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Mandhar comes to the event and recalls how Archi asked her to stay away, he thinks I dont think Archie can handle it alone, I have to go inside, he goes inside. Event sponsor announces that they cant do contest and is cancelling it. Archie gets happy hearing it. Shaurya goes to sponsor and whispers that I will sponsor the event, you just go with it. He ask them about announcing fire drill session.

All participants gather for fire drill session. Mehek thinks I dont know this so will I be able to complete it or not? Shaurya comes to her and says you cannot give up before trying. fireman asks Shaurya to show the task. He ask them to wear safety gears, Mehek looks on.

Mehek says I cant do it, you keep asking me to do this or that which I dont know, Mehek says its not my fault. Fireman says seems like you both are discussing something important that you are not listening to us.

Shaurya comes closer and says I said it because I know what to do in these conditions. Shaurya takes off Mehek’s dupatta from her head and makes her wear fireman cap, he lovingly sets it on her head, Mehek is lost in him.

Shaurya moves behind her. Shaurya says to fireman to start it. They give fire extinguisher to Mehek. Mehek tries to use it and sprays it on Shaurya just like she did in past, she is stunned and thinks how I know to use it?

Shaurya smiles and goes to mehek, he sits on his knees infront of her and holds her hand, he brings her in center and starts romantically dancing with her.. it all turns out to be Mehek’s imagination, she is flustered seeing Shaurya not dancing with her, she thinks why you feel my own when you are stranger?

Shaurya says we are listening, fireman asks Shaurya to give demo of using fire extinguisher, you know how to use it right? Shaurya says yes. Mehek whispers why did you say yes? I dont know how to use it.

Archie sees Mandhar calling and Shaurya looking at the number, she gets scared and says I have to take this, she takes calls and leaves. She scolds mandhar for calling her.

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